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CFS Faculty

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Bryn Mawr Faculty

Ann Brown

Ann Brown (Education)
Program Coordinator and Student Adviser
Bettws-Y-Coed 305, Bryn Mawr College
(610) 526-5376

Kim cassidy

Kim Cassidy, Ph.D. (Psychology)  

Provost, Bryn Mawr College

(610) 526-7383

Interests: Desire understanding, theory of mind and aggression, name phonology

Jody Cohen

Jody Cohen, Ph.D. (Education)
Senior Lecturer in Education
Bettws-Y-Coed 303, Bryn Mawr College
(610) 526-5214

Interests: perspectives and roles of students and teachers in schooling and school change, particularly in urban settings, and on how college students deal with issues of diversity in the classroom

Alison Cook-Sather

Alison Cook-Sather, Ph.D. (Education)
Coordinator,Teaching and Learning Initiative
Bettws-Y-Coed 302, Bryn Mawr College
(610) 526-5396

Interests: how various metaphors and the classical anthropological concept of liminality can be used to analyze how education is and might be conceptualized and practiced and on how differently positioned participants learning

Heather Curl

Heather Curl, M.S.Ed. (Education)
Bettws-Y-Coed, Bryn Mawr College

Interests: the intersection between social class stratification and education, upward mobility, whiteness studies and critical race theory

Picture of Anne Dalke

Anne Dalke, Ph.D. (English)

Senior Lecturer

English House 205, Bryn Mawr

(610) 526- 5308

Interests: emergent pedagogies, feminist theory and narrative traditions, revisionary work in the canon of American literatures, and the intersections between science and literature

Debbie Flaks

Debbie Flaks, M.Ed. (Education)
Founders 028, Haverford College

Interests: emergent pedagogies, feminist theory and narrative traditions, revisionary work in the canon of American literatures, and the intersections between science and literature

Howard Glasser

Howard Glasser, Ph.D. (Education)
Post-Doctoral Fellow in Science Education
Bettws-Y-Coed 307, Bryn Mawr College
(610) 526-7578

Interests: equity, social justice, and under-representation issues in education, primarily science and mathematics education

Marissa Golden

Marissa Golden (Political Science)

Dalton 102, Bryn Mawr

(610) 526-5390


Patricia O. Lausch

Coordinator of International Student Advising, International Programs

(610) 526-7390

Alice Lesnick

Alice Lesnick, Ph.D. (Education)
Senior Lecturer in Education and Director
Coordinator, Staff/Student Partnerships
Bettws-Y-Coed 213, Bryn Mawr College
(610) 526-7944

Interests: collaboration and collaborative learning, moral education, and gender and schooling

Mary Osirim

Mary J. Osirim (Sociology)


Dalton Hall 200H, Bryn Mawr

(610) 526-5393

Interests: women, entrepreneurship, and the roles of the state and non-governmental organizations in the microenterprise sectors of Nigeria and Zimbabwe


Michaille Rainey

Career Development Office

Campus Center, 2nd Floor, Bryn Mawr

(610) 526-5174

image of Prof Rescorla

Leslie Rescorla, Ph.D. (Psychology)

Bettws-Y-Coed, Bryn Mawr

Director of Child Study Institute

Interests: empirically based assessment of children and adults, language delay, and academic achievement trajectories

Mike Schulz

Marc Schulz, Ph.D. (Psychology)

Director of Clinical Developmental Pyschology Ph.D. Program

Bettws-y-Coed 201, Bryn Mawr

(610) 526-5039

Interests: the areas of emotion and emotion regulatory processes, family relationships and functioning, and stress and coping processes

Janet Shapiro

Janet Shapiro (Social Work)

Director of Social Work Ph.D. Program

Director of the Center for Child and Family Well-being

(610) 526-2618

Anjali Thapar

Anjali Thapar, Ph.D. (Psychology)

Psychology Department Chair

(610) 526-5008

Interests: the effects of aging on cognitive abilities, human memory, and gender differences in cognitive abilities

Robert wozniak

Robert Wozniak, Ph.D. (Psychology)


(610) 526-7342

Interests: developmental theory, family interaction and ideology, history of sychology, mind and body


Swarthmore Faculty

Elaine Allard

Elaine Allard (Education)

Visiting Instructor

Pearson 204, Swarthmore


Interests: language minority education

Diane Anderson Diane Anderson (Education)
Professor, Dean of Academic Affairs
Parrish 108, Swarthmore

Jodie A. Baird, Assistant Professor (part-time)

Jodie Baird (Psychology)


Papazian 302, Swarthmore

(610) 328-8454

Interests: Children's understanding of the mind and mental states ("theory of mind"); relations between children's theory of mind and real-world behavior (prosocial behavior, aggression, moral reasoning); infant precursors to theory of mind; theory of mind and language development

Elaine Brenneman

Elaine Metherall Brenneman (Education)
Visiting Instructor

Pearson 111, Swarthmore


jane Gilham

Jane Gillham, Ph.D. (Psychology)

Co-Director WSSD Positive Psychology Project and Co-Director The Penn Resiliency Project


Interests: the intersection of clinical psychology, developmental psychology and education, particularly the ways in which schools can promote well-being in children and adolescents

Frank D. Grossman

Frank D. Grossman (Education)

Assistant Professor

Pearson 221A, Swarthmore

Cheryl Jones-Walker, Visiting Lecturer

Cheryl Jones-Walker (Education)

Assistant Professor

Pearson 203, Swarthmore


Margie Linn (Education)

Visiting Instructor



Michele Reimer, Assistant Professor (part-time)

Michelle Reimer (Psychology)


Papazian 204, Swarthmore

(610) 328-8417

Interests: Development of self-conscious emotions; gender differences in emotion and developmental psychopathology; clinical-developmental psychology, especially family system influences on resilience; school-based intervention

K. Ann Renninger

K. Ann Renninger (Education)

Professor, Department Chair

Pearson 201, Swarthmore

Lisa Smulyan

Lisa Smulyan (Education)


Pearson 111, Swarthmore

Eva Travers

Eva Travers (Education)

Emeritus Professor