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Re-Analysis of Taft Garden Visualization

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I am a great fan of writing and I use (and have used) writing frequently in my daily life for the purpose of clarifying my thoughts, developing ideas, understanding a circumstance, situation, or event, putting my feelings to words for analysis, reflecting on the past, emotional release, mental release, and release in general. "Words" for me have always been a very abstract and metaphysical subject. When I read someone else's work, I feel that words are somewhat like light in that they transmit information, they transmit energy (in the form of thoughts or even connecting with another writer's message perhaps - emotionally, mentally, etc.). However, I struggle with the concept of words as representation and/or accurate representations of our world. I believe words are essentially symbols with a greater purpose of transforming, transferring, or transmuting information and energy. The meaning of each and every word and symbol in every language has meaning because of agreement between each person for that meaning (taken from Don Miguel Ruiz - The Four Agreements). We only see in words what they mean to us regardless of what we may have agreed their meaning is. So for me, words are like the ancient wheel with respect to the transmitting, transformation, and transferring or information and energy - they do a good job although not the most efficient. And words themselves are just labels: grammar changes over time, slang changes over time, words and their meanings change over time.

Keeping this in mind, here is my analysis of my visualization in light of the words our group had put forth:

This image features a garden (smacholdt) in that it serves as a recreational area with plants and trees (botanical garden) . Although there is a proper-looking wide open and grassy area in Taft Garden itself, this image displays the shade of the trees and views of the shrubs and bushes surrounding the fountain. It also has the properties of green (mturer) in that it is "of the color of growing foliage, between yellow and blue in the spectrum" with many green leaves. This image also represents vacilando (rachelr) in that it does not stand for a final destination, but a rather a journey. As I had developed and imagined in my earlier reflection of this image, I chose this site as a space in which I venture into my mind and expand more fully into being by calming it.