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Reflection Post

In reflecting over my educational biography, I have been considering what I put in, and what I left out.  First, I decided to focus on what I learned outside of school.  There are many reasons for this, not the least of which is that I wanted to focus on some of the more practical things I have learned.  However, if I am being honest, another part of the reason for this is that I have just, like everyone else here, gone through the application process for dozens of schools.  As a non-traditional student, this process has almost always included some section where I've been asked to discuss my schooling at length, as well as provide an explanation as to why I interupted it.  This means that I am kind of sick of writing about school.

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Some thoughts on our discussion today

This afternoon, when were discussing the roles of class and gender in education and in life in general, I was surprised to notice that, when discussing class issues, I become extremely tense.  This was shocking to me because I normally have no problem discussing class in the US, and even tend to welcome discussion of it.  I thought about this a lot on the way home today, and over the course of my evening.  

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Hello All, My name is Shannon Yaeger and I grew up and currently live in Philadelphia. I am a McBride Scholar who has just entered Bryn Mawr as a junior. My educational background is pretty long and varied, as I have, over the course of my primary and secondary education, attended 8 different schools in the Philadelphia area. After high school, I traveled throughout the U.S. while waiting tables to support myself. Eventually, I decided to return to school and pursue an education in English Literature. I spent two and a half years at the Community College of Philadelphia before transferring to Bryn Mawr this fall. I am still a little shocked at having been admitted and haven't really thought about what I am hoping to gain from this seminar in depth yet. However, I know that I do hope to improve my listening and speaking skills, and to get to know all of you better.

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