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My name is Ashley and I'm a junior at Bryn Mawr. I'm a sociology major and an education minor, my goal is - and has been for as long as I can remember - to teach at the elementary level. I adore kids and love working with them. Currently I work at a pre-school and have had various field placements throughout Philadelphia elementary schools, last semester having worked with 5th graders. I'm also a community fellow for the PhillyGoes2College initiative being run out of the mayor's office of education, whose aim is to get a higher percentage of Philly high school students to college. Through the program we provide services, such as writing workshops, to these students at no cost. Though I aim to teach elementary students, I enjoy working with students in many capacities.

I am originally from Los Angeles, CA. Coming to Bryn Mawr was a huge leap for me, though I've not regretted my decision to come here once. Being in this atmosphere, I've been presented with a variety of new encounters. I love watching the seasons change (we don't get much of that on the west coast) and enjoy the vast opportunities available to me through BMC.

This class sounds like none that I've taken before and I look forward to the many ideas to be produced in the confines of the classroom and the webpage.


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