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Introduction of Self

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A Little About Me ^_^

Hi, I am 4' 11'' and I am a mixture of many different nationalities. I am Catholic and consider myself a bourgeoise. (Someone from middle class) I love volunteering, music, Italiano, sports, reading, and hanging out with friends.  Below are my two favorites quotes that I really connect to and are mantras that I really like to follow and reflect on:

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My name is Ashley and I'm a junior at Bryn Mawr. I'm a sociology major and an education minor, my goal is - and has been for as long as I can remember - to teach at the elementary level. I adore kids and love working with them. Currently I work at a pre-school and have had various field placements throughout Philadelphia elementary schools, last semester having worked with 5th graders. I'm also a community fellow for the PhillyGoes2College initiative being run out of the mayor's office of education, whose aim is to get a higher percentage of Philly high school students to college. Through the program we provide services, such as writing workshops, to these students at no cost. Though I aim to teach elementary students, I enjoy working with students in many capacities.

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