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Metaphorical Science

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How could the word "worm" be a metaphor for science? Because worms are always exploring, moving about in the soil, they are living things and they also have feelings (according to Darwin-

What's the difference between words and pictures? Pictures can create many opportunities for using words, but words are limited. I liked drawing my idea of science and what I think my students think of science. I associate Chemistry experiments as a visual image of science in general terms. I think the students in urban settings may visualize science as what's in the sky, in water, and walks on land.


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Inquiry Based Lessons

Our group's presentation went well. It surprised me that the high school teachers were imprerssed with how we structured the lesson. I thought that maybe they would think it was too pmimitive, but that was wrong. Theresa created great extensions by drawing faces 0n paper squares, showing different soiund levels to represent so students could take one cannister and make another that was either louder or softer, etc. The other group's (high school level) lesson about smells was very invigorating and brought to light a lot of interesting ideas. What I am learning are ideas that I can tie in-to my science lessons. I need to be a no nonsense educator this year. Students must follow expectations. They should be excited about science if they know what is required of them during their science periods. Teachers must be notified what the grade lesson is for the week, so they can advise students what their expectations are too.