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Euthanasia: Should humans be given the right to play God?

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Euthanasia: Should humans be given the right to play God?

Mahjabeen Hassan

Should humans be allowed to play the role of God? Legalizing euthanasia would do just that! The power to play with people's lives should not be handed out under a legal and/or medical disguise. Thus euthanasia should not be legalized.

The term 'Euthanasia' comes from the Greek word for 'easy death'. It is the one of the most public policy issues being debated about today. Also called 'mercy killing', euthanasia is the act of purposely making or helping someone die, instead of allowing nature to take its course. Basically euthanasia means killing in the name of compassion. On the contrary, it promotes abuse, gives doctors the right to murder and in addition, is contradictory to religious beliefs.

Whether one agrees or not, past experiences as well as the present continuously point out that euthanasia promotes abuse. Dr. J Forest Witten warned that euthanasia would give a small group of doctors "the power of life and death over individuals who have committed no crime except that of becoming ill or being born, and might lead toward state tyranny and totalitarianism." (1)

An example of this very statement by Dr. J Forest Witten was seen in Pennsylvania, in 1947 when forty seven year old Ellen Haug admitted having killed her ailing seventy-year-old mother with an overdose of sleeping pills. Her excuse was that she couldn't endure her crying and misery. Ellen said that her mother had suffered too long and Ellen, herself was on the verge of collapse. Her excuse was that "if something had happened to her, what would have become of her mother?" (2) Her reason was not only vain; as a matter of fact it was very selfish. Ellen was not putting her mother out of misery but she was getting herself rid of a responsibility. She was merely taking the advantage of calling her cold-blooded murder euthanasia. Likewise, a recent Dutch government investigation of euthanasia came up with some disturbing findings. In 1990, 1,030 Dutch patients were killed without their consent. Twenty-two thousand and five hundred deaths were caused due to withdrawal of support, 63% (14,175 patients) were denied medical treatment without their consent and twelve percent (1,701 patients) were mentally competent but were not consulted. These findings were widely publicized before the November 1991 referendum in Washington State, and contributed to the defeat of the proposition to legalize lethal injections and assisted suicide.(3) Euthanasia, at the moment is illegal in most parts of the world. In the Netherlands it is practiced widely even though it remains illegal. The Dutch incident is an ideal example of how euthanasia has promoted abuse in the past and therefore as the old proverb goes we should "learn from past mistakes to avoid future ones".

Euthanasia gives physicians, who are only humans-the right to murder. Doctors are people who we trust to save and cure us, we regard them as the people who have been trained to save our lives but euthanasia gives doctors the opportunity to play God and most seize this opportunity. A perfect example of an opportunist would be Dr. Jack Kevorkian, better known as "Dr. Death" who took advantage of his patients' sorrows and tragedies and murdered them. In fact, Kevorkian has helped more than 100 people commit suicide and not all of his patients were terminally ill. In addition, in the late 1980s the lunatic created a machine for murder, it was a "suicide machine" that allowed a person by pressing a button, to dispense a lethal dose of medication to himself or herself. Later, Dr. Kevorkian was sentenced to ten to twenty-five years in prison for second-degree murder for providing lethal injection to a seriously ill patient.(4) Dr. Jack Kevorkian, however, is not the only example of a doctor who tried to "play God".

One can also learn a lot from the mass murder that took place in Germany during World War II. Over 100,000 people were killed in the Nazi's euthanasia program. During the War, the doctors were responsible for, selecting those patients who were to be euthanized, carrying out the injections at the killing centers, and generating the paperwork that provided a medically credible cause of death for the surviving family members. Surprisingly, organizations such as the General Ambulance Service, Charitable Sick Transports, and the Charitable Foundation for Institutional Care transported patients to the six killing centers, where euthanasia was accomplished by lethal injections or in children's cases, slow starvation.(5) Throughout the past and the present, euthanasia has given doctors an excuse to get away with their crimes; it has given mere humans the power to play God.

The physician's role is to make a diagnosis, and sound judgments about medical treatment, not whether the patient's life is worth living. They have an obligation to perform sufficient care, not to refrain from giving the patient food and water until that person dies. Medical advances in recent years have made it possible to keep terminally ill people alive for beyond a length of time even if it is without any hope of recovery or improvement. The American Medical Association (AMA) is well known for their pro-abortion campaigns and funding. Ironically, the AMA funds many hospices and other palliative care centers. They have a firm stand on life. The AMA has initiated the Institute for Ethics, designed to educated physicians on alternative medical approaches to euthanasia during the dying process.(6)

Other than promoting abuse and giving doctors the right to murder, Euthanasia also contradicts religious beliefs. Euthanasia manages to contradict more than just one religion and is considered to be gravely sinful. For instance, the Roman Catholic Church has its own opinion on Euthanasia. The Vatican's 1980 Declaration on Euthanasia said in part "No one can make an attempt on the life of an innocent person without opposing God's love for that person, without violating a fundamental right, and therefore without committing a crime of the utmost sin." It also says that "intentionally causing one's own death, or suicide is therefore equally wrong as murder, such an action on the part of a person is to be considered as a rejection of God's sovereignty and loving plan."(7)

In fact, a Jewish Rabbi Immanuel Jakobovits warns that a patient must not shrink from spiritual distress by refusing ritually forbidden services or foods if necessary for healing; how much less he may refuse treatment to escape from physical suffering. As there is no possibility of repentance or self-destruction, Judaism considers suicide a sin worse than murder. Therefore, euthanasia, voluntary or involuntary is forbidden.(8)

Islam too finds euthanasia to be immoral and against God's teachings. Actually, the whole concept of a life not worthy of living does not exist in Islam! There is absolutely no justification of taking life to escape suffering in Islam. Patience and endurance are highly regarded and rewarded values in Islam. Some verses from the Holy Quran say- "Those who patiently preserve will truly receive a reward without measure" (Quran 39:10) and "And bear in patience whatever (ill) may befall you: this, behold, is something to set one's heart upon" (Quran 31:17). The Holy Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) taught "When the believer is afflicted with pain, even that of a prick of a thorn or more, God forgives his sins, and his wrong doings are discarded as a tree sheds off its leaves." When means of preventing or alleviating pain fall short, this spiritual dimension can be very effectively called upon to support the patient who believes that accepting and standing unavoidable pain will be to his/her credit in the hereafter, the real and enduring life. (9) This shows that euthanasia is contradictory to most religious beliefs and is certainly baloney to those who believe in God and the sanctity of life.

Euthanasia should not be legalized. It is by no means a solution to human suffering. Though euthanasia is a controversial subject, it is evident that it only disrupts the normal pattern of life and leads toward creating a more violent and abusive society. Life is a gift and not a choice and practices such as euthanasia violate this vital concept of human society.



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10/10/2005, from a Reader on the Web

Hi, I read your artical on Euthansia and about humans 'playing god' and I do believe that killing people is worng. In Holland, having all those deaths where people did not give consent was wrong, terrible in fact, but your information is also wrong. Throught the article you were saying that in some hospitals people were being Euthansied without consent and that children were even 'being starved to death.' Thats wrong. Euthanasia is when someone gives consent to being killed, so without consent that isn't euthanasia that's murder. I would also likew to point out (and I am a catholic) that alot of people who need Euthanasia legalised are extreamly sick, and should have the right to end there life, not being able to do that they need the help of a doctor. Alot of people would be swayed by that letter, but people need to see the other side of the story, hear the stories of the people who are dying and need euthansia to put them out of their pain. I don't have much faith in the justice system, but if Euthanasia was legalised anfd a bill was passed stating that you need to have a document signed saying you have permission from the person then less people will die, because it will be more controlled.

10/28/2005, from a Reader on the Web

This reply is in response to the article by Mahjabeen Hassan: Should humans be allowed to play the role of God? It is quite presumptive of Mr. Hassan to contend that God has anything to do with the daily lives, most especially, the birth and death of human beings. For most people who believe in evolution - including those who do believe in God - or the Christian New Testament (to distinguish from the Christian sects who have augmented or modified Christian doctrine), God is not involved in decisions of birth and death at all. It is an obvious judgement of life and one's perspective in it, to presume that decisions about whether we live or whether and when we die, are god-like decisions. It is also a judgement of life to decide whether one should live with pain and agony, knowing full-well that they have a terminal illness from which there is no known recovery. It is also a by-product of man-made technology's power to keep people alive past historic limits of illness and ailment. This too is a judgement call and it is made by human beings. Because I live in a secular society, that differentiates between values established and accepted by the majority of society and those established by "god" and his religious administrators, I think and believe that it is everyone's right to determine the amount of suffering they must and can endure in their lifetime on the planet earth. It should not up to fellow society members to decide that they must endure and live in pain because of differing viewpoints on who is responsible for their life on earth. If it is part of your "faith" not to choose this course of action, then live according to your "faith", but you should not impose it on others - then you have become the cause of their suffering because now it is your belief system that they are living by. While I agree that it probably should not up to medical doctors to make that sole decision, there should be some kind of governmental process whereby a human being can apply for "mercy" and a physician can, with approval, administer a "mercy" method for an ailing human being. I am sure there are abuses by physicians or family members with the shortening or extending of someone's life, and for that reason I believe that doctors should have to receive approval to administer a "mercy solution" for an ailing patient. However, to require certain people to suffer pain and agony until their expiration is rather god-like in itself. If you couple that with the medical professions ability to extend life past the capabilities of natural means (life support devices), then who is really playing god? Steven Mitchell

12/24/2005, from a Reader on the Web

a very good, insightful article on euthanasia, it truly helped my understanding of the subject from a different perspective. thanks!

01/03/2006, from a Reader on the Web

Miss Hassan: I found your article to be thought-provoking and well-written. Keep it up!


Additional comments made prior to 2007
today, euthanasia arouse huge debates in society, and people wrestle their intentions but they don't know legalizing euthanasia is right or not.
in my view, euthanasia should be legalized. that'swhy, everyone has the right to die with dignity and doctors don't have the right to control a life. if people can't stand their terinally ill it's worse to bekept alive. But euthanasia should be legelized in certain circumstances to prevent misuses of "euthanasia tourism", and it need civil society's participation, not only politician. if the person terminally ill its' hard to enjoy life and they really can't give-up. i think euthanasia involves love and compassion ... Miiga, 27 February 2006



hello my name is mariam. i thought your article was the best and helped me alot with my debate in school in karachi. thank you. just one thing. you managed to loook at both sides of the debate ... Mariam, 30 August 2006



I don't see how a woman, who can no longer take hearing the suffering of her own mother, is a murderer. No one wants their loved ones to live on in agony. My dying grandmother begged to be put out of her pancriatic cancer misery. The doctors simply stopped forcing medicine through her vains. The medical intervention was "playing God". I think many would change their tune if they were suffering and going through a living hell. The U.S. says we have a right to a quality of life and a "pursuit of happiness" during our life. If I don't have the motor ability to end the pain myself, I want someone to do it for me and not be charged as a murderer. That will be my pursuit of happiness- death. Church and state are SUPPOSED to be seperate, but they never really are ... Reader on the web, 4 December 2006



I read your article and what not i think some of the things you said is good becuase Some doctors do kill ... Kira, 2 March 2007



You say euthanasia is "playing God" and that we humans should not be able to play with peoples lives. But if someone is terminally ill and has tubes for breathing, they would have died without those so isnt THAT "playing God" also? If euthanasia should be illegal for that reason, then so should keeping people alive when natrually they would be dead ... Reader on the web, 7 March 2007


You accuse people of playing God by practcing euthanasia and prematurely ending life...but I ask, how is using artificial means to extend their life beyond what their body alone can handle NOT playing God?

I am undecided on the issue of euthanasia, and this is not an attack at you...just something to stir the pot a bit. I am interested in hearing your answer ... Zachary Skaggs, 24 March 2007



My Father, Ernest D. Whitehead Sr. was taken to the hospital on April 15, 2007. He had COPD and developed an infection. His temperature was 103. In the emergency room he was asked if he wanted to be resuscitated if his heart stopped beating. He said yes. The emergency room doctor said that legally, this ended the debate between my family, because my father's wishes had to be abided by the law. They went ahead and placed a respirator on my father and that night his heart did stop. He was resuscitated as he wished. My brother and sister had swarmed into the hospital with the wish that my father would die. They have wanted Power of Attorney over my parents for years. My father was very angry about this and I stood by him. Myself, my niece and a close friend were my father's caretakers. My brother and sister never took care of him. Occasional visits were all he received from them. But now, they were in the hospital wanting to make all of the medical decisions for him. Palliative care/Hospice also entered the picture without being invited. My father wanted to live. He wanted the respirator and the doctor had said it would be left in for 2 weeks and all that could be done for my dad would be. My brother and sister started having meetings with Palliative Care/Hospice and conned my mother into signing papers to have the respirator removed after only 4 days. At this time my father's temperature had returned to normal. While they were in the meeting, my dad's cardiologist came into daddy's room and when asked if he wanted the respirator, he shook his head yes. I asked the cardiologist, Dr Archer if he would put this in daddy's chart and he said he would, but he didn't. Daddy was alert and aware of what my brother and sister were doing. They told my mother he would be sent to Palliative Care on the fourth floor of the hospital. I told my mother they would take away his IV fluids, medications and nutrition. When she asked the nurse if this was true, the nurse said no. Daddy would receive his medicine, IV fluids and the ensure he was being given would be continued and that he could even possibly survive. I knew this was a lie. The respirator was removed and my father was drugged with morphine. I left the hospital very upset, knowing they would kill him. I returned to the hospital later that evening. The nurses in Palliative Care did not expect me to show up. When I walked into my father's room, the heat was turned up, he was laying on plastic with no sheet on his bed and was covered with blankets. His body, his gown and his bedding were drenched with sweat. They were dehydrating him to make him die faster. I walked to the nurses station where there was a sign that said, "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you." How odd. I found daddy's nurse and asked why he was drenched in sweat. She said, "Oh Honey, his body fluids are just shifting." This is nonsense and I told her so. They very angrily gave my father a bath, changed his bedding and gown. He did not sweat any more ... Betty Layne, 30 April 2007


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Hi, thir is a power that is

Hi, thir is a power that is grater then me and you called'' GOD''.Did you asked yourself once who made the wonderFUL amazing earth that is surrounding you,and found you .Are you sooo sure that u found your self on earth pleaz dont be so limited!

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yes i believe too that God has made this spectacular world that is full of sophisticated things that no one can imagine and I balieve too that there are a lot of things that God has made that we haven't met or encountered yet.Eventually, God is the only one that decides when a life comes to an end and when a person must die not a doctor eventhough he is a professional doctor and eventhough he understans the minds of people.So i think that euthanasia is illegal and it must stay that way ever, contrary to what people say that it is a religious supestition.

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In a moment?

Lets say 2 people are related to having some form of serious life threatening illness. One of the two people is in serious pain & the other has just been informed they have this terrible ordeal to battle and the outcome doesn't look good, in fact incurable. Now in both situations this may have an adverse effect on the person's potential mind state wouldn't you say? Now given the state where I am seriously depressed and want to die and offered euthanasia..depending on the mental anguish it seems logical to vote "yes". Why? Well, why not.. I'm suffering beyond all things imaginable such as the inability to carry on with the will to live because it is too painful.. body.. mind.. and to continue on this way in life wouldn't, from my perspective be living. Although I'd like to live had the circumstance be different but it jut isn't so and it feels like it's time to go. Fully aware of the finality of death as far as it goes.. but at the time it's what I want. The thought of pain has influence over thought and I can't think of anything other then to end this with death? Okay lets say there is no euthanasia option for me and so here I am alive... today is not so bad, the pain has subsided for the ONE MOMENT? .. Do I choose to see through a new perspective for this one day and if I am able to choose to die the next to avoid pain is this logical or suicide? Is there any guarantee I won't suffer misery another day illness or not well NO! Although how about that ONE MOMENT... it's possible there will be another.. as it would seem many people are mis~informed about their health.. should they decide they die before finding out the mishaps that occur .. such as the occasional innocent man in prison? Hmm..and those unexpected changes in health...miracles??
How about the person suffering this horrific burden of a illness for sure to experience the slow or quick torture ripping through their body.. which no doubt impacts their mind..their perspective, to what seems a good idea in the moment. Although last time I checked pain = learning tool. Through our own or others pain do we learn a lot such as love, courage, compassion, patience, appreciation, understanding, to name some. Hey I believe everyone has the right to die just as much as they have the right to live.. but consider this.. people who have no support or who are not loved and even those with support and are loved who live in turmoil, if there really is no faith that they may experience that one moment for themselves.or for others .who can say unless we can see into the future...when considering this end to all.. who are you considering it for? Youth.. mentally ill? soon to be ill? .. what is considered a life to save.. a limp body with a vegetable mind? Should you be so sure one moment later wouldn't be lost for yourself, for someone else. In my opinion we need to come to some kind of mutual understanding from all perspectives instead of argue sides... and for those who have, are & will suffer an ill fate.. if you have walked where Gia Carangi (one or the first person to contract HIV virus) had walked as she'd stated .."Life and death, energy and peace. If I stop today it was still worth it. Even the terrible mistakes that I made and would have unmade if I could. The pains that have burned me and scarred my soul, it was worth it, for having been allowed to walk where I've walked, which was to hell on earth, heaven on earth, back again, into, under, far in between, through it, and above." I'm sure at times she would have opted for a quick death & we robbed of her tale as well. So if you have no journey to share or your pen run dry then the last question I have is can you trust your mind or the mind of others to guide you into death..the body may not lie but the mind is deceiving assisted or not.. old or young at heart.. good~luck with your decision (:

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this is a very one sided

this is a very one sided arguement granted you do make some good points but there is some good in euthanasia like if a doctor told you that youre going die very painfully and there was nothing they could do about it but they could kill you with no pain and you had full working of youre brain you would say no I wouldnt I would say yes

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I am the minister of health

I am the minister of health and science in my country and at the moment we are digussing the issue of euthanasia and i am very against legalizing this issue. i think that this article would be a great piece of research to support my point to the parliament. i feel that people should not get the power to end a person's life even if this person is in great pain. a person should live their life fully with all sorrow and pain that comes in the way and should always have hope to get through all this in the future.

Serendip Visitor's picture

written by a wet behind the

written by a wet behind the ears student with no understanding of life and the limits of medicine.

Annanomus's picture


Some of the people here are not accepting this very well. They are saying that it is gods job to figure out when you are going to die. I belive in god, but I do not thing that he wants you sitting in a hospital bed in mass amounts of pain. Think about this. God wants you to live your life at its fullest. This is not possible in a hospital bed in pain. Think about you in someone elses shoes. It is easy to say that you would want to live now, but when your in a hospital bed in pain that will never leave you, you'll want out.

Jason's picture

Does anyone else find it

Does anyone else find it funny that the only response against euthanasia is the use of a christian/catholic god? First amendment states freedom of religion so why are you pressing your religion on the possibility of someone suffering. To the guy that talked about 1.3m abortions. If you were born in Darfur, Sudan( which i doubt you even know where that it is or whats going on) so ill tell you, there is a genocide in darfur where people are starved, raped, tortured and killed every day. Where is your god saving them? Your god comes around when its convinient but never when any thing serious is occuring, ironic huh? Anyways if you were a mother would you want your son born into that environment where your kid would be tortured, raped, and starved? it would be selfish to give birth into that environment. 1.3m out of 6billion people on earth is not even 1% so calm your self down. What if YOU got hit by a car and were paralyzed from the waist down and were in excruciating pain 24/7 and all you did was sit their in pain, How long would you want to live?

This article violates every rule of logical arguments? first you assume that doctors would run around with syringes in their hand and just put down random people if they stepped on their shoe anyway.

2nd It would be heavily regulated including multiple consent and legal forms and would take sometime
3rd If you want to play your god card. Spaceships, The pill, airplanes, cell phones, surgery, aspirin, vitamin C, cars, oil, plastics, toothpaste, floss, refridgerators those are all playing god because they do not naturally occur, if YOU want to go live in a cave and die at the age of 30 that is fine but don't shove your beliefs down other people throats and make them suffer because of your imaginary friend.

Serendip Visitor's picture

well, in Darfur, sudan they

well, in Darfur, sudan they should stop having sex dont you think instead of killing inocents!!!

Mr. Awesome's picture

Well in that case

Americans should stop having sex, because there are too many morons here already.

Anonymous's picture

Okay, I hear and understand

Okay, I hear and understand what you're saying, but god, really?! Stupid religion and politics is getting in the way of reason! If you had cancer and were in great pain, would you want to stay alive? Of course not!
Now, I do call for regulations. I believe that it has to be alright with at least 2 family members and have a signed permission form so that there is no regret.
You say that it's "playing God", but how are things like birth control, abortion, and today's medical treatment not? God apparently created cancer and we're trying to cure it. Doctors are saving otherwise doomed lives. How is that not playing God?

Anonymous's picture

God did not create suffering

It is not God's fault that there is cancer, or that there is suffering in our lives. If you had read Genesis, you would know that Adam and Eve chose to turn away from God. They wanted to play God, and God told them what the consequences would be. It is because people want to play God and live their own lives that we have incurable illnesses tragic deaths and much much more.

Besides, just because you have an incurable disease and go through pain does not mean you cant live a life without purpose. Take our good friend Mr Hawkings the physicist, or Christopher Reeves, once playing superman, now supporting stem cell research. Both of these men have terrible spinal cord injuries, but that doesn't stop them trying to help the world in its broken state.

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ignorant people

the right to die should be at the hands of the person who cannot handle or does not feel like they have a reason to keep on living. the goverment can stop this act or choose to embrace it. either way death is inevitable and yes, it is hurful towards family members, but choosing death over pain is not playing with god.... perhaps it is grasping and acceptings ones fate.

Anonymous's picture

if you really do care about

if you really do care about euthanasia getting banned from America you can start a club im against that bulls!@# but really i am annoyed with everyone sayin the same thing like let them decide the cant there in a coma duhh or in a state of mind where they can talk or write so sorry if i was harsh

Anonymous's picture

Humans ALREADY play God with

Humans ALREADY play God with their technological and medical advances, which keep people from dying natural deaths. Let's get one thing straight... keeping people alive is playing God just as much as helping them die.

It's okay to be opposed to euthanasia, but "playing god" is not limited just to euthanasia. If humans really shouldn't play god, then you should oppose any sort of treatments or cures for potentially fatal diseases.

Read . . . Think For Yourself's picture

I got a new word for you (against euthansia)

Autonomy is defined as the "the right of self government or personal freedom" Every person has the right to make personal and private decisions about their own lives defined in the American Constitution as "the right to privacy". Since death is the most personal of all things, the individual should have the right to dictate when they die and in what circumstances they do so.

To deny people the choice of death by active euthanasia is to force them to do something that is against their will and may well prolong their suffering, and therefore lose human dignity and decency.

casey dakota johnson's picture


who are you too say that if im dying and theres no point in living another day because i never know when im going to die. who are you to say that i need to stay alive? i beileve that if you want to die, because there really no point in living then go ahead. "be god" and do it. but know this ITS NOT SUICIDE!! its putting yourself outta being unhappy and in pain.

Serendip Visitor's picture

that's both selfish and

that's both selfish and suicide. which really suicide is selfish. such a vicious cycle isnt it? removing yourself from this world on your own, or knowingly giving concent to it is suicide.

Fatima Fouda's picture

why i strongly disagree!

i stronglyyy disagree with the concept of euthanasia, even if you consider it to be personal freedom. The reason why i won't live and let die is because...your right to die undermines my right to LIFE!!!

Serendip Visitor's picture


In response to Fatima Fouda: I seem to be a bit confused regarding your answer about Euthanasia. You state: "The reason why i won't live and let die is because...your right to die undermines my right to LIFE!!!"
How does this issue interfere with your right to life? No one is going to kill you or prevent you from having a life. Do not take away my options because you are full of fear.
The issue of Euthanasia is about having a choice. What you do with YOUR choice is up to you.

tylor's picture

i thik that it is your own

i thik that it is your own decition if u want 2 die or not and i think that it is stupid that u ppl think that u should b able 2 tell ppl if they wanna die or not its there decition not yours and def not the goverments!

Anonymous's picture


I think it should be legal but there needs to be requirements before anything happens. If we keep it illegal the people who are suffering will go behind the government's back and either do suicide by violence or over-dosage. There needs to be professionals who can have a right to help put the suffering to rest.

Euthanasia is Greek and means-good death.

Jesse Brown's picture

i still am torn between the 2 sides

i totally agree. i mean i am kinda divided between both sides but if someone is suffering then they have the right to choose if they live or die. but then i also agree that no one has the right to play God in a way. but it is really all up to the person in that position so is it really up to the ppl postin on this page to decide whether its good or bad. but in the end i still remain torn between the 2 sides of this argument.

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Im sorry but if that was you

Im sorry but if that was you diagnosed with a terminal illness and you were unable to walk,speak breathe or swallow for yourself and you were being kept alive by doctors isnt that playing god and if you wanted to die you should be able to because it is your body not anyone elses so why should not have your wishes to die granted. I do understand the religious arguements but if you were diagnosed with a incurable disease surely god the person you had been praying to wouldnt make you suffer agony and extreme pain but it still happens so who is being unfair the doctors keeping alive someone who is in agony and will die , the person wanted to die because of the pain or god you decide !

Anonymous's picture

what is your problem John3:16

what is your problem John3:16

Anonymous's picture

euthanasia is wrong!!

I like your idea of playing GOD... and I 100% agree. I'm a christian and think that it is wrong.. but still do the best to help out people if its a curable disease but if not (for example: like coma) and electronics drugs,etc. is keeping you alive, like you cant feel anything or anyone around you, still i would not recommend euthanasia... but you can just stop giving them whats keeping them live when they dont feel anything around them and feel like they're dead.. but alive?... just let them die a natural death and not give up on life that easily... for HE said "THOU SHALL NOT KILL"

cody's picture


extending someones life for natural desease its playing god also. think befor you say something.

karthik's picture

There is no right for

There is no right for everyone to die of his own...

cutler's picture


i was at the hospital when my great grand ma passed away she had a stroke and it caused internal bleading in the left side of there brain....the doc said that if she ever came out of here coma she would not be able to do anything she would be a vegetable.....i thought to my self what if that was me......what if i had to just sit and watch every one do fun stuff.....what if i couldnt my friends or even go to the batheroom by my self is that a life. you realy cant pass your opion untill some one dear and close to you is suffering.....take out the politics and religion and just put ur self in there place and say WHAT IT THAT WAS ME!

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aww! i just wanna say that i

aww! i just wanna say that i understand where your coming formi reallyy doo. i watched me grand pa go thou that very same thing. this is the reason i beileve in euthanasia. why watch someone you love be in pain? hurt? not able too move? that would kill me inside and out you know? so yes, i beileve in euthanasia, its just like if you have a dog or something but its really sick, why watch it be sick and die slowly?:( just remember that there is people out there that will say its "bad" but i beileve differt!

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This discussion is focusing

This discussion is focusing more on the religious and political aspect of the more simple concept: Medically assisted euthanasia should be legalized, but under very strict guidelines. This has nothing to do with religion, it has to do with people who cannot breathe on their own, have zero chance of recovery and are in constant pain. If they cannot breathe, eat, talk on their own...what is their quality of life? Is that really living? Should they not have a choice to not be trapped inside their own bodies? God has nothing to do with this. Do we, as fellow humans, have the right to force these people to stay alive for our own rationalizations? or for our own selfish reasons? I agree with the argument that if we feel it is ethical and moral to euthanize our animals when they are suffering, because it is selfish and cruel to keep them alive, then why is it not selfish and cruel to keep humans alive? Humans and animals both suffer, endure excruciating pain, but we treat the 2 differently.

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Euthanasia remains a

Euthanasia remains a debatable topic. Many school of thoughts have emerged from this. I, however, am pro euthansia. I believe I should have some control over my life,my destiny.

To the question, "Who made us God?" to legalise mercy killings??? Then, in view of the many sufferings and pain people go through in their daily lives, then where is God when one needs him?

Cruelty to animals and men exists. Poverty and weakening health makes living now a chore. If God is indeed the Almighty, then I ponder, what does He have planned for us with ongoing sufferings? I for one, feel devastated and found myself on many occasions, questioning the purpose of my life? I wish to partake in euthanasia. I just dont know how and where to go!!

There is a difference between mercy killing - euthanasia which is death with consent vs murder ie illegally taking ones life.

Why not legalise euthanasia? At the very least, it remains mercy killing and further with consent, the procedure would be more meaningful.

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Life to death

Every person when born into this world also has the right to life,but at the same time they are also born to have the right to death to end there own life.This Euthanasia that you so call as what the doctors do is actually the patients right to end there life. When youve been in pain for so long do you not want to end it?Would you rather live in that pain and suffering and endure that hardship?Rather would you be willing to do that?All these questions just go and go and go with more questions as you go.So i ask you.....whats the point in worrying about it?

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This little article about euthanasia actually made me laugh. You say that euthanasia would be playing the role of god. You have to realize something, killing people in times of war or deciding that a prisoner should die is taking on the role of god. Another thing that made me laugh was the "Nazi euthanism program." That was not euthanasia...The correct term of euthanasia is the quick and painless killing of a dying person that consents for the lethal injection. Euthanasia is commonly called a mercy killing if I am not mistaken. The killings of Jews in the times of WWII was anything but a mercy killing. Sorry, but putting someone in a gas chamber or in front of a firing squad doesn't fall into that category. The other comment that made me kind of laugh was the "Thou Shall Not Kill" comment left by another person on this topic. You do realize that people in America make the decision to kill quite a few people every day? That comment just falls right out when it comes to this topic. All in all the article was very poor in any sort of evidence going against euthanasia. If we go about using euthansia correctly, only the very ill and people close to death would get the injection to end the pain. In any sort of article it is best to go on both sides. Don't bite the head off of a topic and then say none of the good aspects of the topic. You played a one sided card and failed at it.

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if i was in unbearable amounts of pain, i would want to end it. it is ludocris that people should have to be but through so much pain before they finally have peace! that is wrong. we have the ability to put an animal out of it's misery, yet they can't get up and tell us they do or do not want to die. we make the decision for them. if they can be put out of their pain, so should humans.

i am athiest. i don't believe in a god. so no, i do not believe it is 'god's will' to decide when someone dies. if what that were true, that it is god's decision when we should die and how, then saving someone's life should be a sin, as 'it is not what god had in mind.' that's just a tad illogical, so i don't see that becoming a sin anytime soon.

it is legal to have sex and create a child, to bring a new life into the world. it is legal to abort a life before it has even begun. it is also legal to deny life saving treatment (effectively killing ourselves). yet, it is illegal to chose when we want to die.

the law should be changed. if you disagree with me, go ahead and say so. but the illegality have euthanasia is disgusting, and in my opinion should be overturned.

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In God's Hands

I have learned so many times before that God gives you life and that no human being has the right to take life away from any other person. Euthanasia is a terrible thing that should never ever be allowed. Because God is all powerful he ls the only one who has the right to take away our life. the thing that i completely disagree with is abortion. Did you know that there is over 1.3 million abortions in 1 year. that is the worst thing i have ever heard. i am only 12 years old but I have a strong understanding of my Catholic faith and i try to stick to it and do the best i can to carry it out. think of all of those cute little babies who are aborted every year. I know that the mother should have a choice if she wants to keep her baby or not and that is the reason for adoption.

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Do you honestly think that if

Do you honestly think that if 1.3 million children were put up for adoption each year that they would all find loving families that can afford to give them the care they need? Is a child living in poverty and barely surviving better than ending the child's life before it can feel that pain? Also, just because you believe that "God" is almighty and that he is the only one who can take away life doesn't mean that everyone thinks that way. A person who doesn't believe in God that is in terrible pain all the time should not have to suffer because of a God they do not believe in.

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So you think that everyone,

So you think that everyone, regardless of their beliefs, should be allowed to suffer during a terminally ill disease? Since when does this world revolve around Christian/Catholic/Muslim ideals. Just because you are religious doesn't mean everyone should follow your ideals. I understand people have different opinions about this topic, but what you are basically saying is "euthanasia should not be legal, it isn't right because the bible says so and it is a sin"

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all u bullshiters rly need to stop trying to bring god into this and think about what other people want to do to themselves if i had been in the hospital and they said i was goiung to not be able to do anything on my own or even move WHATS WORTH LIVING FOR??????

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Amazing...I am a christian and so some of our views differ, however i strongly agree with you over this and find your logic irrefutable

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I think that killing a

I think that killing a person that can be treated is wrong. Take that lady in Flordia for instance. Her family did not want her to be euthanized, but her husband had her taken off life support. I do not know if she could have had a chance of living. I think that if she was termemally ill I would have no problem with a person getting euthenized. But I believe that the lady was just in a coma. There was no reason why she had to die. If I was on the verge of death and had no chance of coming back I would want to be euthanized. But please just do not kill a person if they have a chance of living!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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I agree that no one should

I agree that no one should decide on whether to keep you on life support or take you off except your doctor. Many people fail to think about the way they are going to die so they fail to make a living will. Your living will will prevent someone making the choice of life or death for you.

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"Thou Shall Not Kill"

"Thou Shall Not Kill"

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the bible also said to stone

the bible also said to stone babies but we dont do that

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the bible also said to stone

the bible also said to stone babies

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really now??? "thou shall not


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hi my name is mandy i had only thought euthanasia was for animals until i read this artical. my whole out look on the world is a little diffrent now ,knowing that ppl would just give on life and not continue fighting is sucide(mentily) i would never allow some one i know to give up like that. if there is a chance then its a chance worth working for . -mandy

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Frankly, unless you have

Frankly, unless you have experienced unbearable suffering, you have no right to an opinion. Period.
I just spent 4 hours screaming and rolling around on the floor in my own vomit caused by unbearable neuropathy/neuralgia from a spinal condition that can not be cured. I was up to 600mg per day of narcotic pain medications before I could just not take any more. Now I can't do anything and live in fear of the next day. Shouldn't it be my decision, after reconciliation with my religious conscience, to seek relief. It's all academic and political jiberish until you are confronted with the inevitable.

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man, are u god??? if those people want to die, let them die. is better to be dead than to be suffering