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Classifying ourselves to death

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For this assigment,  I made a presentation that you can view by following the link below:




There are quite a few video clips in there.

Films used are:

Trading Places


Mean Girls

Back To School


The Muppet Movie

Sesame Street

The Imagine Video

Symphanies of Science


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S. Yaeger--
you've already gotten lots of praise (and a considerable # of tears), so I'll just add my hearty affirmation here to what you've done. Especially effective, I think, is the prezi format, which gives your project lots of (very appropriate!) "movement." There are bits I might quibble w/ --as you yourself demonstrate, categories are neither "tiny," "little," or "subtle": they are large and determinative. And (push back): sometimes useful? (if porous, flexible, revisable....?) For example.....?

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I went through the

I went through the presentation yesterday and – even though I was running late to a lunch date – I had to finish it! It was truly amazing. The way you tackled each of these topics and the way you showed that media could both perpetuate AND mediate the problems was beautifully done. I even sent one of my friends a link because I felt she had to see this. Thank you so much for making this and sharing it with all of us!

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Shannon--this made me cry!

I loved this so much--I can't even express it. We get so insular (or at least I do), trying to accomplish everything that we need to for ourselves (especially this week), and we (I) forget that there's so much more in the world that is so incredibly rich and complex that I really should just get over myself.

So thank you!

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I cried too, Michaela – while

I cried too, Michaela – while watching the Sesame Street clip! That was the most moving section for me. I feel like our class should do something like that – to affirm ourselves and our presence! – tomorrow during our group presentations (if there's time). 

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That Jessie Jackson clip from

That Jessie Jackson clip from Sesame Street is probably on of my all time favorite moments from the show.  I cried the first time I saw it too.  I found out that it was made in response to Regan's 'war on welfare", during which he demonised wellfare recipients.

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Wow.  Thank you.

Wow.  Thank you.