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The 9/11 Graphic Adaptation

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 My overall impression of the 9/11 Report the Graphic Adaptation is that the graphic part of the report removed the sense of formality and seriousness of the issue. I felt that the graphic adaptation was simplified which made me want to read the commission report to get the whole picture.

I was not sure what to get from the color contrast and overall color change of the people. In other words, I was wondering about the choice of color in representing the story of 9/11 and if the color changes would affect the way a reader looks at the narrative.

When comparing Fun Home with The 9/11 Report, there are many differences. In Fun Home, the narrative was organized and it was easier for me to follow from one box to the other and then to the picture. But I felt that when reading the 9/11 Report, I was not focused or was confused trying to follow the narrative of the book. Also, in Fun Home, as I remember, it was only black and white colors. I think the colors in the 9/11 Report added a layer of complexity to it and made it harder to follow.

In a written text, I don't think that the reader will find these elements incorporated into the book and there would only be one focus, the words. But in the graphic adaptation, there is more than one element that the reader needs to place emphasis on.

I also feel that in the graphic adaption there is more room for bias. One, the choice of images representing people could be biased. Second, the information to be included in the graphic adaptation also poses a bias as to what aspects to niclude and what not. In other words, the selectivity of the images and text. Having said that, I believe that the text form of the report would add more accuracy to it when compared to the graphic adaptation.


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