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The Future of the Darwinian Revolution

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Dennett says that one "the Darwinian Revolution will come to occupy a similarly secure and untroubled place in the minds of every educated person on the globe" as the Copernican Revolution (19). While I agree that this is true, I believe that it will take much longer than the Copernicus. I think that, while both Copernicus and Galileo provoked a strong reaction from the Church, evolution is much bigger deal than whether the earth revolves the sun. While I agree with Dennett that Darwin has helped make answering the question "why?" easier, believing that human were not put here without a specific purpose by a divine being is disturbing to some. I guess in some ways, Darwin doesn't completely make answering this question easier. I do believe that both those who do not readily accept Darwin's theory and those who do will eventually recognize that they can both coexist together, because one or the other cannot explain everything in the universe, and we always feel that we need an explanation for "why" things are the way they are.


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