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My Bread Crumbs

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What I took away from The Philadelphia Inquirer:

I thought that the P.I looks like a skinnier, less charasmatic little sister of the New York Times. It does an adequate job (but nothing beyond that) of reporting the news without noticeable bias. It is a bit short on the worldwide news, and leans too much on "shock-value" stories like TWO FACE CHARGES IN HEROIN TRAFFICKING. Other than that, it does well to report local phenomenons that huge newspapers like the NY Times can't do so well.

My Bread Crumb Trail:

1. To Bean or Not to Bean news article about how pretty coffee shops in philadelphia/main line area do. 





Why: I want to try this tea house. I'm an ardent lover of tea and warm drinks (minus coffee. Sorry) and cute pastries. Apparently this place has a dog too. Want to go get a feel for the atmosphere and try their chai. We can work on our essays in there too, or just read a book.