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Body Odor-An Unpleasant Encounter

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Biology 103
2002 Second Paper
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Body Odor-An Unpleasant Encounter

Melissa Brown

"What is that smell?" you ask.
"It is absolutely disgusting," you reply to yourself as you continue walking along. Then you realize that this smell just keeps on following you, from classroom to lunchroom to dorm room, even in the courtyard. Then it hits you that garbage has not been following you everywhere but you are the cause of that disgusting smell; you have body odor. What is this phenomenon of body odor? According to John Riddle, Body odor is the term used for any unpleasant smell associated with the body(1).

Most of us are concerned about how we look especially, how we smell so body odor which can be a potentially fatal blow to a person's social life is not a welcome addition to one's ingredients for success. It is this human fear of being excluded that led to the invention of the term, body odor. In the 1910s and 1920s, advertisers highlighted people's discontent with the things around them and with themselves in order to encourage them to buy their products. A group of advertising men used the term B.O. to mean body odor in a women's deodorant advertisement for their product, Odo-Ro-No. It played upon women's sentiments that beauty was important to achieving their main goal in life: a husband.

Listerine, which today has mundane advertisements with bottles of Listerine and a voice talking about the results of laboratory research that show Listerine's ability to combat gingivitis, cavities and so on, also used this approach. Listerine had an advertisement that showed "pathetic Edna" who was approaching her "tragic" thirtieth birthday and was always "a bridesmaid and never a bride" apparently because she suffered from Halitosis or bad breath (of course it could not have been personality problems that was hindering Edna's romantic progress!). As a result of this ad, Listerine's sales went from $100,000 a year in 1921 to more than $4 million in 1927. Body odor is a major concern for most people and even those who do not suffer from it are concerned about preventing body odor because of its negative social consequences.(2)

People are very sensitive about how they smell. Humans do not appreciate the power of a bad smell as much as skunks appreciate theirs. The striped skunk which is known in the scientific community as Mephitis mephitis accurately shoots a narrow stream of yellow fluid, butyl mercaptan, up to 10 feet at a threat. If the fluid hits the eyes of the threat it may cause temporary blindness. Even if the skunks misses, which is rare, the musk will cause nausea, gagging and general discomfort. (Perhaps next time you are at a party and you receive some unwelcome attention, you should raise those armpits or let out a breath of air to your unsuspecting predator.) Most people however, try to do quite the opposite and purchase expensive perfumes to mask odors and create a sensual smell that will attract the opposite sex. They spend a lot of money buying perfumes like Object of Desire by Bvlgari and they do not realize that the fluid that skunks emit is commercially used as a base for perfumes because of its clinging nature.(3) This makes me wonder whether if it is only by having a bad smell that we can get a good smell.

So what exactly causes us to have that bad smell? Most of the causes are related to lifestyle choices. If you use drugs, toxins or herbs such as alcohol and cigarette smoking, you body will smell. Also if you eat certain foods such as garlic and raw onions you will have an unpleasant breath. You can also develop body odor by simply sweating excessively or practicing poor hygiene. A couple other causes of body odor include: tooth or oral conditions such as periodontal disease and gingivitis. Also, there can be inborn errors of metabolism for example, aminoaciduria. Most of these problems are a result of a decision that the sufferer had made about how he chooses to lead his life. If he chooses to be a chain smoker he will smell like a cigarette. If he chooses not to shower or wash his clothes then he will have a pungent smell. If he chooses not to practice proper dental hygiene then he will have Halitosis. However, if he sweats excessively because he has a fear of social situations then his cause of body odor cannot be as easily rectified. In addition, people who suffer from aminoaciduria also cannot easily change their lifestyle to rectify their body odor because aminoaciduria results from an enzyme deficiency. We should not judge or marginalize people because of their smell because the cause of it may go beyond poor hygiene.(1)

Almost everyone has received a compliment about the perfume that he or she is wearing. This shows that people react to scents and that a pleasant scent encourages a favorable perception of that person. New research has shown that some individuals are highly sensitive to smelling a component of body odor which is called androstenone. Furthermore, if the person can easily smell androstenone then he will decide whether or not he likes the person based on the smell. What is androstenone? It is a human pheromone which is a chemical attractant that is in body secretions like perspiration. Men release large quantities of androstenone while women omit small amounts. So men are more likely to be judged by their smell than women. According to the study, fifty percent of people cannot smell androstenone at all and one half of them can only catch a whiff and enjoy the scent. Those who can smell androstenone, on the other hand, do not like the smell and compare it to urine or perspiration. The study went on to show that there was a correlation between the ability to smell androstenone and the androstenone-smeller's judgment of the person. In other words, if someone can smell androstenone on someone else and finds the smell unpleasant then he will dislike the person.(4)

Clearly, there is a lot at risk if one has body odor since man is a gregarious animal then body odor can make him unable to maintain or even start relationships. We have realized this so there are number of ways to eliminate body odor. One of the most rudimentary ways to get rid of body odor is to wash with both soap and water especially in the groin area and armpits which are more likely to smell. The best soap to use is a deodorant soap which impedes the return of bacteria. Showering, as well as, washing your clothing regularly will help to prevent body odor. In addition, we should wear natural fabrics like cotton which absorb perspiration better than synthetic materials like polyester. Athletic apparel makers like Nike and Adidas are adopting this idea in their clothing design by creating materials that cause the sweat to evaporate faster.

You should also use commercial deodorants which mask underarm odor or use antiperspirants which reduce the amount of perspiration. If these fail then you should turn to France, the land of fine perfumes and "Le Crystal Nature" which is a chunk of mineral salts that helps to keep bacteria under control without irritating the skin. A more serious approach to fighting body odor is Drionic which is an electronic device that plugs up overactive sweat ducts and keeps them plugged for up to six weeks.(5) There are many ways to avoid having body odor. The easiest way to find out what is available to you is to take a stroll in your local Eckerd, CVS or Riteaid.

Body Odor is a major concern for human beings. It is one concern that affects men and women to almost the same extent. We are concerned about our smell because people judge how we take care of ourselves by our smells and use this information to decide whether we are worthy of friendship because of it. We need to pay attention to how we smell not only because of social interactions but because odors from our body may alert us to a medical problem like a urinary tract infection or periodontal disease. It must be noted however that much of the hype about body odor comes from marketing consultants who need to sell their companies' product and play on our insecurity. Try to avoid being caught up in this web of commercialism while at the same time taking good care of your body.



1) Body Odor. It gives basic information about Body Odor.

2) It provides information on the less renowned tidbits of history.

3) It provides information about the striped skunk.

4) It provides information that otherwise would not get a lot of attention.

5) It provides online information about problems that affect teenagers



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01/22/2006, from a Reader on the Web

I have been searching for an answer about this one person I work with. He smells intensely of a vinegar like substance, but honestly I would have to say he smells like pickles. half the people I work with say the same thing. It is so intense that I get a headache and a stomache and he is unbearable to be near. I cannot find anything on the internet that would explain this, and I do not have the guts to ask the poor guy, because honestly I cannot even be near him. Any speculation on this matter????? Thank you


Additional comments made prior to 2007

Western culture need to avoid of escalation of hatred and wilingness to take advantages over other using somebody's personal issue as their body/breath odor! Where every house or apartment, everyone has access to bath, shower. Where there is no hygiene issues! This attitude can be fueled by nuslim nations. So one should think about this ... Reader on the web, 1 April 2006



I have the same problem with one of my employees who is from Nepal. I think it could be the spicy food they have, another employee addresses the matter to me since I'm the manager but it is a very delicate matter and I feel sick if I stay 3 foot close to this person. Besides this is a high end retail store and also had customers commenting on the way this person smells. I'm going to have to let her go but wonder if there is anything this person can do to get rid of that horrible odor ... Yolanda, 26 April 2006



i have just noticed a body odor of vinegar. I saw reference to another person about same problem. This just started in the last few days and I am trying to find a reason. Any suggestions? Supplements? thanks ... Tom, 15 July 2006



I see alot of people with posted requests for body odor issues. Mr. Chan has won the Geneva award for his invention in the medical category for a product that cures body dor. A press release was issued and maybe some of your readers would benefit from it.

Here it is below:

Dr. Mist winner of several awards including the Geneva Award for itsí invention in the medical category is currently marketed as a deodorant is also used as a multi-function hygiene product. As a deodorant, there is absolutely no staining, no aluminum, alcohol, oils or fragrances and it flushes out toxins. Customers are moving away from sticks and gels which stain their clothes and lasts part of the day. Dr. mist will last for days, even if bathing is not possible (ie: patients in hospitals, campers, etc)

Dr. mist is a new invention based on floatation technology that works like an anti-perspirant, but still allows the pores to breathe. As recently featured on the news, it is also very effective athlete's foot, soothes mosquito and insect bites, accelerates healing in wounds, clears up acne and pimples with visible results in 24 hours and soothes skin irritation ... Claudette, 13 September 2006


I had bad breath and body odor since I was born. Spent more than 20 years and thousand of dollars trying to find what was missing in my system until I saw Dr. Brenda Watson describing what happens when there is not enough intestinal flora in the body. What happens? Vitamins along with impurities go straight to the blood causing the odor. So that is what was missing in my system.

I started taking probiotics (the higher the number the best) and multi enzymes and that was the beginning of my cure. Now I added Culturelle Lactobacilus Gg and no more body odor and bad breath.

Please, tell other people so they do not go through what I went through ... Mindy, 31 October 2006



My daughter is told she smells like pickles......we can't figure out what is causing's not perfume, soap, shampoo or anything else she's putting on externally.....I read your body odor article and the question posed by one of your readers is the same as mine.....why does my daughter smell like pickles??? What can be done about it?? ... Lupe Rodriguez, 7 December 2006



Re: an earlier post

Either he's wearing something that smells of what you described or it could be some form of disease ex. cancer. could be other forms but if you are that concerned. Does he have a desk? write an anonymous letter? it could be a medical problem and you do need to get your views across, because it could save his life ... Jennifer, 3 February 2007



I have recently noticed a slight wiff of vinegar odor from my body. I asked a friend if he noticed it and he said "no". I shower daily and am clean. Any ideas what may cause this? ... Phil, 16 July 2007



Hello there. I have been experiencing an odor for a while now but I still don't know where it is coming from. It occurs mainly when I am around my friends and it doesn't smell when I'm at home or at my doctor. Other people say that they smell it also. Please advise me what to do if you guys ever came across such an experience before. Thanks in advance ... Saf, 2 October 2007


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Everybody smells eventhugh different degree
Try the product black cumin it heals every dissease exceot death

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metabolic body odor condition

Have you been tested for TMAU (trimethylaminuria).
A metabolic condition in which the body is unable to process choline causing a foul body and breath odor.

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Me Too.

That's exactly how i feel too. I isolated myself from my family and friends, it's painful. I refused to go to college knowing that people would judge me and laugh at me. There is not a day that i don't think of ending my life. The idea of living like this for the rest of my life haunts me everyday and night. But like you are, i'm also a coward. Death doesn't scare me, its the pain of dying that scares me the most and the regrets. I don't know what to do anymore. I can't move on with my life.

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body odors

just like to say that you should not expect it go away over night.i have gotten better.will be cured totally with a little more time.stop eating meat! its dead it stink it is not nurishing! drink green juices,eat more raw whole foods.drink water.dont drink milk no cheese no bread.take enzymes.try fasting a couple of days.your body is filthy it need time to heal and cleanse.on the INSIDE.also get used to colonics dont let you the first thought of it stop you it may the one thing that really helps

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college sucks

Yep college is a living nightmare. I have been expelled for not showing up to classes and therefore failing everything. I tried. Hard. And I just couldn't do it. So that's it. I gave life a last shot and none I am done for good.

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don't give up

There are dozens of possible causes and no single remedy. You MUST go to a doctor. The best place to go, if possible, is a clinic at a medical teaching hospital like UCLA. I think the most common cause is yeast or fungal infections, in which case the doctor will likely give you medication and tell you to not eat any fruit, sugar or bread, which can aggravate it. It can also be a digective problem hormones or just excessive skin bacteria which can be treated with antibiotics. Sometimes washing too often can remove the good bacteria from your skin and cause odor, too. There are so many possibilities and a good doctor is absolutely necessary. I'd advise against a holistic or alternative medical practice. If your family doctor blows you off, tell him to refer you to someone else. You should have the best possible life and something that is 99% likely to be a treatable medical condition shouldn't deny you the happiness and peace you deserve. Everyone here has impressed me so much with their courage. Just don't give up hope or let anyone else discourage you. You have an important place in this life and we are all needed to keep balance in the universe.

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Me too... changes to hormones/medicines I have to now take... My dr. recommended Certain-Dri - $8 deodorant at CVS. Works wonders!

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I FINALLY FOUND MY CURE. FOR THOSE WHO FEEL ME, I HAVE TRIED EVERYTHING PPLE WROTE. THAT WAS HELL!!! I WENT TO THE DOCTOR AND HE SAID I HAE YEAST INFECTION. SO HE PRESCRIBED ME fluconazole for only two days. i dont need to buy any special soap or do any dieting BUT the only thing that im afraid to eat is sugar. um i perfer to use febreze extra strenght original scent. i use that as my perfume.The best advise is the go to the doctore and they will see if u have any overgrowth in ur body and ur health care provider to check ur vitamin decificiency or u maybe allergic to a perticluar food. for example if ur lacking iron,magnesium, vitamin c and b maybe the cause of body odor.if u want to connect on facebook my name is on top SHENELL DIXON. whenever u feel like giving up kept telling urself if life tooo painful ur getting close.i hope it truely works and best of luck.

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hey u guys. i have my BO

hey u guys. i have my BO problem for about 10 years and i found a solution to get rid of external body odor

1. i used 2 deodarant that does give off any sweet smell.
2. i spray freezed up and down before i leave to go anywhere
3. diet. eat any fruits and veggies u can eat cereal bread egg. u NEED proteins if u stray off from it prepare for MAJOR health affects. youtube "tmau diet"

good luck

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body odor

A friend of mine , she has body odor , she's much much older , like 90's , she recieves a bath every 2 days , after each shower ( head to toe , her hair is washed , entire body ) , recieves lotions on her after she's dry , clean clothes , clean everything . Later that day she smells again . My guess because she's older , is it her skin is die(ing ) . I am trying to understand it all , wished someone would actually explain to me what it is .
She's been to the drs , had blood work done , everything came back positive , she's healthy just that the odor is driving me
crazy , trying to figure it out and help as much as possible . Also , her bedroom , bathroom , trash can , she wears "Depends" .
Everything is clean ............odor just doesn't go away ...... :(............... Your input is appreciated........

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I know what you all r going

I know what you all r going through. I thought I was the only. its good to know your not alone in this I know how stressful this can be. but God will see all of us through this

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Why my family and friends and drs can't smell it?

Why they can't smell it? Why the hell?

Strange thing is; intimate or comfortable people can't smell me at all, strangers or unfriendly people can smell me sharply, even from very far.

It's like I'm kinda a threat to people, so people who feel comfortable with me can't detect my BO(even when my BO is clearing the whole building roof), and people who are not so kind to me can detect it even when it's slightest level.

This is driving me nuts. I can understand there can be BO problems in the world. But I can't understand certain people can smell it and others not.

One time, there was a couple. the man suddenly sniffed something from me and said under breath 'what the shit is this smell..' and ran away from me.... same time, his girlfriend didn't show any sign that she smelled anything, and followed her boyfriend with a puzzled look.

This happens everyday!
If Docs can smell me they would try to cure me. but they can't smell! anything! While the patients in the waiting room covering their nose! How can this happen!! How!

I've been to several docs, even after one doctor got raged and snapped at me saying 'are you screwing with me?'
I didn't give up, just visited as many doctors I can find.
They all dismissed me and recommended psychiatrist...

What's wrong with their nose?!

If they could smell me I can have excuses to crawl into some isolated facility and just live like a hermit.
But they encourage me to go outside, go to work, meet friends, make boyfriends, even marry!
I want to kill myself, not because of my terrible BO, but because no one admit my symptoms so I have to go to work everyday and socialize with people!

I just want to give up everything and go somewhere quiet place, make my own small fortune with crappy internet business, and just live like that without seeing anyone anymore.

Yeah it sounds like death more than life. But I don't care. My life is already over. but my family and friends and doctors push me to hell everyday.


If the day comes my odor problem solved or I win lottery, first thing I want to do is to REVENGE ON MY FAMILY.

They won't let me die, won't let me rest, won't admit my pain, they force me to go to work and socialize and treat me as delusional.

I hate my BO, but I hate my family and friends and doctors more.

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I came across your post today. I get how you feel!

Hope you managed to get over the issue you were experiencing. If not reply and I can recommend something I just tried that may help, too early to know if it works but definitely worth a try. Thanks

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My teenage daughter is avoiding classes as her classmates are complaining foul smell in the class room.But we parents sit with her stay with her do not feel foul smell anytime.

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Same problem with my child.

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me too

You are not alone, even my psychiatric specialist told me not to say that my feet smell; he said people will think I am crazy because my feet do not smell. I washed by feet six+ times a day change socks ten times a day use powers, deodorants, perfume, etc. I have spent thousands of dollars on everything and anything I thought would help and the shoes I have ruined I could go on and on. I had Botox shots they hurt so much,the sweating has reduced alot but this nasty smellI can't describe it from my feet will not go away. I will continued until I find the answer to my BO and will share with those who have the same problem. God bless us all.

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Reply to smelly feet BO

Try an ionic detox foot bath, drink lots of water and eat plenty of fiber.. Epsom salt baths have been helpful with excess sweating

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Many Thanks

I have done as you suggested many many moons ago, trust me I have done it all. Well so I thought I've just learned of and have ordered Deodorex 200 mg 60 caps, and Serrappeptase they will arrive next week (not fast enough). Looks like may be my issue is with my liver needing tlc. I will never give up until I solve this curse.

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Me too. when i ask my friend

Me too. when i ask my friend to check if i smell bad he would say no, nothing... i tried another friend and all they will say is nothing... i asked my parents and they said nothing... they say i think too much about how i smell. but i have people that can smell the odor and talk things at my back. the person who can smell my odor are the person who i think i don't like or don't go along with me while the close person will not smell the odor.... but why is this happening? it started a year ago.... and tried using many products. from roll ons to antiperspirant spray. i take a bath almost 5 times a day.... sometimes i get thoughts of committing suicide and im not afraid to die... but i know ending my life with this problem is like a joke and only means you are a coward... i will get thru this and i will have my revenge to the people who made fun of me and i know where to find them. i know what they will be in the future cause all they do is to judge people and make fun like they're superior to me when i know im way better than them before this odor curse entered my life and destroyed everything...

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You're not crazy

Please contact me. You're not alone in this. So many people on this board are experiencing the same issues. The fact is, you do smell, but people have different olfactory abilities, different odor sensitivities. This is why you feel like you're going crazy.
I'm 98% sure you smell because of yeast and leaky gut syndrome, and I'm 92.5% sure the mechanism that has caused this condition in you is the malabsorption of fructose. I can help you, but this stupid site doesn't allow us to exchange personal information. Write me at this email if you can and we can exchange numbers- fly by night 88 at yahoo. No gaps, just put the email all together.

Hope to hear from you

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Who's crazy??

I have the same problem but with bad breath. I'm not crazy and I'm not stupid. I notice some people reactions and I've heard comments. But my husb says its my obsession, docs don't find anything and don't smell anything...! Colleagues hate working with me, but at the question of my breath the answer is : I don't Smell anything!!!
My husb won't let go for more specific test if he doesn't have at least one person that says "yes, your breath smells".
I'm living in hell on earth. I don't know who to trust. Actually I do, I trust myself. There have been way too many comments on my breath on my back, but no one has the guts to tell me!!! I mean, if I'm asking you, I have an idea already, it's not too hard, just say one stupid single yes!
I think the company I work for wants to fire me, but they can't do it because of BB, so that why no one will admit it.
Pls help

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Have same problem with BO

Hi I have been dealing with a lot of the same issues that I have been reading about. I hate to go to work because I know that I'm going to smell. I have used more gum and breath mints until I can't even stand to chew gum anymore. My issues started last year when I noticed someone kinda fanning away with their nose turned up behind my back. The thing is they were not that close to me. However, I I'm in a room and we're talking there is an odor of a rotten gas smell and it surrounds the room. People have made comments. I don't like to go to meetings and have to sit next to someone. I did'nt go back to school and had missed a lot when I was going because of comments made. People can be cruel. I have been searching and searching for something to take to get my life back. My grown kids tell me they don't smell anything. The doctors say they don't smell anything? I really don't understand it. If I mention it when I'm in a one-on-one situation, that person always say, I don't smell anything. I don't get it, but I'm not going to quit until I find a way to conquer this.

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Bad breath

I too have the same problem with mouldy musty smelling armpits. It comes and it goes. I am going to try griseofulvin spray.

In regards to bad breath look up tonsiloths guys. I had this problem and a simple tonsilectomy cured it.

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b2 and iodine eliminates odor


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olfactory reference syndrome

i understand you 100%, ive been there. i am not nearly cured of it, but am taking more control each day.

my family cant smell me either, but im 100% sure i have B.O.

my mom swears that i do not have a smell, and she smells EVERYTHING. my wife swears by it too, that even her sweat smells more than mine (shes a performing artist), and she will tell her co-artists if they stink, and shout at them jokingly.
i shower twice a day(once with chlorhexidine "CSR/hibiclens"), change clothes within 30mins of medium-hard sweating(i use odaban to control excessive facial sweating). avoid spicy and smelly foods. i am fit, i exercise 6x a week.

i havent been diagnosed by it because i havent seen a psychiatrist because somehow i am able to control it, i need more assurance from other people outside my family that i indeed do not have BO.

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stinky stinky

Diet obviously has a huge part in body odors. Cleansing your digestive track can be a quick way to see improvement. I've tried a couple different cleanses and seen positive results. The cleanse I tried also had parasite cleansing properties.

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what foods do u eat to clean

what foods do u eat to clean your digestive track

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not so angry or depressed anymore


somehow im able to control my odor for at least 6-12 hours during summer with this regimen.
not all of the steps below work 100%, try the process of elimination but this daily regimen has helped me.

1. when showering, use shampoo/conditioner(anti dandruff) and soap first. you may rinse or not (if you rinse, you smell more of like hibiclens/csr. if not,you smell a hint of the soap and shampoo)
then pour Hibiclens(1gallon 50-60$) or CSR(cheaper version,$14),both are chlorhexidine into a container. 1:5 to 1:10 water. use a washcloth on your body including head,scalp, and face. rub especially on the underarms and make sure no deodorant or body odor is left. rub the scalp gently too. then rinse
***always shave underarms(men and women)

2. apply antiperspirant and then as a 2nd layer: antibiotic ointment (generic neosporin will do). pea sized then spread.
***if you suspect fungi, put anti fungal cream too.

3. as soon as you wake up(before any meals or drinks), drink a glass of water with 2 tablespoons of fresh lemon squeeze. supposedly detoxes your liver. do this everyday

4. use "Odaban" at least once a week on your body where you perspire normally. i put on my underarms,face and scalp.

5. make it a habit to gargle with baking soda after brushing, especially after waking up. helps with morning breath

6. avoid caffeine or spicy foods that will make you sweat more.
***always try to stay cool (and dry). with ice water etc. always have a bottle of water with you, take small sips to combat dry mouth, which can contribute to bad breath

7. short haircut

8. clean nose and ears daily
***shower within 30 mins of exercising to prevent bacteria build up. change sweaty clothes too.

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i do also have BO since i was

i do also have BO since i was on the 5th grade.. at first i used the so called crystal deodorant (potassium alum) and it worked.. but i have to switch to other kind of deo because im always wearing a short-sleeve uniform and my classmates can see it falling from my underarm.. when i started using deo, at first it was effective but when i turned to 16 or 17 it looks like it's not working at all for me.. that's why i begin to lose my confidence. i used to be the leader of every activities in our school but now i'm very shy to hang-out with my friends and even talking to them. i don't know what to do w/ myself.. i hate myself.. i tried to go back to the crystal deo but still i smell and my UA become very sweaty that time becoz it's not an anti-perspirant.. i was just thinking maybe all the sweat that comes out were the ones that are being clogged or blocked when im using deo that's why when i stopped using it on that day my ua was very sweaty.. i dont know if im right.. but still and still and still i will try to use the crystal deo on my ua for a week.. i,m hoping that it will eliminate my bo.. but if it didn't work i have back up plan.. lol.. i already purchased a bottle of dr. mist.. i did have a research about it and most of the reviews that i had read was positive.. i will immediately inform you if i found the best deo for us guys.. don't lose hope.. God is just challenging us.. keep your faith and let us help each other to pass this test.. we all want to have normal life.. and i know we will have the answer soon just dont stop searching for it.

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A doctor can not help us.

A doctor can not help us. They don't know where to start. When I saw my doctor she also said, "it's all in your head," "Those people don't know what they are talking about," "I can't smell you" etc etc. She refused to believe anything I said. I am not an idiot, I have suffered with this since I was 15 and I am now 21.

I have gotten enough comments and horrible faces made towards myself that I know it is not in my head. I am not over weight. I am a perfectly average weight and shower twice a day, wash thoroughly. I exercise, 30 minutes of running everyday.

This odour has of course ruined my life. Highschool was bearable. I went to an all girls school and my year group was laid back and there were no bullies. I lucked out. But university has become a night mare. I do not know if I will be able to graduate, the humiliation is too much to bear. I was just pretending to go to classes when for the whole year and a half I was hiding at home. Sometimes hiding in the closet for hours just so my family would not find out. Simple things such as catching a bus and sitting in a classroom have become my worst night mares. It terrifies me. I do not wish to be humiliated in front of so many people. Classes of hundreds of people. You do not understand what its like to put yourself into situations you know will bring humiliation and ridicule to you.

I am at the moment trying to force myself to go to class. I have not succeeded yet. But this is my last chance. I am now on academic probation. If I do not pass I might be kicked out. The work is so bloody easy and I know I could do it, if I just did not have this problem.

Right now I am only eating fruit. and maybe a small cracker a day. I am taking all the recommended tablets that could help. I am not sure if it is working yet, as I am too scared to leave home. I pray that it is though. I have not gone out with any of my friends for more than a year. My vacation with my family was ruined for me, because of the airplane rides and bus rides, where I ended up embarrassing my family as well, when a child decided to say loudly in front of everyone "mum, that family stinks, aye?" and point at us. Its just a horrible horrible thing to have. I wish I could win the lotto or something. Then I would drop out of university and just go live by myself on some rural property with lots of animals and not be judged anymore.

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Hang in there, kid. You must

Hang in there, kid. You must understand by now that you're not alone. You're completely right about doctors. They are useless. We have to do this on our own. I've been where you are. I know exactly what you're going through. I know about buses, trains, planes and automobiles; I know about movie theaters, plays, concerts; I know about sitting around the house watching movies on the couch; I know about avoiding people. This is not in your head. You do smell. But, even though you smell, you still need to find a way to cope. There are people in the world that do not mind the odor so much; there are people in the world that will understand when and if you try to explain to them. It's so much better to bring this thing out in the open then to hide in shame. You have a biological disorder, like the rest of us, and there will be answer to this someday soon. I, personally, have tried so many various diets and medicines that it's comical. But, along the way, I've had little successes that have kept me going. Keeping the odor down, controlled, is critical to your mental survival. There are things that can be done. Currently, I am avoiding all fructose and fructans and finding good success with it. I still have tons of unwanted yeast in my blood and GI tract that feed on glucose, but fructose might be the mechanism to how the yeast go there in the first place. Unfortunately, it means a lot of healthy things need to be cut out- fructose based fruit being one of them. I'm avoiding apples, pears, plums, peaches as well as white bread and the like. I feel its helping. I really do. I also take anti-yeast herbs to try and keep the odor down. They help. I also take lots of coarse fiber. It helps. Little steps to get by. They help.

Feel free to write me at- f l y b y n i g h t 8 8 at y a h o o. We can go from there and talk on the phone if you like.

All the best

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hi mag,

i exactly know what youre going thru mag. i have a 16 hour long flight coming up and i am dreading it BUT im day 2 of putting anti fungal cream on my underarms and my smell seems to be improving.

but before everything im gonna tell a short summary of my chronic B.O. it all started when i was almost your age, i am now 29.

anyway, its only this year that ive decided to take my life back. and i will use all means to cure myself.
first, i started with every kind of deodorant. nothing helped, it was almost making it stronger(my BO). even the natural ones like baking soda(rash), lemon(vinegar like smell).

Use the process of "elimination" to identify where the smell is coming from. is it external bacterial,external fungal,external both. or internal(go to the TMAU website to get checked by mailing your urine).

"External: bacterial"
i started using Hibiclens(u can buy the cheaper version "CSR") in the shower from head to toe, wash with shampoo and soap first. then undiluted i pu tsome on my head and armpits then lather, the rest of the body can be diluted and scrub using a wash cloth. this is not a wax on,wax off process. you need to scrub but not skin raw scrub.
it helped but not completely.

"External: fungal"
i used anti fungal cream(for athletes foot) under my arms(1st layer:lemon,2nd: deodorant,3rd: anti fungal) and i noticed there was little smell. so today i shaved my armpits (yes,im a guy) and just put on the anti fungal cream and see how it goes. if internal, there are orally taken antibiotic(prescription) tabs for anti fungal (Griseofulvin)
**see a dermatologist if you suspect you have this **you can also use anti fungal foot powder

ive tried everything, chlorophyll(high doses), activated charcoal, magnesium,zinc, b complex,riboflavin, low choline diet(no: nuts,beans,brocolli like vegetables,eggs) . it helped little to none at all
BUT there are a lot of factors IF it is internal: candida (yeast-fungal), TMAU (choline), digestive (blood borne).

again, use the process of elimination.

***other natural deodorants/alternatives that i havent tried: milk of magnesia. diaper baby rash(zinc oxide)

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i have suffered from BO since i was in 1st year HS(1996), 16 years now.

it just affected me in a very negative way, im a family loving man but ive blamed god for everything because i am stuck with this.

im jobless right now, stay at home most of the time, and all i can do is dream that i can be a normal person.

just the other day, when i was eating dinner. the people around me would shield their hand from me, maybe to somehow cover the smell. i just took a bath then. made me so frustrated when i got home i unknowingly had tears flow on the right side of my face as i closed my eyes, and i never cry. never, even if i wanted to.

in my mind, i wanted to stick a knife right below my chin. but i suddenly thought of my loving wife, how it would affect her (we just got married december).

i need to be strong. i have to. because of my wife and family, if i cannot live my life for myself then i will live it for them. i have to find a way.

*this is in no way a form of advertising* but this has been my research regarding deodorizing EXTERNALLY (will post a part 2 on deodorizing INTERNALLY but i havent done much research on that other than chlorophyll and activated charcoal)

i've recently ordered "Odaban" this is their FAQ page

it helps fight excessive sweating (hyperhidrosis) and even bad body odor (bromhidrosis - secreted thru the apocrine glands; pheromones,waxy)

and the best part, you can spray it on most parts (underarm, chest, back, EVEN FACE and NECK)

heres a short FAQ on bad body odor:
I have an odour problem as well as a "wetness" problem, what can I do? Also see next answer.

Unpleasant odours are produced by the naturally occurring skin bacteria breaking down waxy secretions mainly from the Apocrine glands found under the arms,
nipple and genital areas (these areas cause little problem). You can make a difference by keeping the skin dry, by using Odaban regularly
to create an unfavourably DRY habitat, which prevents the bacteria multiplying rapidly, and by using a deodorant (bacteria "killer"),
antiseptic wash / soap / powder (Hibiclens/Hibitane solution/powder, generic name, Chlorhexidine Gluconate 4%, from local pharmacy),
and cleansing the skin with alcohol swabs, several times a day to reduce the number of bacteria and the amount of secretions.

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Dude I got your answer

You may not believe the answer. But I read your post as I got it emailed to me. Listen to me know. Believe me when you have done it. Now I took the time to read your whole post and know exactly what you are going thru. I have had the same situation happen to me at several times through out my life. My problem was that I drank alcohol (beer) every night.

So let's get to the solution. Baking soda!

Yes Baking Soda!

Could it be that simple? Don't you need to find some complicated solution or look deep into google to find the secret.

Apply baking soda to your armpits, your genitals, butt region, your abdomen, generally anywhere and everywhere. You don't have to do it excessively or multiple times a day. Just once in the morning.

Also drink a teaspoon of baking soda in a small glass of water in the morning. Don't over do it. Baking soda is applied in foods but it is a strong antacid and can cause indigestion if over used orally.

This works wonders! This is coming from a guy who STUNK and didn't know what to do about it.

Now. I gave you a short term solution. Realize that it is a "short term" solution even though it will ALWAYS remove bad odor.

You have to find the real reason you body is giving off this bad odor. For me it was my excessive alcohol intake. I would suggest you look into a dietary solution called the Paleo Diet or . It discusses the problem with today's Standard American Diet (SAD) and the bad affects on the body and how to eat more naturally how our ancester's did. By cutting out all the processed foods and gluten and healing the gut.

Good luck. Please send me an email and tell me how it goes.

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we need a more direct approach to this, no diets. direct methods

i dont want to try any diets because my dad eats much worse than me, doesnt wear deodorant and doesnt smell of anything, except his flatulence reeks.
its in my body chemistry, im just effed up inside when it comes to the smell like most of the people here, but i am healthy. i run 10 miles a week, do plyometrics(jump training). my only weakness is high uric acid(GOUT) and im not fat(because of the peanuts and beer) at all. but its being controlled now, cherry juice or fruit is a life saver.
even baking soda helps(short term) as it lowers blood ph and breaks down uric crystals but i take it in moderation as it is high in sodium.

i have tried baking soda, works a little. but still mixes and creates a "chlorine" like smell.

what we need is a DIRECT APPROACH. meaning to combat the smell directly if we have limited knowledge on what causes this.


first, deodorizing internally. (sodium copper chlorophyllin)
what im doing now is take chlorophyll tabs and liquid form. do not follow the recomended dosage, a study suggests 300-400mg for it to be effective. most recommend only 100-200mg a day, thats not enough.
***causes IBS, i will post more info on how to prevent this if i find any

second, deodorizing externally. (odaban+hibiclens)
if we do not sweat, we will not reek. hyperhidrosis(excessive sweating) bromhidrosis(bad body odor)

i bet eskimos dont have any body odor, they dont have any sweat pores!

here are a few Q&A's

Q: Is it dangerous to prevent sweating?

A: Controlling perspiration in the "hot spots" is not dangerous as there are lots of other skin areas for sweating to take place in order to cool the body. The perspiration that can't get out is simply re-routed through the blood stream to other sweat ducts or excreted through the kidneys

Q: Is it safe to use Odaban all over the body?

A: Yes. Use just one spray for each skin area to be treated and apply with cotton wool (make-up remover pads are convenient) sparingly. In this way treatments of the face and other sensitive skin areas such as the groin and under breasts are easily managed. Use talc to absorb any excess product after application. <<

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Fructose Intolerance can lead to Candida

The more and more that I learn about this situation the more and more I'm sure we are all suffering from a strand of yeast that puts out methane gas. The problem is, what causes the yeast? We all know about ways to kill yeast, but it's pointless to starve them out or take medicines if they just come back. I think I'm getting closer to the answer, at least for myself. I'm sure that I have some kind of fructose related intolerance. I have isolated incidences where my odor soared after only eating peaches one time, then grapes another time, then agave and cherries, etc... I am now trying to stay away from sorbitol, fructose and fructans. The real problem, however, is not just avoiding this kind of sugar, but avoiding all kinds of sugar. If fructose is causing the yeast, then table sugar and every other kind of sugar only continues to feed them. This is hard! But, I'm seeing results. I'm not trying to rid myself of odor, I'm just trying to control and predict it. This is happening now for the first time in my life. The up and down of it all is becoming much more predictable. If I can keep away from Fructose and its related sugars for a long enough period of time, then I'll try to go after all the rest of those bitches living inside of me. This is a several year process, but i believe now for the first time, this can be controlled.


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Body odors

As a health consultant I found out many years ago that a lack of a COMPLETE B-Complex (all 8 in balance for absorption) will get rid of the problem. Some may even smell like a dead body! You may find you need a lot of this supplement to get the results. No side effects, but all great side effects - clear skin, better digestion, less reactions to allergies, more energy, and better spirits.

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Is it really that simple?

Is it really that simple?

Serendip Visitor's picture

Are you serious? It is as

Are you serious? It is as simple as that.

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Body Odour

I suffer from pretty dreadful body odour. No matter how often I shower or chose whatever doederant by around noon I can feel it on my skin. I realise this is a medical problem but im to embarrassed to visdit my doctor in case it just gets me down.

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please help I have the same

please help I have the same problem. I shower eveyday, but smell like fecal matter. Can't handle it anymore

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I have had fecal BO for 15 years-bad breath especially ...I am 27 now...In the last 3 weeks, I have had amazing results with using the following items:
400 mg magnesium2Xday, 50 mg zinc 2X day, plain unsweetened Greek yogurt 2Xday and 2TBSP Bragg organic ACV 3Xday in at least 8 oz of water each time. Nothing else I've tried has worked better than this combo! I feel like a new person!!!!. no spaces in contact ;-)

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Thanks for the info. Have

Thanks for the info. Have you every tried Candidia gone? I am using it now. Not sure if it is working yet.

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I hate God and my family and friends and doctors

Everyday, strangers make comments or make faces, but I don't hate or blame theme. I pity them because I ruined their good day with my terrible BO. No one can stand bad smell. I don't hate strangers who dislike me. It's my fault.

But I hate my family and doctors. My family can't detect anything. They are not lying but they don't care either. For all the years I've been telling them people can smell me and I'm having nightmares everyday, my family just deny everything and say I have to just deal with this. They force me to go to family meetings and job interviews, and nag about i'm not dating anyone. They don't care whether I'm suffering or not. They just deny everything and force me to live ordinary life routine. (Fuck the ordinary life)

And doctors, I'm not sure they can't smell or just denying it, anyway they all just say 'it's in your head'. and send me to psychiatrists.
I've already been to psychiatrists, and I hate them more. All of them wants to blame everything to my childhood and parents, they don't listen to about my smell problems, and try to give me tons of antidepressants(which make things worse I don't know why)

and my friends... I think some of them can smell me and some can't, but it doesn't matter.
Ever since this symptom started and since I reached for them for help, half of them just left me(because they didn't wanna be bothered with this kind of problem), half of them thought I was mental and also left me, only one friend stays but she doesn't understand my situation or pain.
I can take it that they don't understand my situation, but I can't take that they didn't want to bother to care about me even a little bit.
Most of them were strangers that I never knew.

It's still mystery why my family and friends and doctors can't detect my smell(which is so strong leaving terrible stench on my clothes)
but what really matter is they don't want to be bothered by me.
They don't care. Now I know it.

Actually, since my childhood my family members' been kinda cruel people, my flock friends were kinda brutal people, wherever I go I met crazy boss or insane co-workers.
My life's been a curse. Even without smellling, I've never led happy life, people were always cruel to me for some reason I don't know.

Maybe I'm just cursed for something I did in my past life. Maybe this is my punishment and it won't end till I pay the debt.
Maybe I just have to go to the work everyday and meet people who hates me everyday and live like that forever.

There are no solutions and this is it. People, give up and if you don't have family just kill yourself freely. You won't go to hell because there is no God to send you to hell.

I don't understand why people here are encouraging each other not to kill themselves. Actually it's maybe a solution.

I'v never seen anyone in internet who was cured completely. Some got better some got worse but no one got cured just managing symptoms.

Whatever I don't care anything anymore. Only reason I don't kill myself is because my family. Damn.

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body odor

Hello Serendipity,I just read what you wrote.hey don't kill yourself..just deal with your situation as I do.I see the reactions of people when I go to church.My husband and family say they don't smell anything,but what I would like to do is have a third party talk with a few people to see how some folks are thinking about me.I have been an introvert because of this.This situation has affected me in alot of ways.It affects me from being assertive in church affairs and functions and socializing.!-I have had this problem for years and years.!I do the best I can.Sometimes I don't even feel like going to church because even before I take a shower or a bath, I druge having to go through some embarassing situations.!..Thee only thing I can advise you to do is take a shower at night and in the morning.Make sure all your under wear is clean and socks and make sure your teeth is brushed thoroughly and rice with mouthwash.After you get out of the shower dry yourself,apply deodorant,apply lotion, apply axe body spray all over your body,get dressed and fix your hair and go on...!-Oh make sure you wash your hair in the shower too.!----One thing for sure, if you do this,you are doing the same thing everybody else is doing...believe me.!..When I go to church..i go with my husband and I am with him and I don't care anymore what other people think..because if they talk about you,somebody is talking about them.Oh yes before you put on deodorant, apply alcohol.!get back with me and tell me how it went....!

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I smell

I feel the same way you do. The only reason I haven't killed myself is because when I noticed it, I just found out I was bringing another life into the world. He is now 8 months. Ive been suffering from this knowingly 2 years. I have not dated or worked since I had my son. My family and doctors think im crazy. I know they smell it. I was asked does your baby need to be changed. Or if im around people they always want the door or window open. People are always rubbing and blowing there nose. Im at my breaking point. I have a new gyno. My appointment is tomorrow at 8 am. Im hoping to get a different response. I cant deal with it and I don't want to kill myself. How can I work, knowing I smell? This has ruined my life. Its so many of us living with this and no one has a cure. MY LIFE SUCKS.

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I should have wrote that...

I feel like you. Your fam say they.dont smell it in order for you to think its just in your head. They trying to see if you would smell better if you start thinking its only in your head. This is a serious matter. Im the same way. I stink after an two hour shower fresh out. Try some of these things people tell you on here. I am. Drink green tea to neutralize the bacteria in your sweet. Try sage tea aswell. Multi enzymes, probiotics, magnesium, zync and drink water. Bath in the morning, and continue your search to smell normal. You are not alone. I know first hand how fustrating this can be. Trust me you are not alone.

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I found a solution to B.O

I feel for you. I have suffered from Body Odor myself. I have had co-workers leave rooms, family members tell me, good friends reluctant to tell me.

I shower everyday, shave my armpits, apply oils, perfumes, all that.

Then one day a friend recommended Baking Soda for an unrelated situation. He told me to drink a teaspoon of it in water.

I could not believe it! The next day smelled under my armpits and could not believe it.

I can usually smell my BO even after a shower but this time I keep smelling and smelling myself.

This can't be happening?!

On top of not smelling bad under my armpits, I felt like the Baking Soda helped make me feel better.

I have since applied it directly under my armpits, genital area and feet. I can't believe how many people don't know about this.

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Baking Soda

I've been on a mission trying to tell people the same thing. I'm so excited to hear this happend for you.

I had the precise same thing happen for me.

Someone prescribed baking soda for an unrelated issue dealing with my stomach. I shrugged it off but something told me to try it. I took a teaspoon in water and the next day I could not believe my armpit smell. I just didn't smell anything.

Since then I also applied it to my armpits, genitals and feet everyday.

Have you seen videos on youtube about how baking soda cure's cancer?