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Biology 103 1994-2005

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Talented Emily

Biology 103
2002 First Paper
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Talented Emily


"The house is mte witout you." That is a sentence from a letter my twelve-year-old sister wrote me last week. Emily has what doctors refer to as "auditory dyslexia", which in simple terms means that her brain doesn't properly process what she hears. Emily was officially diagnosed with dyslexia four years ago. After five years in the Special Education Program (SPED) program in the Boston Public Schools and a long battle my parents fought with the city, Emily was finally diagnosed with dyslexia. It took five years for doctors to figure out that Emmy was not going to start reading like everyone else. With those five years behind her, Emily, who is currently in the 5th grade at a new school, reads at a 3rd grade level, overcoming a two and a half-year disadvantage in one year.

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