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Critical Feminist Studies course

Feminist Drama, Continued

Notes towards Day 25
Critical Feminist Studies

Feminist Drama, Continued:
"How I Learned to Drive"

I. coursekeeping and announcements
Lucille Clifton reading in Ely Room @ 7:30 tonight (after supper w/ me....:)

Feminist Drama

Notes towards Day 24
Critical Feminist Studies

Feminist Drama:
"The Heidi Chronicles"

I. coursekeeping and announcements

"Vesuvius @ Home": Lesbian-Feminist Readings of Poetry and Life

Notes towards Day 23
Critical Feminist Studies

"Vesuvius @ Home":
Lesbian-Feminist Readings of Poetry and Life

"lesbian/feminist criticism...will ask how she came to be for-herself and
how she identified with and was able to use women's culture, a women's tradition;

To Conform or Not To?

Notes towards Day 22
Critical Feminist Studies

Gertrude Stein and Marilyn Hacker
The Lesbian Poet: To Conform Or Not To Conform?

(Okay, so that's not actually the title for the class,

Licking The Book of Salt

Notes towards Day 21
Critical Feminist Studies

The Book of Salt

"Powered sugar, cracker crumbs, salt...forgive my lack
of appreciation, my nonaffection for the snow." (225)

Reading Kindred

Notes towards Day 19 of
Critical Feminist Studies

Reading Kindred:
Science Fiction as "Feminist Didactic"?

Continuing Our Discussion of Disability

Notes towards Day 18 of
Critical Feminist Studies

Continuing Our Discussion of Disability

I. the arrival of "Generous Feminism"!

II. continuing thoughts from Tuesday's discussion about feminist disability studies

Is Gender Burning?

Notes towards Day 15 of
Critical Feminist Studies

Is Gender Burning?
A Conversation About Reading,
among Livingstone, Butler and hooks

'The strange ambiguity of existence made body"

Notes towards Day 14 of
Critical Feminist Studies

"The strange ambiguity of existence made body":
Nature and Culture, From
Sor Juana to Simone de Beauvoir--

Naming the Silence

Notes towards Day 13 of
Critical Feminist Studies

Naming the Silence:
Moving from Susan Stryker to Sor Juana

"...que se etienda que el callar no es no haber que decir,
sino no caber en las voces lo mucho que hay que decir/

One must name the silence, so that what it signifies may be understood."

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