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Critical Feminist Studies course

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Alum Comment/Suggestion Area

Please post any and all thoughts about your experience as an alum (or, undergrads--your experiences with alums!) in this course. Suggestions or general comments about the course are more than just welcomed...they are needed!
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Week 2: Response mainly to Scheickart but also Virginia Woolf and Sosnoski.

This response is a mishmash arising from contradictory emotions of protest, admiration, amusement and irritation.  In short, it has been an interesting week!


I admit that I was a resistant reader of Patrocinio Schweickart’s  piece.  It is not her fault—she just happens to be the messenger from a world of literary criticism I have managed to avoid for 44 years, since Freshman English, which I hated.  

Critical Feminist Studies Class List

Critical Feminist Studies

Fall 2007 Class Roster

On Campus                                     Off Campus
Anne Dalke (English House)     Ann Dixon '83 (Serendip)
Jessica Brody                                Caroline Tropp Beale '70

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Week 2--Reading, Interpreting, Criticising, Theorizing

Our texts this week (the first two in the course packet, also available to long-distance class members on-line @  /~adalke/femstudies/ ) were both written in the late 1980's: Schweickart's "Reading Ourselves" and Sosnoski's "Mindless Man-driven Theory Machine."

What are your initial reactions (to one or the other or both) of these descriptions of what it is to write/read/interpret/criticize/theorize as a feminist? How close does either theorist come to describing your own reading practice? In what ways does your own praxis diverge from those they are theorizing about?

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Questions Arising Along the Way

I'm setting up this forum as a place where we can talk outloud together about various questions that might arise "along the way," but which might not fit neatly into one of the week's assignments.



Woman's Education, Professionalization...and War-Making?

Notes for Day 2 of Critical Feminist Studies

Woman's Education, Professionalization...and War-Making?
Reading Virginia Woolf's 1938 essays, Three Guineas--

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