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Foundations - purely personal stories

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Last Thursday we were discussing the different stories that Paul had presented in class: The Great Chain of Being, The Tree of Life, and Emergence.  We thought, discussed, went back and forth on how to categorize each story.  Some were timeless others did contain a sense of time, some were foundational others were not.  But what stuck with me the most was this foundational issue.  The problem is that we are all incredibly different individuals with different cultures, life experiences, and hopes.  Therefore, every one of these stories (and many others that were not mentioned in class) could be either foundational or not foundational - it all depends on the reader.  There will never be one story that is foundational to all.  It is very similar in that sense to the GUT we had mentioned in class on Tuesday.  It is nearly impossible - and I say nearly because there might come a day where this comes into existence, although personally I highly doubt it - to have only one overarching theory or story that agrees with everyone's ideals, cultures, experiences, etc.  Even though I do not believe this will come to be, I do encourage and respect those that do.  It would be an incredibly interesting experiment to see what comes to be of the world if such a theory or story is found. 


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