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I Heart Female Orgasm: Thoughts?

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Hey everybody, 

So I saw a couple of your faces at Female Orgasm talk this past week and was wondering what everone thought about it, from a feminist perspective or otherwise.


Here are my notes for possible topics of discussion:

How to define female in the sexual world

will affect different people in the audience who identify differently

Knowing sex v. self

The danger of Information- prude v. slut

“know how to have orgasms”

Emphasis on diversity and inclusion

Things people say about female orgasms: myths (ancient Judaism),relieve stress/migraines, squirters, PMS helpers

Sex is a  mystery  because no one explains it!

Sex ed v. Drivers ed- difference in hands on and preventative approaches

Babies’ difficulty with naming body parts through the conception of “private parts”

Negative response oriented sexual education

Babies’ difficulty with naming body parts through the conception of “private parts” and following shamefulness

Negative response oriented sexual education

Problems with sexual body image and main stream porn, inward sexual anatomy

Masturbation (overwhelming response: no education or discouraged)

Orgasm myths--> everyone’s body reacts differently to sexual stimulation

Communication is key in sexual experience (Is this okay? Do you like that?)

Contributors to Orgasms- Consent, Fingers, Confidence, Vibrators, Encouragement/Compliments, Take Charge!

Fastest/easiest (Masturbation)  v. Favorite (Oral)

30% penetration intercourse orgasms alone

G spot, Female ejaculation

The arousal cycle (excitement phase, plateau phase, orgasm, multiple], resolution phase)

Keggle (?) , strengthening of orgasms

So You Want To Have an Orgasm?

  1. START by yourself
  2. befriend your body
  3. befriend your vulva
  4. touch yourself experimentally (no goal!)
  5. Keep touching every day. experience whatever happens. don’t give up!
  6. try some good vibrations
  7. use fantasy