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Hi everyone!

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Hey all,

I'm a senior (yikes!) political science major at Haverford College, and so excited for this class. I love the idea of interdisciplinary courses, and wish the bi-co more fully embraced them. I'm particularly interested in the interception of race and gender, because I think we (as a society) too often get stuck in the bogs of white middle class feminism while unintentionally marginalizing other movements. Other than that, I'm extremely interested in public health as it relates to sex, gender, and identity.

"Living the Good Lie" was an eye-opening read, forcing me to disassemble identity into conflicting narratives that people must choose between. Although I'm still skeptical that a biological aspect of one's identity could be subsumed by a sociological one, the article forced me to consider the possible benefits for religious people who are attracted to the same sex.