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Male Cheerleading is a Sport!

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Male Cheerleading is a Sport!

Stefani Bluestein

Against popular belief, females were not the founders behind the sport of cheerleading; instead males who were so eager to cheer while watching sporting events created this sport. In the 1890's the first pep club was organized at Princeton University, and it was there where the first organized yell was recorded. The University of Minnesota organized cheerleading and the first school "fight song." Women didn't get introduced to cheerleading until the 1920s when gymnastics was slowly introduced to the sport. Cheerleading didn't become a predominantly woman sport until the 1950's. Today there are more then three thousand high school and college cheerleaders in the United States. 97% of all cheerleaders are female; however, approximately 50% of collegiate Cheerleaders are male. Although males were the founders of cheerleading they have different social and cultural costs and benefits than females involved in this sport today. There are many different stereotypes that males need to face; and these labels stem from the current day problem of homophobia.

When a man enters the world of cheerleading he is immediately labeled as being effeminate. These males are faced with the task of overcoming society's stereotypes of a male Barbie figure. Ken, Barbie's male counterpart is a muscular, preppy, and all American boy. These qualities often lead society to label those males that have these characteristics as gay. Many generalizations are made that gay men are not athletic and therefore would turn to cheerleading as their sport of interest. To many homophobic people cheerleading is therefore deemed as a sport for sissies. They claim that cheerleaders are there solely for looks and entertainment purposes outside of the actual sport event where they are performing. Another stereotype for cheerleading is that girls are cheerleaders to look cute and clap their hands in front of an audience. People forget that their routines require strength, skill, and coordination. The males in the squad often provide a tremendous source of strength when lifting and throwing their teammates in the air. The strength and coordination required by male cheerleaders is comparable to any male dominated sport, but this fact is often ignored by society. Additionally, our society is generally supportive of females who participate in sports that require the twirling of batons, marching, attractive uniforms, and the recitation of rhymes. However, as soon as a male is introduced into this environment there is thought to be a threat to his masculinity. This often deters males from being involved in activities that they wish to participate in. The fear of being chastised by society often leaves males to resort to sitting in the student section of the stands removed from the cheerleader's section.

Although there are many hardships and criticisms that come with breaking out of the social norm there are far more benefits than pitfalls. The males that do decide to be cheerleaders cannot imagine their lives without the rewards and satisfaction that follow the completion of a routine. They also gain back self-esteem and dignity due to their ability to withstand the harsh remarks and criticisms. "Any man can hold a cheerleader's hand but only the elite can hold her feet." Once friends of cheerleaders get over the initial stereotyping they are often envious of their peer's muscular and fit frame. After the crowd experiences a male cheerleader's performance the stereotypes fade and respect is gained. The guys on these teams can perform back springs, hand tucks, towering pyramids etc. while being 6'0 tall and weighing more than two hundred pounds. They spend hours training every day in preparation for tournaments and appearances on ESPN. While walking down the street they may be mistaken for a football player, but they throw and catch humans, not leather! Although other males may perceive them as effeminate and less of a man, females tend to flock around them. Instead of female cheerleaders feeling threatened by the role of male cheerleaders, they are often the ones to recruit them. Often times females do not seek other females for this position because it would destroy their image, so males are used instead. The female cheerleaders prize male cheerleaders because they provide them with strength needed to perform difficult stunts.

Society often labels an activity a sport if it is rugged, requires endurance, strength, and masculine qualities. Because cheerleading is a predominantly women sport and is characterized by attractive uniforms and cheers, society often shuns the idea of men participating in this activity. Often times the activity is not considered a sport and the males and females are not considered athletes. Both males and females have to fight to encourage others to perceive them as athletes. In 1997, only one all female division participated in the NCAA all-collegiate cheer and dance team national championships. This proves the point that despite the social and cultural costs involved, males are still eager to participate in the sport that they originally founded and feel many more benefits as well.


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06/03/2005, from a Reader on the Web

Ok, for about the last 2 years I have watched the Cheer Team and respected everyone of them for their work and dedication. I have watched competetions and all sorts of events. The only problem is that I just graduated from High School and want to start maybe even tryout in College. I was on the Football team for 4 years and the Wrestling Team for 3 years and I enjoyed those so much that I didn't want to leave to join cheerleading b/c the others would have "labeled" me. So now im out of High School, I start college in 3 months and I really wana be a guy cheerleader. I think I could do that and I have the determination and the qualitys to do it. I don't care what other people think anymore, I wish I would have realized it while in highschool. I regret it every day. I want to join the college team, but I have never had gymnastics or any of that stuff. I have seen the UMN guys do cartwheels into flips and I don't know if I can do that. I want to but im just not sure. Im going to Duluth this fall, guys might have gotten invited to join the team.....i don't know what to do. Where do I go? How can I get ready to do this if I have never had experience before?

09/16/2005, from a Reader on the Web

Hey...I am bi-sexual and interested in joing male cheerleading!..but scared of what people will say about....scared of the rumors and everything...I think being a cheerleader is awsome,i can flip,dance,and hold people up..i would be perfect but still way to nervous and un-ready for what would be said..OK well I was wondering..anybody give me a clue on what I should do?..should I join or no?..E-mail me and tell me what u think I should do!THXX

11/01/2005, from a Reader on the Web

I am a highschool Freshman and I am interested in trying out for JV next year but dont want to be made fun of. by the way I am 100% strait what should I do.

11/08/2005, from a Reader on the Web

hey there, I am a male cheerleader and I am also BI. so if you want pointer tips just email and yeah It's cool if you go out for I really don't care what other people think and you shouldn't!! so old are you?? me I am 16 and I have been in cheerleading for 2 year's now.So join and email me back!!

12/01/2005, from a Reader on the Web

hey, i think that it is great that guys would want to try out for the squad. i graduated from high school in may 2005. i cheered all through high school and i was a softball player. i considered cheerleading a sport as much as softball or i wouldn't have done it. i now go to College of the Ozarks in southern missouri. they didn't have softball so i tried out for the squad. we have 4 guys and not one of them is gay what so ever. i love being in this sport with guys. i mean how else would people be able to see a back tuck basket toss.

12/21/2005, from a Reader on the Web

I was a cheerleader in high school ('92-'94)in a predominatly black high school where cheering was a "white people thing". Being a black male, I was worried about what my classmates would think of me cheering and I got the worst reaction from my peers, until they saw me cheer and do stunts with the girls on the squad. After my peers saw what I could do and realized that it took hours of practice just to something that you could miss if you blink your eye, they had a lot of respect for me and made sure that they let me know that they thought what I was doing was admirable. Some of the foot ball players actually tried out for the team but quit when they discovered what hard work it was. For any guys that wants to join the cheerleading team, I say go for it and don't worry about what people have to say. They may have harsh words in the beginning but in the end they will envy you.


Additional comments made prior to 2007
I just wanted to comment on the comments! I am a male cheerleader for West Virginia University. I am completely streight and when I started was worried about what people would think. For anyone who hasn't tried cheerleading, let me tell you it is hard. I played football all through high school and I have taken harder hits while catching a basket toss or having a girl come off on a two-two one, than i took while playin ball. Cheerleading is not for the faint of heart you must be strong and disciplined! If you are willing to check your guts at the door I can tell you it will be an awesome experience...and hey you get to hang out with the hottest girls in school so it cant be that bad!! If you ever have any problems with people giving you a hard time just look at them and invite them to try...if their man enough! You guys, don't worry about what people think, go for it and you woun't be disappointed! ... Adam Lough, 31 January 2006



Hey My name is Andy, I'm 19 years old, I am a Freshman at Columbus State University. I've been a Male Cheerleader since 7th grade, and it is by far the most physically demanding sport I have ever participated in. I got into cheerleading back in the 7th grade because of this one girl named Stephanie, i had a crush on her, I had always been a football player since I was 6 years old, so I was a pretty Decent sized boy compared to my other classmates, she asked me to help her out with her team, they needed some muscle. At first i was very Self-consious about the whole thing, would people make fun of me?, would people not accept me anymore?, would i wind up being a social outcast? of course, everyone tormented me, until i learned my first cheerleading Routine, thats when all the wise-cracks stoped... Immediately. I was at a pep-rally in the 9th grade, I tossed a girl into a Toss Cupie, means I toss her up and catch her on one hand. and the room went silent. next thing i know everyone was cheering for me. From then on we had guys trying out for the team, I join an all-start team.

Fast Forward 3 years. Here i am, 6'1 265lbs. can bench press 365lbs. and i owe it all to Cheerleading. Not to mention I met my girlfriend who ive had for 3 years through cheerleading.

I strongly Encourage male to join cheerleading. I promise you it will make you stronger more quickly than any other sport. the only requirements you need to meet are, some what flexible, a good memory, dedication, be able to take a punch, elbow, kick, or whatever gets thrown at you and have the mental strength to sacrifice yourself for your flyer, even if it means you get a broken nose.

ive had more injuries from cheerleading than all 3 of my roomates have had in their whole lives ... Andy, 14 February 2006



Hey I am BI-SEXUAL male I am have been cheering all my life I use to cheer for Skiline Hihg School and now I attend Lincoln High school. We are have try out for Varsity cheerleader And now i have a chance to try out every one at lincoln won'ts me to try out and i wont to really bad but there's a problem On of my English teaches don't won't me to tryout b/c Linclon has never had a boy cheerleader What shall I do Should ry out anyways and jest giveup Oh yea bye the way father dont won't me to try out either he likes me to ballet i can do anything a women can do and better and the great thing about it is no one knows about me. So please help me ... Anthony Lewis, 24 March 2006



hey ive been cheerleading for only a year and it is harder than any sport that ive ever been in. ive been in football, swim, soccer, lacross, diving,gymnastics, track and field and compared to the mental and physical work that you do in cherrleading they are easy. Im on the MN elite all star team and love it its fun but very challanging ... Maxwell, 6 April 2006



our school does not allow boy cheerleaders and my cousin wants to be one he is a guys and she is better then almost all of the girl cheerleaders ... Chesaning, 31 May 2006



I have been a male cheerlader for two years and yes it is hard to overcome suchcomments as fag and gay but once those football players see you have bigger muscles than they do or cheerleading gives you abs and football does not everything changes and you earn the respect you deserved in the first place. i love cheerleading and wish o do it all through high school and get a scholarship


to a college i want to go to without paying tuition and get a my doctorae without paying anything but a dorm fee. There are many benefits besides girls to male cheerleading. Anybody that reads this please do not be afraid to do what you want because of other people. If i can do it and i am in middle school, so can you ... Zack, 19 August 2006



This Has been my firt year cheerleading!! And Omg it has been amazing! Im 17 and gay But i get alot of recpect and im going to try Varsity nex year! ... Jeff, 5 February 2007



My boyfriend is a cheersport national championship cheerleader. He is muscular, cute, and the sweetest guy you'll ever meet, but he STILL gets picked on & hassled by other guys for being a cheerleader. What these guys don't realize is that he works HARD. (I mean, where do they think he got that body from, anyways??)He is at practice EVERY DAY working his but off. Most of the guys that make fun are wrestlers & football players, so there sport basically involves getting sweaty and rubbing all over guys in spandex or a tight pants and a few strategically placed pads. Cheerleading practice is hard, but the guys are surrounded by 25 girls in little cheerleading shorts who they get to pick up, throw, and be all over them for 3 hours every day. Which would you choose guys?? No matter what people say, I'm standing by my boyfriend 100% ... Sara, 21 February 2007



All I have to say..Is I've been a cheerleader for 3 years now..and I absolutely love it..I don't care what people think..Im 17 and in high school. People talk about me all the time..but do I care no, and no one should..its a jealousy.i mean football player say I'm gay..which i am. but still i think any straight guy would rather look up girls skirts then look at a guys you love something go for it..don't worry about what people say, because sooner or later they will get over it ... Reader on the web, 9 March 2007



Okay, Im gay and I really dont know how you guys feel seeing how im not staright and not in your position but I do know this. Cheerleading is Well accepted and no one makes fun of anyone. Im an All Star cheerleader and have been for two years. I tumble, dance, jump and base. I personally feel that what us male cheerleaders can accomplish is amazing and its no hard work. I have to work out EVERYDAY to keep myself toned for single Basing, I have to practice tumbliong EVERYDAY so it gets better and I have to fake a smile when i WANT TO BREAK DOWN AND CRY!!!!!! Cheerleading is not what people make of it. Its a sport, just liek football and if someone is going to make fun of you cause you can throw a girl into the air by yourself and hold her up with one hand, then they really have no life at all cause its pretty much amazing! Other people should not be what drives you AWAY from cheerleading. It should be what drives you TO cheerleading. You always want to when they say you cant. Who cares what other people say. People make fun of me Very rarely and ya knwo something! I laugh so ahrd when they do, cause I would pay millions to say the little weak ass throw some chick into the air like I can. ANY MAN CAN HOLD HER HAND ...
... BUT ONLY THE ELITE CAN HOLD HER FEET! ... Kenny, 8 May 2007



being a male cheerleader i can say that there is almost no sport that is more rewarding. the people that make stereotypes are the only ones that havent seen what we (male cheerleaders) do. they dont know what its like to have a girl 4 feet above your head and 13 feet above the ground knowing that if something happens and she comes down its your obligation to make sure she comes down safely by any means necessary. as for not wanting to deal with the stereotypes it will only last until they see your first performance and go wow...that looks tough. i\', the only guy to even make it on my schools squad EVER i had to deal with immense stereotyping i was called everything from spirit fingers to a flamer and pretty much anything else you can think of but i didnt let it get to me i didnt have to my girls looked out for me when that was still going on and now i look out for them when they need me... dont worry about stereotypes PERIOD. if you need ANY thing at all feel free to e-mail me at

p.s. - word to the wise if your thinking about cheerleading for the girls on the squad like if your trying to get with them...dont think about it you will get caught and you will be hated...i wouldnt even think of doing anything with my girls..never. and im not gay either ... Brandon Hoolehan, 29 June 2007



Im the first male cheerleader at my highschool. I felt SUPER special, because I got NEW uniform and all that good stuff. Anyways, moving on, at my school, there are chubby cheerleaders, so actually I get to be the lifted one not the lifter. I dont even know if I can do that in colleges. I hope I will be the first ... Noukue, 10 July 2007



Hey!! My name is Chase, but I am a female cheerleader! I'm wantin' to give advice to all you guys out there who are wantin to become a cheerleader but are afraid of bein' stereotyped! Well, let me tell you that Male cheerleaders get to "hang with the ladies" more than anyone else! The guys that I know who cheer are some of the coolest cats around! Once people see their abilities, they no longer call the guys a "wuss".. They realize that they are far from that! So, if you want to become a cheerleader, don't delay it ANY longer!!! :) I have so much respect for male cheerleaders! ... Chase, 4 September 2007



Hey, i was a cheerleader my last two years of high school. Throughout my four years i played many other sports which i one various awards form mvp, to all-state, to even captain on some teams. Those bored me. I soon found myself on a cheer squad and it presented me with one of my biggest challenges, and some of the greatest times of my life. I am straight, im a built 210 pound 6'3 athlete. Grew up on a farm, was in 4-h, and am now at UC for agriculture engineering, a very non-cheerleading generalized backround. Point is, its open and its overlooked, and is by far one of the most challenging sports i have yet to play ... Nicholas Johnson, 7 November 2007



hey im a high school cheerleader too and ive been doing cheer 4 about 4 seasons now( 2years and made varsity my first time) forget about what other guys say about you and ya your going to get alot of truble forget them and i know other guys in cheer who have been doing cheer there hole life and there st8er then any guys i know really any one can do cheer if you cant tumble work on jumps ( like pike, toe touch, duble 9s,) and flexability thats what im doing and more( and i just got a new choech ( sorry not that good at spelling) and shes helping me with the hole tumbling thing) ask around go to your local gymnastics gym work on starters like round off, cartweels,handstands were you pop up to stand up and pop cartweels 4 areils ... Nun Ya, 14 November 2007



im staright and am a freshman i just started jv cheer and am really enjoy it those of you who are interested should should really join im not so heavy or strong and have been used as a flyer.... the crowed goes wild easpecially when there is a male flying wow that got alot off my chest email me if you have any questions about cheer ... Jason, 15 November 2007


Kristina Prevatte's picture


My son is 13 we live in a small town in Nevada Mo.My son has spent the last month practicing and training for try outs.He attended every practice,open gym available.Today he came home devastated he was told since he was the only male trying out that he couldn't join the cheerleading squad because it would be to difficult to have only one male cheerleader.My son has good grades,listens and fallows the rules He understands what he is facing being teased I asked him if he could handle these things way before he signed up for tryouts.My son said I have faced mean things people say because of my disability for years I can ignore all the mean things.If he was a girl trying to join the football team and got told this it would be sexiest but he is a young man with a dream that isn't even getting a fair chance.

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be who you wonna be

i will be the first guy cheerleader at my school i am not gay but i do like to cheer i look forward to it and hope for many more to come

Serendip Visitor's picture


wnem do the guys get interduced? like what year?

Nicholas Womochil's picture


Hi I'm a junior at John R. Rogers High School in spokane, WA. I'm actually doing an english assignment, and it has to do with why boys can't be cheeleaders etc. I was kind of looking into the idea of possibly trying out for being a cheerleader. I thought that I may try out for gymnastics to be a flexible person. Any girl cheerleaders, I could use some advice on male cheerleading and how I should go about being a male cheerleader. I thank all girls who will respect me for this and for some tips.

Jane's picture

My son is in all star cheer

My son is 17 and a senior. His first sport, from the age of 5, was karate. He achieved his black belt and a roomful of trophies, mostly for his sparring ability, so he was already strong and flexible. He was looking for a new challenge, and during the spring of his sophomore year some of the cheerleaders in his school recruited him. He cheered for the school during his junior year, and last spring wanted to get into all star cheer. Now he's on two teams and loves it. We're in the middle of competition season right now. Yes, he's straight and likes spending so much time with his female teammates, but the work is too hard for that to be the only reason he does it. He does take a lot of s__t from the wrestlers and football players at school, but he's a mentally strong individual and doesn't let it get to him. From what I've observed, the factors that help a male who wants to get into cheerleading are strength (especially upper body), flexibility, willingness to work really hard, ability to tolerate pain, and self-confidence.

Ben's picture

How did he tell yall he

How did he tell yall he wanted to br a cheerleader bc i recently tried out and i made varsity as a freshman and many people know thats hard. So as i told my parents they didnt approve of it. Yes im straight and im black but people think im gay and i just want to know what he said because im trying again this year and i need to do this bc if they say no im going to just have to get a job and pay the 400 dollars myself

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College Cheer


I just saw a post that you had form a while back in regards to male cheerleaders. I am a college coach looking for male athletes and would like to talk to you to see if you would be interested in collegiate level cheer.

Sports Manager's picture

Best sports in the world.

I searched for the most popular sports in the world and obviously I found the Soccer (ref- ). But in my opinion Cheer-leading is the most popular sport. Because every sports tournament is incomplete without this. People enjoy this on the field or court equally. More than that it is a sport where the cheerleaders need physically fitness and high level coordination.
If you are afraid of people would find this game more feminine then you can add some more masculine actions or stunts. This can help you to eliminate the prejudice about the sport. I think this way it can also gain its popularity as most popular sport in the world. In order to make this possible, it is necessary to create awareness, add some more masculine actions and plan some competitions. I am sure in this way it can achieve rank one sport in future.
One more tip for you that have good diet, 1 hour workout, no junk food and more practice. I am sure if you follow these points you will be a successful cheerleader. So goodluck for a new journey.

robert strayer's picture

It isnt a sport

ive been a cheerleader on a lv 5 team for 6 years and have two worlds rings i can tell you that cheering is way more physically demanding but the rules vairy by competition making it sometimes inaccurate rules why thust deaming it not a sport but i can say that it is more physically demanding hard challaging than any sport out there

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Homosexuality and cheering

I am one of the first guy cheerleaders at my school and I just LOVE IT! Yes, I am gay and people do make fun of for it. I wanted to try out for cheering last year, but it was too late, so I did this year and I got it! I am a Sophomore that get's called "girl, dyke, fag, etc." but I don't care what they say, I am a gay cheerleading and they have to deal with it. If you are a Straight, Bisexual, or Homosexual and want to join cheering, do it! don't be afraid to do want YOU want to do.
Advantages to being A:
Straight Male Cheerleaders: you maybe called a homo for cheering, but hey, you're the boy surrounded by GIRLS all the time!! now just don't cheer for sex, that's wrong.
(Contact me here if you want)

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Being a male cheerleader dosen't mean your gay. Im a cheerleader at my high school and i love it. Its fun as well as exciting, their is always something new to learn or do.
People think all guys who join are gay and weak but in reality male cheerleaders are strong and athletic.
Cause i know guys on a football team who can't do backflips or even hold people in the air like cheerleaders do. It take alot of time and practice get strong and do what we do. Girls always enjoy guys on cheerleading because they need the males support to catch them n also throw them in the air.


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This article is quite good

This article is quite good and i respect everyone on this page. I'm a senior in high school this year and I'm considering cheering in college. I actually started out doing 8 years of taekwondo in ATA until my instructor went dumb and I had to have shoulder surgery. This is my first and last year of high school cheer and it's sad to say that most of the girls that i am cheering with will not be re-trying for a college squad. The reason I'm considering not cheering is because i'm getting married and i will not know anyone around me if i do join a squad. E-mail me what you think

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Son is cheering compitition level we need help

Congratulations to all of you, i have never expected to be looking into this but thank goodness for the internet.

My son is 15 and has recently gotten involved with a local cheer competition team WCA, at first he was just tumbling and taking advantage of the open gym on Fridays, but he quickly became addicted to the place and he was asked to cheer. At first he said No (fear) but he thought about it and decided he would like it. He has accelerated so quickly and the coaches are amazing, the only trouble is to cheer at a competitive level it is very costly. I am amazed at his dedication and desire he has been there every night a minimum of two hours just practicing his tumbling. I truly do not want to stop him from doing this but it will not be possible with 4 other children to feed its too much.

I am wondering if any of you can suggest ways for me to do additional fundraising for him.

I am trying to raise some money for him to be able to compete with this team but the cost is around 2400. before the travel expenses.

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Cheerleading is more than sport!

I consider cheerleading is more than a sport.
I admire the courage and will power of the cheerleaders who dare to risk their lives with all the acrobatic tosses and unimaginable twists and turns they perform to entertain the audience.

Cheers to them!

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boys should be cheerleaders becuz they r strong and thay can do back flips and stuff

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HEY!!! I am a bi-sexual male and I am a cheerleader. Just because of your sexuality doesn't mean that you can not be a male cheerleader. I started cheer this year and all the girls love to have guys on their team. It helps them out soo much. If you have any questions I will be glad to answer them. Just e-mail me saying that you need some pointers on becoming a male cheerleader.

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Male cheerleading

I am a freshmen and I was afraid the first time that I even thought of trying out for my school cheerleading team. But there were already 2 guys on my team and that gave me the extra boost to take charge. DON'T be afraid. If you think that you can do it then you can. I had a round off backhandspring layout for my hardest skill and now I have a full. So go for it. Whether your gay straight or bi who cares. Your the one that is going to be successful. Do what you want with your life and don't let others do it for you come join the fun.

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College Cheer


I just saw a post that you had form a while back in regards to male cheerleaders. I am a college coach looking for male athletes and would like to talk to you to see if you would be interested in collegiate level cheer.

tim's picture

If you want to go for

If you want to go for cheerleading i say DO IT! I am straight and am going to try out for varsity at my school. What you always need to tell yourself it you are straight. you know your straight. everyone on the squad and all your friends will know your straight. Thats the only people that matter. I get teased everyday. I act, sing, dance, and cheer. Personally i think cheer takes more than most sports. Tumbling and gymnastics is the most physical thing for you. A gymnast could beat up a football player any day. and do it with style (flips and stuff)

guycheer's picture

I am a freshman in high

I am a freshman in high school and a jv cheerleader. I have gone through every imaginable torment by my fellow classmates and peers. If you want to do something, then you can do it. I'll be trying out for varsity next year, so you can definitely do it.

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College Cheer


I just saw a post you submitted a while back. I wanted to know if you would still be interested in collegiate cheering? I am a college coach and would like to talk with you about collegiate cheering.

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Ok, so since I was about 8 i started tumbling on my own. I didn't know what it meant but I started practicing flips. I have never been in gymnastcis or cheer but i can out tumble everyone I know. I decided last year i wanted to start cheer but I have a problem. It's to late. I am in my second senior year in high school and I missed the try-outs. I talked to the cheer coach and she told me I can't do the games or anything, I almost got into the competition cheer or something like that, but I can't compete for I am a second year senior. I want to cheer in college but how do i prepare?
My tumbling is pretty nice, but what about strength and size? I am 5'10 140 pounds and I bench 175. And should i join like a gymnastics team for a year so I get someone else to help my tumbling? Since I have taught myself everything. I want to join but don't know what or where I can improve or get ready. Please email.

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I want to but im not allowed

Im goin to be a junior in high school next year and i have sorta kinda always wanted to cheer and when the coach wanted me to do cheerleading insted of the mascot i took the chance. my mom let me go for tryouts during school but recently when we had tryouts douring the summer she said i couldn't go because it would make me look gay. I have a girlfriend , im straight,im on the golf team, the people at my school know that about me. And if someone dose question my sexuality why does it matter to them. All im saying is that it is wrong for a parent to not let their child do something they really want to do just b/c of what people may say. If everytime somebody didn't do something b/c they knew someboy would talk about them when would we be as a country? Just something to think about . . .

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I never had any experience in

I never had any experience in cheerleading and I've always had an interest in it. I am straight and everyone who knows I'm a cheerleader thinks its really cool that I do it. I've gotten stronger, leaner, and happier. I love stunting. Esp partner stunting. My team taught me how to do a toss hands into a lib. I was lucky to cheer at my university because they compete in nationals at Daytona, FL. Because my team competed unlike many other colleges, I had to push myself harder. Doing stunts was harder because we had to do full-ups and rewinds and tick-toks. So hard and so rewarding when the stunt hits every move. Basket tosses scared me because I'm really scared on hurting the girls and myself getting hit by a 130 pound girl thrown 30 ft in the air. Also leading me to pyramids. Being the base is so important. If I mess up, the girl on me and the girl on her will drop like 30 feet in the air. I had to learn so much in so little time. They taught me how to do a back tuck, round-off flip flop tuck, and so many other things. I learned so many things in one year. It's all rewarding. In college, its more acceptable to cheer. So, if your thinking about cheering in college, guys, go for it!!! I'm really happy I did.

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I am a Cheerleader for the Green Bay Packers, as well as the University of Wisconsin. I am straight. I am man enough to say that i am fine with the gtbl community being on the team, but I will also say it works better when not flaunted. All that does is cause un-needed drama. The only thing worse than a team of bitchy drama filled girls is a team of bitchy drama filled girls and bitchy drama filled gay guys. But like i said i have no problem with it at all.

On Wisconsin! Go Pack Go


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Ok so I want to be a MC and also do WG at my school...

So I've wanted to be a male cheerleader since 7th grade but I've always been shy and unconfident so I thought that people would call me gay like they did my first two years of middle school (5th and 6th grade). Now that I'm going to be a sophmore whenever school starts again, I really want to be a MC and do WG (Winter Guard)(waving the flags and tossing and catching them) but my dad won't let me. :( I've told him that my friend Curtis is a MC too but he also plays soccer. He's been playing soccer for years. I'm completely straight but whenever I told my dad about MC, WG, Curtis doing it, and me wanting to do both since 7th grade he called me a faggot and said that no son of his was going to wave the 'faggot flags' around and do 'gay flips and twists in the air.' When I tried to tell him that MCing is a real sport and that you get very muscular he said that he didn't want to hear it and told me to stick with singing which I've been doing since I was 3 and band that I've been doing since 5th. He said that my schedule 'is full enough as it is' and when I told Mama about it she said that 'Daddy knows best.' Curtis is going to talk to my parents this summer. Any advice that you can give me or something that Curtis can say to my parents without my dad getting out the gun would help tremendously. Thanks again. -Josh

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I made it.

I made cheerleading. Im the first guy from my school to ever had made it. Its a good feeling and i aint scared that i tried out. i encourage any male thats wants to try out to go ahead and do it. yes im gay and i dont care what people think of me.
Follow your dream.

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I think that when male

I think that when male cheerleadirs cheer its kinda not right because i mean come on unless your throwing them then its really not that cool

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There are male flyers.

There are male flyers in cheer. Check out this all male squad from last year.
And there are also mixed squads with them also.
This group was on America's Got Talent and a first of their kind which sprouted more groups like it.

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Male Cheerleading

I am in highschool and particiapted in cheerleading this basketball season. I also do Allstar cheerleading now. I go to school in West Virginia so the homosexual sterotypes are even more intense than other places. Myself and two of my friends choose to do this, and we are completely straight. We weent exactly worried about what peopel we would say, primairly because we are very comfortable with ourselves and are not worried about what people think. Let me tell you this, if i wouldnt have done cheerleading i would have missed out on so many experiences and lessons. It was def one of the best choices of my life.

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College Cheer


I just saw a post that you had form a while back in regards to male cheerleaders. I am a college coach looking for male athletes and would like to talk to you to see if you would be interested in collegiate level cheer.

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Guy Cheerleaders aren't gay.

Just because your a guy cheerleader doesn't mean your gay. If your heart desires cheerleading, then thats what you should do. If other people call you "gay" "homosexual" "faggot" just ignore them. Their opinion doesn't matter. Its up to you what you do.

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I really liked your comment,

I really liked your comment, I'm straight and I'm a cheerleader, and I love it. Peace out to all my brothers in cheerleading.Keep up the good work. ONe day all those who make fun of male cheerleaders will regret it. Amen

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Im also a straight male cheerleader in my High School. I always get called names cause i do cheerleading but i dont really care cause i have fun and get to chill with all the girls/ 40 girls and 2 guys. that dose not sound gay at all. Im doing a movie essay on STEROTYPING OF MALE CHEERLEADERS FOR MY PHOTOGRAPHY CLASS TO PROVE NOT ALL MALE CHEERLEADRES ARE GAY.

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College Cheer


I just saw a post that you had form a while back in regards to male cheerleaders. I am a college coach looking for male athletes and would like to talk to you to see if you would be interested in collegiate level cheer.

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I to am a male cheerleader

I to am a male cheerleader and im straight and im engaged. College is a fresh start from high school and a time when you can be what you want to be. I never once dreamed of bing a cheerleader, but me and friends just messed around during high school during pep rallies and I got offered a scholarship. yeah I was called gay, faggot, all of that crap in high school so i was afraid of wait people would say in college but after getting to know the team at my college i realized none of them are gay. In fact we have maxed out higher than many of the football and baseball players. And cheer is just a way to have the feeling of a team after high school. You get to travel, meet people, and look at the most beautiful girls and sidline/court seats to every game whats not cool about that.

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Just do it

It seems to be important to you all, so I'll start with the fact I'm straight. I started cheering during my last year of Junior high school because I friend of mine kept talking about how impressed he was with their stunts and "flips". I tried it and loved it, I now cheer Varsity and I'm in my Sophomore year. Going to a high school in the-middle-of-nowhere, TN can be very challenging if only for the fact that most teens are interested in mud bogs and dipping tobacco. I'm constantly harassed and insulted by those who know nothing about the sport, but the few guys with the brains and balls to admit it will openly defend me in front of their friends and family. They say that they don't have the guts to do what we (my friend decided to try out this year) do, and that they wish they did so that they could be as in shape and as popular with the girls as we are. There will always be criticism no matter what you do, but cheerleading has really shown me that many guys actually do accept and even envy male cheerleaders. Anyone curious about the sport should seriously consider just going for it. Give it a shot, the worst case scenario is that you'll make JV, which is hardly what I'd call "bad".

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My 12yr son wants to cheer

My son wants to cheer. He is 12 and the issue I have is there is not a place he can. POP warner doesn't have boy cheerleaders. I would even coach a team so he could cheer. Are there any guys out there who could be a mentor and advisor. This should not be about sexual orentation but about competing in a sport. I see several guys on TV cheering for colleges. By the way I am a dad. So If any could help I would appreciate it.

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You are an AWESOME dad!!!!!!

You are an AWESOME dad!!!!!!

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Still Deciding...........

I currently go to a private school in Arkansas.For years i have wanted to be a Jazz dancer, but my mom never let me take dance classes, although she let my brother take tap lessons. Over time my passion for dance dissolved and then as of last year my urge to dance was reawakened. No matter how hard i asked my mom wouldn't let me take jazz lessons. Over the summer though i spent time with two of my cousins. One was on a Pom squad and the other about to tryout for Cheer.Throughout the summer i practiced with each of them and my passion for Cheer was born. Over the course of the summer i became pretty good at all the jumps (except the universal/around the world). I seriously want to be a male cheerleader, but since the start of school my heavy schedule has kept me from practicing except on weekends, which has taken its toll on my skills greatly. Even my splits has degressed since August 17(the first day of school). I'm not so much worried about what others will say about me because in those matters i'm pretty much non challant. The thing that i am worried about is that the coach (who seems extremely kind)won't allow me on the team because i am a guy, and that i won't make the team because the only tumbling i have is a cartwheel, a horrible round off, and some-what of a front hand spring. Will i even be able to make the team without a back hand spring? They usually do a round off back hand spring back tuck onto the floor before positioning themselves for the dance, although i notice that sometimes a few of them don't do the tumbling for what ever reason. Also i know that usually the same people tryout for cheer every year and the limit to the squad is 15 (unless the coach absolutely feels there is a need for an additional athelete), but there are only 12 cheerleaders on the varsity team. Does this mean that i will have a greater chance of making it without the possibly required tumbling? When i think about not making the team i feel like a total wreck! i also must work on not getting nervous.Generally when i do something solo i choke and feel sick. though when there is someone else with me i do so much better and in a group i am nearly perfectly fine! i seriously need to learn how to calm my nerves if the tryouts are solo. Being the only and i think first guy will be really akward.Can someone help me with my nervousness and SHOULD I TRYOUT FOR CHEER?

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Cheerleading is a sport!

Anyone who know any thng at all about competivie cheer and see how much training all cheerleader go through knows it is a sport for males as well as females.

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hey im a fifteen year old

hey im a fifteen year old that just tried out for male cheerleading at my school lots ppl tried to discourage me from trying out by saying none of the other cheerleaders would let me lift them and that if i cheered the football team wouldnt play i just stood up and told them that if the girls wouldnt let me lift its there loss and that the way our team plays them not playing would be a step up so i tried out and im the first male cheerleader ever to make it at my school youll get lots of criticizem but i say who cares i know who i am and i know what im good at so im gonna do it and thats what i have to say to anyone who wants to try out go for it you wont regret it and ps im metrosexual not gay or bi

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good for you

Hey good for you, I am curently sixteen but my sophomore of high school i wanted to join the team cause all my friends were on the team. I am 100% straight and currently have a girlfriend but thats besides the point, there is no guys on the team and i thought i could do it so i practice got my back handspring in my back yard and my toe touchers were good. I tried out and made varsity i have never done cheer gymnastics or anything. I get made fun of alot but i no were i stand and i am gladd you do too!

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i am a male cheerleader

i am a male cheerleader...i had become a male cheerleader at the age of thirteen...i am fifteen now and i am proud to say that there is nothing wrong with it if you truly love...i beleive it is a sport and will continue to do it for as long as i am happy...i am laughed at all the time...and people seem to think that i am a homosexual for even trying out...i pay no attention to what comments are being stated of me...i only makes me want to try harder at what i name is *ty3*...and i am a male cheerleader!!!!!!!!!!!!!!gooooo BULLDOGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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A Male Cheerleader Vs. The Leader of the Football Team

I just wanted to say that Cheerleading is way better than Football. DUH! i barely turned 18 like last week and i was a male cheerleader in my school. the first time i tried out for cheer. i was actually the best of all of them. i got the highest score ad they almost made me captain for some reason. but i decided to give my place to a girl because all the stereotyping shit. Cheerleading is amazing ones your in there!!!!! im Bi but i like more girls than guys, im sexy, im cute, but w/e dont matter, anyways,. when i perform in front of my school is like "ok its time to show this bitches what i got" and i just go for it, next thing you know them "football" players talk to me. its like wtf you know now you want to talk to me. well yeah its very funny that they call me GAY u know why. let me tell you a story.

After a football game had ended. i was waiting for my parents to pick me up. i had a huge crush on a guy in the football team but he was extremely straight. he was the leader of the football team ad really HOT. anyways, while i was waiting i was texting to my friend. suddenly i see him coming towards me im like "oh god he is so fine" but he was actually coming my way. i was like oh damm.he talked to me about how good i was out there and that i was really good. the i told him the same thing. and then my mom called me in my cell phone and told me she was coming. as soon as i told him that my mom was coming. he told me "hey can i tell you something... umm idk how to say this but... i... i like you... not to be gay but if if you were a girl i would go out with you" i was shocked and my mouth was open. HAHA. that's when my mom came and honk. but she was like all the way in the corner. i told him "wow... i dont know what to tell you... i... like you to but... this cant happen..." i told him bye and then when i was walking away he scream WAIT and came running toward me and gave me a kiss in my chick. i was in heaven. when i got home i couldn't believe what happened? it was like if i was dreaming. i couldn't understand beacause he was the leader of the football team and he actually had a girlfriend so i was really confuse. When i went back to school and after my cheer practice was over. he was waiting for me outside of practice and he called me over and started talking to me. everyone was staring at us like wow haha. i felt special. that funny and amazing thing that happen was that... we were talking and then he told me "hey come here you have something there" and im like what then he pulled me and kissed me! in front of everyone. DAMMM everyone was like woooowwww. dammmm. they were all shocked. i was like paralyze but i kept on kissing him and i hold his hand and we left holding hands. all of the cheerleaders and football jocks stared at us. as we walked away in front of them. so now we been going out sains June, 22 2007 and today is June, 21 2009. isn't it amazing we been together for 3 years. my parents know him well and his parents know me well. we are the cutes couple ever!!!!
i consider myself LUCKY!! seriously if it want for cheer i would of met him! his mine! all mine! by the way his the giver and im the receiver... if guys wanted to know that. his now 20 and im 18 =]

if you guys will like to know who we are email me. =]

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You are luck, that is my life dream.

I am a male cheerleader, and I had a huge cruch on this football play. I still do, but I never get to see him anymore because I moved back in with my mom for my last two year of high school.
I know where he lives but I never got to tell him I liked him after all the times I talked to him, we are both mormon but that does not matter to me if I really love someone. I am bi, I tent to like guys more than girls. I have never regreted such a desicion in my life. I still continue to cheer. I have even gone on a date with another male cheer leader, but I did not like them like I did with the football player. We now living in a diffrent state, and I dream about him even after sevral mounths. No matter how many diffrent people I date. I plan on going after him, and asking him out once I am done with highschool.

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i am dating a male cheerleader andd he has more passion for cheer than any girl i have ever met! he is so dedicated to cheering. Basically he is amazing. he gets teased and all his friends call him cheer queer but he is awesome and totally plays along with it. Hes great

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I'm a freshman at Stonington

I'm a freshman at Stonington High in CT. I want to do male Cheerleading and i know that my school offers it. It seems like an amazing sport and i really want do do it but am wondering what i should do in advance before the tryouts. i am relatively in shape and plan to start working out at the gym. Please give some advice.

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Hey! I started cheerleading

Hey! I started cheerleading in my freshman year of highschool also! To prepare do a lot of cardio and also streching!

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used to cheer

I was a"yell leader" in jr high and we modelled ourselves after a local major college that, at the time, as well as today,the cheerleaders and yell leaders are well respected. (not dropping names but they just played in the rose bowl,and have a helmetted mascot thats awesome on his steed at the games) anyway my family never knew I cheered. I kept it secret because of my Archie Bunker father but had the best time. I wanted to play football (flag only then in jr high) but too small at 5'2" and 98 lbs, coach said I would "have to run like a freight train to keep from getting killed by the bigger players" So I organized 4 other wanna bees who also got refutted by the football team selection and went to their advisor, pitched my idea, whiched she thought was awesome and at the first home game we came running out. The squad was considered big at 5guys and 6 girls..we added porta pits to do airials (airbound spinning flips) and added wooden stools to stand on and oversized megaphones a new mascot(a real mustang) with a blue saddle blanket with a big golden "G" on each side. THE CROWD WENT NUTZ!! The football team was in awe and the coach was speechless, non the less we went undefeated, were invited to perform outside of the school and the high school that I dreamed of attending came to our school towatch us, mentor us and at one home game, joined in!! I'm telling all parents out there, if your son (or daughter) want to cheer ENCOURAGE IT especially today, its fun, its work, it teaches leadership, cooperation, pride and socialization, and its just so much fun..and sexual orientation has nothing to do with it as a sport..The never accuse wrestlers of sexual stuff now do they!!?? THANX