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Non-Fictional Prose Web Paper 1

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Originalty: A Figment of Our Imagination

Tyler Garber

Professor Dalke

Non-fictional Prose

17 September 2010 

Originality: A Figment of Our Imagination

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Medical History, constructed or compiled?


I explained that we all had accumulated stories in our lives, that each of us had a history of such stories, that no one's stories are quite like anyone else's, and that we could, after a fashion, become our own appreciative and comprehending critics by learning to pull together the various incidents in our lives in such a way that they do, in fact, become an old-fashioned story.” (Coles, 11)


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"Bridges become frames for looking at the world around us"



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Copyright Law & Fair Use: Who's Stealing?

          In 1981, Soft Cell, a British musical duo, released “Tainted Love,” which quickly climbed to number one on the Billboard charts (Billboard). Twenty-five years later, pop signer Rhianna released “S.O.S,” which featured the musical arrangement originally produced by Soft Cell as its background track.

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What Makes an Essay?

 What makes an essay?

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Unit 1- Thoughts on practical nomenclature and the inner workings of an Aspergian mind

      Memoirs serve a multitude of purposes.  Some are exploitive in nature, others are nostalgic of a time that has

past, and still others recite the events of extraordinary lives.  John Elder Robison is not a memoirist or a famous rock

star, although he did work for Pink Floyd and KISS, he does however construct an insightful and educational memoir

about his remarkable life with Asperger's syndrome.  Not only is Look Me in the Eye: My life with Asperger's

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Music, the Creative Process and Copyrights


Music, the Creative Process and Copyrights

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