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More Thoughts on Women in Politics

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I found this article on called "The Politics of Motherhood" that I found relevant to our discussions of Sarah Palin: (The whole thread of columns in "Advancing Women's Leadership is pretty interesting)

Marie Wilson makes a good point about "female impersonators," something I think we discussed in relation to Sarah Palin, and I think she brings in some good points about the need for a kind of mother-like care for others in politics. I wonder if politics could be an exception to bell hooks' adversity to power feminism. If women are in positions where they can actually make policy, is that any more helpful than women who reach high levels in other areas? Is it even relevant to think about because women who run on a platform of motherhood wouldn't get elected?


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war on women

Women Hoodwinked By the Democrat Spin Machine
By Susan Stamper Brown

I’m a bit disappointed that some of my fellow women have bitten the bait thrown to them by Democratic operatives promoting a so-called “Republican war on women.” In a way, Democrats have conducted a psychological campaign to fool many women into believing they are an eternal minority, destined to eat the scraps fed to them by a Democratic party more concerned about their votes than their contribution to society.

From start to finish, this con on women was created to distract us from seeing the truth: The Obama administration’s economic policies have caused women to lose ground previously won by women under administrations from both parties. Overall, Democrat economic policies “favored men over women in all but one of the 16 major sectors of the economy.” In five sectors, women lost jobs while men gained them. In other sectors, men gained jobs at a faster rate than women and lost them at a slower rate than women. State government was the only sector favoring women.

Undeterred, some women prefer to stick their head in the sand. Another recent Pew gender gap poll shows women now support Obama over the proven job creator Mitt Romney by 20 percent.