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thoreau in the rhemode

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I tried writing in rhemode for this because despite how I didn’t necessarily agree with Bohm, I do think the way in which he proposes we use language is interesting, both in sound and in the thought behind it. I think there is a significant difference between the two versions, both in length, sound and meaning.


This was my original opening paragraph from my Thoreauvian essay: “I tried to begin this essay several times by describing why I started my walk where I did, but finally came to the realization that I did not actually have a reason. I had been hesitant to begin my Thoreauvian walk and I wasn’t quite sure why. I felt like it should be such an easy thing, to take a walk. However, I couldn’t get myself to begin. I would feel an uncomfortable tightening in my stomach, almost bordering on fear. I felt silly, why would I fear something so simple as walking? As I thought more, I realized what I feared was not the walk itself but having to be “directionless.” I was scared to clear my mind, to expect nothing. I felt the need to control the walk, to ensure that I had something valuable to say at the end of the experience. As I thought about our class discussions revolving around fear and bugs, I realized the only way to let go was to begin, and not think about how or where”



This is my RE- writing:


Initiation was attempted regarding walking,

however realizations occurred that there was no reason, ire-initation.

Re-initation of walking through writing  …

Fearing not walking but directionless motion….

Clearing the mind re-inspires fear… controlling the walk, ensuring something to be said. Thinking occurred revolving around bugs and fear.

Re-realization to re-initiate