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Precarious and Performative Play

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Hey Everyone! I'm Mirella and I'm a sophomore at Bryn Mawr majoring (hopefully) in Comparative Media Studies as an independent major. I'm really interested in the creation of an identity in online, 'virtual' spaces and I feel like looking at gender is really interesting. I'm also really excited to be using Serendip again.

"Precarious, Performative, Playful, Potential"
To be honest, I had no idea how these terms really fitted into the theme of the class until I started really thinking them through and focusing on how I thought about what these four words meant. I looked them up on my Mac dictionary and found these definitions:

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Some Thoughts on Riki Wilchins

Hi.  My name is Ann, and I'm a junior at Haverford.  I'm a Biology major, but I'm minoring in Gen/Sex.  I wasn't really sure what to write about for this post until I delved back into Queer Theory, Gender Theory.  It's an interesting and readable text, but one thing that bothers me is the author's obvious, slanted perspective.  Riki Wilchins frequently makes cynical observations about feminism and the lack of care that the discipline has toward other advocate groups.  Her statements could be true (I suppose I don't know enough about the history of feminism to deny her claims), but her repeated hammering in of the fact that feminists aren't supportive enough of gender rights makes me feel like I'm not reading a very balanced account.

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Primary Perspectives Post

Hi all! My name is Sara, and I’m a junior Psychology major at Haverford. I am also a Gen/Sex minor who has thus far explored this very broad topic from both a psychological and an anthropological perspective, and I’m excited to continue my studies through a variety of new lenses this semester.  I think the “p” that currently intrigues me the most in our course description is “playful.” Today, so many of the topics that lie under the Gen/Sex umbrella are fraught with tension and emotion, yet we often tend to forget that sexuality is something to celebrate and enjoy. It’s reassuring to know that although we will be delving into deep issues, our class will still maintain a sense of levity and fun! 

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Back on Serendip

Hello classmates, I'm a Bryn Mawr senior History of Art major with a minor in Gender and Sexuality Studies. Last spring I was abroad in Florence, Italy where I took a class on Modern Italy and Gender Stereotypes within Italian culture from the Renaissance up to present day. This semester I am also taking two other Judith Butler flexner seminar courses so I am ready to theory it up! I really appreciate the use of "playful" as one of the "p's" for this course as I feel that play is extremely important when discussing gender, queering, and boundaries that interact with theater, dance, performance etc.

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Hi. I am a sophomore at Haverford. I'm majoring in Art History and am pretty sure that I will be a Gender and Sexuality Studies concentrator. This is my first class that is officially focused on gender and sexuality although it has always been something that interests me. I am really excited about this class and the potential discussions we will have in the future. 

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"Queen of the Water, Queen of the Old Main Drag"

I’m Steph, a Senior English major concentrating in Creative Writing here at Bryn Mawr. While I’ve never taken a course exclusively on Gender and Sexuality, I’ve read a good deal of literature in this area and have incorporated it into my last three years of undergraduate study. I’m hoping to write my Senior Thesis on perceptions of mental illness in twentieth century women’s literature, and feel that this course will expand my previous knowledge and enrich my studies this semester. And if you’re wondering about my unusual username, it’s nothing more than the sound of my initials: SCT. I also like to use song lyrics in my statuses/post titles — this one is from The Decemberists' "Down By The Water."

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