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Presentation Reflection

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Our presentation was a sock puppet performance where Kate and I talked about all of the books we read for class. Going through all of the books we read and putting them in a pile showed that we really covered a lot this semester, and I think we, as a class, went in a variety of interesting directions to finally come to the overall idea of stories their importance. The conversation we tried to have with our puppets was our attempt to make connections between everything that we read and watched. One of our biggest ideas that we wanted to convey, was that the labels and terms we used in this class were mostly used out of convenience, and that they were not always necessary. Labeling everything as either fiction or nonfiction is difficult because there are always elements of both in what we read or watched. I felt like we could have rehearsed a bit more, just so I didn’t come across as so awkward, but aside from that, I think we managed to cover everything we wanted to. Knocking down the pile of books was our way of showing that we don’t have to take everything as is, we can use these books as background information to make our own decisions about if and how we want to categorize the books we read later.   


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