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The Symphony

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As I stood in the garden adjacent to Perry House the sounds held most of my attention and although many of them came from man-made instruments, it was the sounds that came from the leaves, wind and non-human life that were most memorable.  To illustrate my response to my environment I am providing the following video.  It captured how musical and harmonized the outside "natural" world sounded to me that afternoon.  If I could find a piece of music that had a few instances of man-made sounds such as people talking, cars driving by and airplanes overhead, I would add that.  Maybe I'll keep looking.

Diego Stocco partnesr with Burt's Bees to create the following all-natural music


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I love that video you posted

I love that video you posted and the way the human intervention into the non-human soundscape creates such a feeling of such joy and exuberance in me as I listen.  This is one of the wonders of (wordless, not necessarily non-vocal) music,  that it can speak to us in a language other than the one our daily struggles are in.   And as we struggle with the big ecological questions, it's wonderful to be reminded of the times when coexistence is possible.

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Watching this video really

Watching this video really reminded me of this video by POGO. I find it interesting how both movies make music out of natural sounds, yet have to incorporate man-made tools, like trowels of violin bows, in order to make some of the sounds.

I also thought you might find this video interesting. It's made out of a lot of the human sounds you were talking about.