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Introducing Anne

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I add a warm personal welcome to the "voice of the course," above--along w/ the invitation to find out more about me on my college homepage. Lessee, short version: I'm a Quaker in a secular culture; a 4x mom (and just this fall a 2x mother-in-law, and this spring upcoming: a GRANDMOTHER!!!) here amongst 20-somethings; a commuter from midtown Philly who lives a good deal of the time on a farm in Virginia (when I'm not living in some fictional world or another, which is where I actually spend most of my time). I'm also a literary critic w/ an abiding interest in what science can teach us about the word (not to mention the world...), and what literature might teach us about how science makes the world. I have some very particular questions, this semester, about Charles Darwin's "literariness," about how well Albert Camus will hold up for your generation of college students, about what role Richard Powers might be playing in the emergence of a new genre of "enhancements," about film as the next stage in the evolution of stories...I have, in short, a LOT of questions, and lots of hopes for @ least some answers. And I'm really looking forward to the conversation.


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More on PG and evolution, in broader and narrower contexts

Very much looking forward to seeing where out conversation/ideas/thoughts/go this semester.  For more about me, my ongoing evolution, see /exchange/grobstein.  The notion of evolution has a general framework for thinking about not only biology but also other features of inquiry, culture, and life in general if one I've been thinking more and more about over the last several years, with Anne and other colleagues.  With a recent diagnosis of lung cancer and the beginnnings of chemotherapy for that, I have some interesting new context for thinking about evolution in particularly personal terms.  Hope that proves to be an additional useful perspective in our conversation.

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