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To begin with, I was so busy emailing the photos to my email so I could upload them, that I thought my assignment was done. I didn't realize that I didn't actually post anything until after my job at the library, I apologize for being late :(

Changes! So many! I dedicated today's observation to seeking out any changes occurring in the area. I could see from very far away that there was an orange growth on the tree I sit under. It was so bright orange, I thought maybe it was the foam that is put to block out and exterminate bee hives. As I got closer, I thought someone might have left a handkerchief tied on the branches. Then I saw this:




















My first desire was to touch it, but then I remembered that bright and colorful in nature more often than not coincides with poisonous/dangerous (except maybe in the case of flowers). But while I was taking pictures, it was soooo tempting to touch it. The orange was so incredibly vibrant, with stripes of white too. It is one of my favorite colors. Then I took this pic: 





Up close, you could see what looked like dew or rain water (or both) and these small flies surrounding the growth. I thought then that there must be some sort of sap on it, and maybe these were fruit flies? Again, the possible potencies of plants came into my head. Where did this come from? I have to look it up, am not sure at all, didn't even know these grew on cherry blossom trees.





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Wow, Hira!  Love those

Wow, Hira!  Love those photos!

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My goodness Hira, this is such a fantastic discovery! I go to the Rhoad's Pond site often and now I would like to see where these fungii are! This is lovely and good choice in not touching it! Actually, now that I think of it, I think I have seen this species before in the mountains of Shenandoah, Virginia.