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Jessica Ziplin


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Site Info: Praxis/Internships

ACLAMO Family Centers                                         

Main Office

512 West Marshall Street

Norristown, PA 19401

(610) 277-2570

           Pottstown Office

          515 Walnut Street

     Pottstown, PA 19464

               (610) 970-2134

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CFS Faculty

Bryn Mawr Faculty

Ann Brown

Ann Brown (Education)
Program Coordinator and Student Adviser
Bettws-Y-Coed 305, Bryn Mawr College
(610) 526-5376

Kim cassidy

Kim Cassidy, Ph.D. (Psychology)  

Provost, Bryn Mawr College

(610) 526-7383

Interests: Desire understanding, theory of mind and aggression, name phonology

Jody Cohen

Jody Cohen, Ph.D. (Education)
Senior Lecturer in Education
Bettws-Y-Coed 303, Bryn Mawr College
(610) 526-5214

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