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Site Info: Praxis/Internships

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ACLAMO Family Centers                                         

Main Office

512 West Marshall Street

Norristown, PA 19401

(610) 277-2570

           Pottstown Office

          515 Walnut Street

     Pottstown, PA 19464

               (610) 970-2134

Founded in 1976, ACLAMO is the only full service bilingual (Spanish/English) community human service agency in Montgomery County. Since its founding, ACLAMO has been caring and advocating for low-income families and seniors who face everyday challenges and obstacles in accessing needed services and programs.  Quality and comprehensive programs are provided to children, youth and families in both Norristown and Pottstown.  Services  include:  family literacy focused kindergarten preparation education, family counseling, food baskets, help with rent and electric bills, Christmas toys, after school tutoring, basic computer classes, ESL, domestic violence counseling, prenatal care counseling, senior arts and crafts programs, rental and housing counseling and community workshops and education. Through community partnerships and collaborations, ACLAMO bridges gaps in language and culture to help those in need by linking them to essential health, education, employment, housing and social service resources. Last year, ACLAMO programs provided services to more than 5,500 individuals.

Bryn Mawr College and the Norristown ACLAMO Family Center have been connected in many ways since 2004.

  • Volunteers have assisted with the ACLAMO Christmas Party and the Thanksgiving Drive.
  • Students in the Effective Grantsmanship Program have assisted with various grant writing projects at ACLAMO.
  • Praxis students have participated in the after-school program and the bi-lingual preschool and adult ESL classes that are part of the family literacy program.
  • Bryn Mawr students have had summer funded internships in the ACLAMO summer programs.
  • A Bryn Mawr student has been employed at ACLAMO through the Community-Based Work Study Program.
  CENTRAL Montgomery Mental Health and Mental Retardation Center (CENTRAL)                                                   

1100 Powell Street

Norristown, PA 19401

(610) 277-4600

CENTRAL is the oldest private, non-profit, multi-service community mental health center in Montgomery County.  The center provides mental health care to people of all ages and socioeconomic levels, and strives to train mental health professionals while educating the community about mental health practices. Provides full range of services including case management; outpatient individual therapy; group therapy; support groups; parent groups; family education; geriatric outreach and senior care case management; psychiatric evaluation and treatment; psychological testing and emergency service; adult intensive outpatient (IOP); aftercare outpatient services; mental health case management (ICM, RCCM, MICA, Service CM); preschool intervention program (PIP); juvenile justice evaluation and treatment; school-based counseling; school-age partial hospitalization (FLECS); wraparound; Family Based Services; child case management; Community Outreach Program and Homeless Outreach; Community Treatment Team; Drug and Alcohol treatment; drug and alcohol outpatient; transitional age case management.

 CENTRAL is a regular Praxis field site for Psychology courses and GSSWSR field placements;  several undergraduate students have developed Praxis III courses that included internships at the P.I.P and F.L.E.C.S. programs. 

The Preschool Intervention Program (P.I.P) is a therapeutic, center-based program designed to meet the needs of children who have severe behavioral, social, and emotional difficulties.  Within a play-based, structured setting, children participate in individual and group activities designed to enhance self-esteem, develop coping and problem solving abilities and improve interactions with peers and adults. 

Family Life Education and Counseling Services ( F.L.E.C.S.) is a therapeutic program designed to address the social, emotional and behavioral problems of children ages 5 to 12.  The goal of the program is to increase the child’s overall level of functioning.  Through small group interactions and individual and family counseling, the child develops problem-solving and coping skills to increase his/her ability to deal successfully with behavioral, school and family difficulties.

  Congreso de Latinos Unidos                              

216 West Somerset Street

Philadelphia, PA 19133

(215) 763-8870

For more than 30 years, Congreso has served for the residents of Eastern North Philadelphia, where many Latino families struggle from inadequate access to health care.  Through leadership development and advocacy, Cogreso strives to strengthen Latino communities and provide social, economic, education and health services.  Currently the largest social service agency in Philadelphia, Congreso offers a multitude of services in four programatic areas:  Education, Workforce Development, Health and Wellness and Family Services.    Some of the programs that might interest CFS minors are the Family Health Programs in  Health and Wellness Services and the Enhancing Parenting Skills Program in Family Services.

Bryn Mawr undergraduates have had Praxis placements in a variety of departments at Congreso; Congreso also provides field placements for GSSWSR students.

  Delaware Valley Community Health Inc.           

Administrative Offices

1412-22 Fairmount Avenue

Philadelphia, PA 19130

(215) 684-5344

Norristown Regional Health Center

1401 DeKalb Street

Norristown, PA 19401

(610) 278-7787

Delaware Valley Community Health, Inc. (DVCH) is a private, non-profit organization which delivers community based, culturally competent, primary medical, dental and behavioral health care services to patients whether or not they have medical insurance.  For over 40 years, DVCH has been the safety net provider for Latino and African- American communities in North Philadelphia. 

DVCH currently operates six Federally Qualified Health Centers in Southeastern Pennsylvania: Fairmount Primary Care Center (and its three satellite centers); Maria de los Santos Health Center, Norristown Regional Health Center; and Parkview Health Center.   Outpatient services include Adult and Family Medicine, Pediatrics, Gynecology, Dental, Health Education and Social Work.  At all of our health centers the physicians, dentists, midlevel providers, nurses, social workers, counselors, health educators and support staff work together to improve the health status of our patients and communities.

Because of the College’s ongoing engagement  in Norristown through the Bryn Mawr - Norristown Community Partnership in Action (CPIA), the Civic Engagement Office  is most  connected to the Norristown Regional Center, but internships are available at the other centers as well.


Family Services of Montgomery Count            

Central & Administrative Office

3125 Ridge Pike

Eagleville, PA 19403

(610) 630-2111

Since 1900, Family Services has been caring for children, seniors, and families in Montgomery County who face everyday emotional difficulties or physical handicaps. The organization’s  many innovative services programs make a positive difference in the lives of 16,000 Montgomery County residents each year. 

Family Services offers nationally recognized programs, such as Becoming a Love and Logic Parent, Families and Schools Together (FAST), the Foster Grandparent Program, Meals on Wheels, and the Senior Companion Program.  Their progams achieve three overarching goals:

  1. People have improved life prospects.
  2. Families function adaptively.
  3. Clients reduce risks to achieving and maintaining self-sufficiency.


Family Services has training affiliations with several graduate and undergraduate social work programs in the greater Philadelphia area and has hosted graduate and undergraduate interns from Bryn Mawr College.  For more information regarding Family Services’ internship program, please contact Leonis Perone at 610-630-2111 ext. 225 or  

Here is a description of just one of  Family Services’ programs that might interest students completing the CFS Minor:

Families and Schools Together (FAST)

Strong families build strong communities. This is the overarching theme of the Families and Schools Together (FAST) program.   In the pursuit of building strong communities, FAST has been designed to engage the entire family in an eight-to-10 week curriculum that facilitates parents becoming primary prevention agents for their children. The program is a school-based collaborative that exposes the family to six key elements of exercises based on scientific research:

  • A meal shared as a family unit
  • Communication games played at a family table
  • Kids’ time activities
  • A parent self-help group
  • One-to-one parent-child quality time
  • Winning as a family unit.

Upon completion of the FAST program, families participate in FASTWORKS, a monthly, parent-led, multi-family session that reinforces the progress and knowledge gained during the program. Participation in FASTWORKS increases positive parent involvement with their child’s school and community. It also provides an opportunity for parents to give and receive peer support.

FAST will be offered at Marshall Street Elementary and Stewart Middle School in the Norristown Area School District in Fall 2011.

For more information on FAST, contact Oglatha Ingram, FAST program supervisor, at 610-630-2111 ext. 226 or

  Gotwals Elementary School

1 East Oak Street,

Norristown, PA 19401

(610) 275-1077

Gotwals Elementary is a Title I School, serving 440 K-4  students. One of six elementary schools in the Norristown Area School District, it is located in the borough of Norristown, a 10 minute walk from the Norristown Transportation Center.

Though Gotwals was honored as a Distinguished School by the National Title I Association in 2009, it is facing enormous challenges due to the recent influx of immigrant, non-English speaking families into the Norristown borough.  Since 2008, the school has seen a dramatic increase in the numbers of Latino immigrant children at the same time that the school district, due to budget cuts, has reduced academic supports, including human resources.  In order to maintain the level of academic performance for which it was recognized, Gotwals needs assistance in providing its students with appropriate instructional supports, academic interventions and mentoring programs that will equip them with the skills needed to participate fully in the 21st century.

Over the past five years, Bryn Mawr has been involved with Gotwals through Praxis, the College’s community-based learning program,  Playground Pals, a lunchtime mentoring program and a Math tutoring program that was run by graduate Psychology students.  Last year, the new principal, Jeanette Fernandez, asked Bryn Mawr to deepen its partnership with her school, specifically focusing on the at-risk students in the first and second grade.  This resulted in the development of a literacy focused after-school program (G.A.S.P.) that serves 30 first and second graders that need help with homework and reading.

Bryn Mawr has made an active commitment to the Gotwals school community. During the 2011-12 academic year, a new position was created through a grant from AmeriCorps-VISTA; Margo Schall is the new Bryn Mawr-Gotwals Partnership Coordinator.

There are volunteer and internship opportunities available in the G.A.S.P. program, Playground Pals, and in K-4 classrooms.

  Lankenau Institute for Medical Research (LIMR)

Center for Public Health Research

(484) 476-8400


Director: Stanton Miller,

(484) 476-1084

The mission of the Lankenau Institute for Medical Research is to advance human health and well-being through research to improve the detection and treatment of disease; the rapid transfer of new technology to the clinic; and the training of the next generation of scientists and physicians. The Institute’s new Center for Public Health Research develops multidisciplinary approaches to address the needs of communities and seeks to develop comprehensive solutions to community problems, issues and concerns.  A central focus of this work is to identify and eliminate health disparities.

The Center seeks to engage college students and faculty in community based research projects and will provide internship opportunities throughout the academic year.  During the summer, the Center runs a Summer Enrichment Program in Population Health in conjunction with the Jefferson School of Population Health.


Laurel House                                                                     

605 Swede Street

Norristown, PA 19404

(610) 277-1860

Laurel House is a comprehensive domestic violence agency serving communities throughout Montgomery County. In addition to its shelter, the organization offers a wide range of support to women and their families including transitional housing, support groups, counseling, medical and legal advocacy. This organization has hosted individual volunteers from Bryn Mawr as well as Praxis and graduate Social Work placements.  However, in order to volunteer on the hotline, students must complete a comprehensive domestic violence counselor training.


The Lourdes Center for Public Health            

1600 Haddon Avenue

Camden, NJ 08103

(856) 757-3500

(Click here for map)


Director: Melanie Rowe,

*NOTE: Location of activity will vary depending on project

The Lourdes Center for Public Health evaluates the delivery of primary care through community based research, with a specific focus on urban health and vulnerable populations in its neighborhoods. The Center of Public Health provides a wide range of opportunities for students. Students will have the opportunity to receive supervision from researchers and physicians, and will be able to assist with on-going studies or to engage in self-directed projects.  Opportunities are also available to participate in the Lourdes Public Health Summer Institute, which allows participants to pursue research under the mentorship of various Lourdes associates in Lourdes Health System.

Past projects have included:

  • Breast and Prostate Cancer Screening Project
  • Holistic Surgical Program Research and Development
  • Patient Education Presentations
  • Hepatitis C Research and Chart Review
  • Breastfeeding Initiative Support
  • Continued support of Lourdes’ Health Literacy Project
  • Comprehensive Community Needs Assessment (Master’s thesis work)
  • Food Desert Evaluations (Undergraduate thesis work)
  • Cultural Barriers to Organ Transplant Research

Please check the website regularly as the Center is currently expanding its programming and student opportunities.


Maternity Care Coalition                                      

2000 Hamilton Street, Suite 205

Philadelphia, PA 19130

(215) 972-0700

Maternity Care Coalition was founded in 1980 by professionals and lay people concerned with the appalling rate of infant mortality and morbidity in Philadelphia. Since its founding, Maternity Care Coalition has been bringing together people who care about the health and well-being of pregnant women, infants and young children, and high risk families. MCC advocated for increased services for women and infants to health and welfare agencies and legislative bodies. Since then, MCC has nurtured over 50,000 families in the Philadelphia region. With our signature MOMobile® program, we use a "bottom-up" strategy of neighborhood outreach, case finding, and building trust with high-risk families to enable parents to access a range of services and programs that improve the quality of their lives. As the Pennsylvania affiliate of Healthy Mothers Healthy Babies, MCC continues to advocate for families at local, state, and national levels. Since 1980 Maternity Care Coalition has been bringing together people who care about the health and well-being of pregnant women, infants and young children, and high risk families.

MOMobile internships provide an opportunity for students to work directly with the community and the clients we serve with the support of a Program Manager and MOMobile Advocates. Students participate in all MOMobile activities, including outreach, case management and event planning. The level of student participation is based upon their program requirements, interests, skills and experience.

The Center for Student Research Program welcomes students with an interest in maternal and child health research and/or policy. Research may include: data collection and analysis, program evaluation, and needs assessments. Advocacy activities may include: legislative action, dissemination of research findings, coalition building, conference planning, public benefits education, organizing constituents,training, and more. The REA Department offers an excellent opportunity to develop written and verbal communication skills while being exposed to the ins and outs of the political process and qualitative research.


Puentes de Salud                                      

Puentes de Salud

1900 South Broad Street

Philadelphia, PA 19145

(215) 490-6700

Latina Community Health Services

700 Spruce Street

Philadelphia, PA 19106

(215) 829-7353

Puentes de Salud was founded in 2002 to promote the well-being of Philadelphia’s Latinos through low-cost, high-quality health care, community development, and innovative education programs which reflect evolving partnerships among individuals, community organizations, and academic institutions. Its objectives include 1) To develop a sustainable, long-term strategy for health promotion and disease prevention, 2) To provide medical services targeting the acute and chronic health needs of the population, and 3) To create a research partnership between the university and community that will guide best practices for the care of Latino patients both locally and nationally. Its guiding principles include working collaboratively with communities and stakeholders, addressing social determinants of health, and operating in multidisciplinary professional teams. Its mission is captured by the statement “Sin Puentes, todos seríamos islas”

Puentes de Salud has also formed Latina Community Health Services to provide the Latina women in their communities with gynecological care. Students from the Bi-Co have worked at both locations through service and research.  Volunteers fluent in Spanish have had great experiences assisting with basic clinical procedures and providing Spanish-English translation


TransAfrica Forum                                                      

1629 K Street, NW

Suite 1100

Washington, DC 20006

(202) 223-1960

TransAfrica Forum offers analyses of U.S. foreign policy in the African World by producing reports, policy papers, fact sheets, and issue briefs that explore current issues and policies and make recommendations for policy solutions. Interns will help work to change U.S. and international policies toward the African world. Interns will be expected to attend meetings on Capital Hill and meetings held by non-profits and NGOs. They will research and provide public policy, historical, legal, and legislative research and analysis and help produce African world news digests, fact sheets, issue briefs, position papers, public policy reports, statements and commentaries, country area reports, talking points, and newsletters. Interns will also support TransAfrica Forum’s public education events, seminars, conferences, community awareness projects, and training programs, presenting to the general public alternative perspectives on the economic, social, and moral ramifications of U.S. foreign policy. They will assist with organizing workshops and training with educators, students, NGOs, and other community groups. Qualifications include background in international policy, research skills, strong written and verbal communication skills, and Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, and PowerPoint) proficiency.


Global Fund for Children               
1101 Fourteenth Street, NW
Suite 420
Washington, DC 20005
(202) 331-9003

The Global Fund for Children (GFC) advances the education and dignity of young people around the world through its grantmaking program, which funds community-based organizations that serve the health, rights, and development of children and youth in four major issue areas: Learning, Enterprise, Healthy Minds & Bodies, and Safety. Beyond providing financial support, GFC works to leverage additional support on behalf of its grantee partners, to promote sharing of knowledge and creation of networks, and to provide organizational development assistance. The GFC internship provides a wide range of administrative, research, and programmatic support to the Grantmaking Team. In turn, GFC provides the intern experience in areas such as international development, philanthropy, children’s issues, and the day-to-day operations of a non-profit organization. Responsibilities will include but are not limited to the following: researching and tracking news on children and global issues for the grantmaking team; providing support for travel and meeting planning; maintaining grantee files and other materials; updating country profiles and other reference materials; creating and/or updating website content; attending relevant meetings; scanning print and electronic media, compiling relevant articles, and assisting with mailings, filing, and special projects as needed. In addition, GFC interns complete a substantive project individually or as part of a small team. These projects are determined by the grantmaking team, taking into account the skills and interests of the selected interns. Past projects have included: an audit of GFC’s organizational development process, exit strategy research, a grantee partner case study, and a concept paper on microgranting. Qualifications: foreign language skill, international experience, strong research and writing ability, knowledge of basic computer applications (Windows, Word, Excel, Access), good interpersonal skills, attention to detail, and a demonstrated commitment to GFC’s mission and values.


University of Arizona Telemedicine Program                    

The Arizona Telemedicine Program
The University of Arizona
Health Sciences Center
P.O. Box 245105
Tucson, AZ 85724-5105

(520) 626-2493

The intern will be involved in working with Dr. Ana Maria Lopez, Associate Professor of Clinical Medicine and Pathology and Associate Dean for Outreach and Multicultural Affair, in the Arizona Telemedicine Program, which uses state-of-the –art technology to provide medical care to members of underserved populations living in distant rural areas who face barriers to obtaining appropriate care in their home communities. The intern will also participate in a summer program sponsored by the Center for Disease Control that focuses on addressing border health delivery and access issues. Some opportunity to shadow Dr. Lopez in her clinical and research activities focused on women’s cancers will also be available. Qualifications include an interest in medical care for underserved populations and in public health issues, strong interpersonal and organizational skills. Bilingual in Spanish preferred but not required. Dr. Lopez is looking for a mature, self-directed learner with a strong commitment to her education as she prepares for a health-related career.


Geneva Global                                           

595 E. Lancaster Ave.

Suite 200

St. Davids, PA 19087

(610) 254-0000

Geneva Global is a pioneer in the emerging field that combines philanthropy and social development. They work to insure that grant capital is allocated to the world’s hardest places and to the most capable organizations, tackling the world’s most urgent community development problems. In its first decade, Geneva Global helped its clients give more than $81 million to some 1,650 projects around the world, changing the lives of six million people in 109 developing countries. They currently facilitate 22 clusters of projects in 18 countries over four continents, including Rwanda, Burundi, Cote d’Ivoire, Mali, Burkina Faso, Niger, Ghana, Uganda, Zambia, Malawi, Ethiopia, India, China, Bangladesh, Ukraine, Ecuador, Peru, and Haiti. Possible internship activities include working on preparing Granting Strategies reports; Landscape Studies; Baseline Studies; Country Profiles; Sector Strategies reports; Visit Briefing Documents; Opportunity Outlines; Concept Papers; Fund Proposals; Prospectuses for Funds, programs, or single projects; Results Reports for Funds, programs or single projects; photo albums, videos, or slideshows to music; or printed Annual Summary Reports etc. Qualifications include an interest in global social entrepreneurship, community/economic development, and international philanthropy, as well as strong interpersonal, organizational, and research skills. Foreign language proficiency is also a plus.