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Final Assignment List (12/9-12/21)

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Love Letter Video

A friend of mine just sent me this video, which features Steven Powers, who is the artist behind the "Love Letters" murals that you can see  from the El.

I thought you all might like it!

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Here's the Question

Hi All,

A friend of mine shared the following video with me, and I think it's an interesting way to frame one of the issues facing the school system here in Philly, and it offers a potential solution.

<iframe width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

See video
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Shannon's Reading Notes and Research

Jones, Dick, The First 300: The Amazing and Rich History of Lower Merion, Lower Merion Historical Society (2000)

My research starts with The Lower Merion Historical Society's history of Lower Merion County as written and archived into The First 300.  I will not be using direct quotes here as the book's website indicates that doing so requires written permision.  However, the hyper link above accesses the entire text.

The Lenape Indians

The text includes some information about the area prior to being settled by the Europeans as it explains that the proximity to the Schuykill river made it a convenient site for the Lenape Indians, who inhabited much of the east coast.  The Lenape were a fishing and hunting tribe who travelled in bands through PA, DE and other East Coast states.  A point that I found interesting was that William Penn gained a "right" to the area when he purchased Pennsylvania, but still felt compelled to pay the Lenape Indians for their land despite the area having been settled by both the Dutch and the Welsh prior to Penn's purchase.  My intention is to research further into the lives and patterns of the Lenape bands.

The Pennsylvania Railroad

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Going To The Crack House

'Going to the crack house" - Jill McKorkel

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Offending Women

"Offending Women" - Lynne Haney

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Reading Is My Window

Thoughts on "Reading Is My Window; Books and The Art of Reading in Women's Prisons"  Megan Sweeney

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Sing Soft, Sing Loud - Patricia McConnel

I will use this page to record my ongoing thoughts while reading "Sing Soft, Sing Loud"

read first chapter

think about use for class

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Shannon's Summer Reading List: Women in Walled Communities

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Self Evaluation

As with all new classes, I came into this class somewhat terrified and overwhelmed and possibly hoping that it would provide me with a space in my schedule where I at least felt somewhat comfortable in the sense of already having an idea about what counts for feminism and what counts for feminist theory. I was also looking forward to learning much more about feminist topics and the ways in which they play out in the world at large.  I feel like this class gave me all of those things, while also pushing me to be more self-aware and more adventurous/creative in my approach to acadedmic work, as well as inspiring me to action as opposed to only working with theory.

In thinking about the edges of my individual learning, I think this class highlighted three posible areas of needed growth for me.  The first, and possibly most important to me, is that it continuosly challenged me to reconsider how I speak, what I speak to, and to whom I address my comments.  It helped me to feel way more comfortable with being unsure and with being criticized, and it also helped me to think through how to have a productive conversation across various levels of understanding, which has led directly to my final project of attepting to institute a changing conversation about gender on our campus and in our community.

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