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Week 2: Context and Evolution

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 I was very intrigued by our discussion on Thursday about context.  We ended mid argument on what makes context significant and what it means, which really got me thinking about how I use context in my life.  I agree with the idea that context is significant in itself for oneself and without context for yourself there is no meaning. 

Our discussion on Tuesday also provoked me because this week we read an article in my Biology class about how the jaw evolved in mammals and the origin of hearing bones.  One significant point in the article that I felt related a lot to what we were discussing in class was the idea of homology and “nothing will come of nothing.”  Homology refers to the idea that different structures evolve from the same source and represent the “same” organ in different forms, such as arms and legs or fingers and toes.  I think that this section of the article and idea of homology is significant to our class because it also supports the idea we discussed last week about where we come from and “nothing will come of nothing.” 

I think this is something that can also connect to our discussion on context and meaning.  Our shared context must come from something and in order to understand something as complex as the story of evolution, we need to agree on our shared context and what other people see.  We need to settle with the idea of context because once we can grasp context and meaning, we will better understand truth and the boundaries of the story.



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