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Tori's story

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I'm Victoria Brown I am a science teacher with the school district of Philadelphia.  I am currently finishing up my master's degree at Wilmington College in Secondary Education.  I have a bachelor's degree in Chemistry, and I love to teach.  My passion is science and I have a very broad category of interest outside of my content area. 

First I Love the Lord Jesus Christ and he is Lord over my life!!!!!!! I have a very loving husband and best friend, Michael A. Brown.  I am very active in my community, and I believe in ministering to others.  I am a coordinator and mentor with the AMACHI program.  This program is designed to help recruit mentors to kids with at least one parent that's incarcerated.  I have participated in this program for several years as both a mentor and a coordinator. 

Second my career as a teacher is my next passion!!!  I love teaching science to high school students.  I have taught several courses including Chemistry, Physical Science, Environmental Science and Algebra 1. 

I recently enrolled in a two week summer program called Brain and Behavior.  Being a part of the institute was very rewarding and it has changed my approach to teaching.  I learned that everything is a story!!!!  In fact, one of the strategies that I learned from this course was the art of teaching science as a story.  In the fall my goal is to start every unit with a story.  I will use this strategy as a bait to "capture my audience", my students.  From their I will springboard into my lessons.  My job for the rest of the summer is to create some short stories that are relative to the lay person, or more importantly my students.  I like this strategy, because I can start with something that students are familiar with, and then teach them how these stories tie into science.  I am excited and filled with anticipation to implement this strategy.

My next passion is traveling.  I've done some traveling both in the states and abroad, and I look forward to traveling to even more countries my next stops include Brazil, Australia, Japan and Alaska.