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Struggling with paper

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When I was taking my free walk inside of the campus. I felt safe seeing the familiar faces and settings. Yet When I strayed outside of the campus. I felt lonely and unsafe. I felt really uncomfortable because I don’t feel I belong there. When I thought I find the “boundary” of the campus, a Bryn Mawr woman saw me on the other side of street and waved to me. Suddenly, I got this feeling that I was transported back to school. I felt warm and safe. That is when I begin to think that boundaries of Bryn Mawr College can not be measured geographically. If Bryn Mawr women study abroad to London and still treats their surrounding people like they do in Bryn Mawr – with love. Then, the boundary of Bryn Mawr College can extend to London. If a Bryn Mawr woman sticks to the honor code while traveling in Europe, then the sense of Bryn Mawr community has extended to Europe…


I really don’t know how to reflect my paper, because basically I just wrote the beginning of the paper.


Writing my very first paper was very hard and weird. I have no idea how to reflect. I do wish I can write like Thoreau and make my paper so poetic with rhetoric sententces. Yet it is still hard for me just to describe in English what I am really trying to say.