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Am I Important?

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On Thursday, we discussed how many people used to feel that they all had a role to play in the scheme of the universe, but how in more modern times, people started to feel that the individual does not play that important of a role. While I think that some of us might not have the biggest role to play, I think that we all somehow influence the lives of others. Even the smallest, and most seemingly unimportant person can affect the lives of those around them. And because much of the time the effect of that person on the life of another is indirect, as in the person being influenced does not realize it, many are therefore left to think that they have reached their current place in life completely without help or influence. I also do not think that many people consider somebody like a teacher to be an influencing factor in their lives. While this might be untrue for an inspirational teacher or a horrible teacher, those teachers who are plainly mediocre are always forgotten about and considered unimportant. But it is likely that something that the teacher said or did somehow influenced the lives of the students without them even realizing that they had just been affected by some sort of change. (Please note that I do not hold any of these negative feelings towards Anne or Paul) The actions of others influence our own personal actions, and therefore, everything we do is shaped around how we behave around each other. It is almost as though, if one person was not born, our lives would be completely different.


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This reminds me of one of our

This reminds me of one of our group discussions early on in the semester. We were talked about how people influence each other when they ask for help in making a decision. I believe this was in the context of going with your gut feeling. This is more direct of course. But I agree that many people do not realize that they are being indirectly influenced by others. Such influence can lead us down a different path in life. Everything we say and everything we do can have a significant impact on the lives of others. Even the look on someone's face affects us. I don't know if I always think about how I am being influenced, but I do recognize it afterward. People do not realize that they are being influenced by others, and those that are doing the influencing do not realize that they are playing an important role in the universe. We shape each other's lives, whether we know it or not. I guess the question might be, do people only feel they are playing an important role in the universe if they are playing a direct role?

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