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So, where are we going?

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I feel like my brain may be on overdrive a bit this week.  I'm thinking about Thursday's class and how we're now moving onto graphic novels and honestly I'm a bit confused.  I thought Thursday's class was incredibly interesting.  Mental differences are very real and very important to understand, especially in the context of education.  I think that's why I'm confused.  I've been trying to tie Thursday's class into the whole genre of the academic essay.  I think I've wrapped my brain around the idea that mental differences among people can lead us to create various genres of people.  I also understand from our studies of academic writing so far that catagorizing anything into genres is extremely complicated and difficult.  Is that how I should relate Thursday's class?  We should be aware of differences among people even within a possible "genre" that society may associate them with? 

Maybe I'm over thinking.  Maybe the point was just to read a chapter of a very interesting book and have scholarly discussion about it.  Maybe it's just the rigid confines of most of my schooling that is causing me to look for a bigger picture.

I'm a little nervous for this upcomming theme of graphic novels.  Not because I don't love graphic novels, oh no, I'm estastic that we are going to read them for class.  I'm nervous because I'm not sure how we're going to tie them together with academic writing and mental differences and digital humanities and everything we've been looking at so far.

Well I guess I'll just have to wait and find out!  Until then I'll just keep churning all this information over and figure out a great way to make something of it. 



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I thought about that too! When I signed up for this class, I thought that we would be exploring genres in relation to literature and writing - by bringing mental illness into the picture, I was a little bit confused about where the links where.

But now that I think about it, I'm also starting to see the point about "brain difference" in relation to the differences that we attempt to construct or enforce on the literary genres that exist. As revealed by our discussion about what it's like to be "mad at school", I've started to see the difficulties in categorizing literary genres. They're all "differences".

Though I'm interested in how the digital humanities has pushed back against the academic BUT, also, has started to create a genre out of the digital born texts. Can we do away with genre all together? Why do we need them?

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I actually ask myself that

I actually ask myself that question a lot.  I hate the idea of putting people into different columns or saying "You go here, and you go there."

However, I learned in my Intro to Psych class my first semester of freshman year that we categorize things automatically so we can comprehend the world with live in without having a sensory overload.  So I actually don't know if we could do away with genre all together, even though it would be nice in many cases, because it is a part of what makes us human in a way.