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Processes - leaves and sweat, heros and songs

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encounter #3: The Fear.// one huge mass of flying ants crawling over and upwards // Rambling – the urge to discover – to see what was cut away // What are we trying to create? Harnessing // giant trees in the jumble vs. giant tress on campus, surrounded only by grass 

encounter #2: man-made yellow borders sprayed in/onto the ground. little flags, victory over the conquered land, staked claims to the squared off, colonized dead grass. insecticide. In the air: thousands of tiny white bugs. where are they when it’s not humid?

encounter #1: my body in the humidity – leg hairs, sweat behind my knees, gathering at the edge of my forehead, water leaving my body, why? for the sake of preserving, just like the leaves. the purpose of sweat and leaves. mud. barefoot. some of the grass slides in the mud with the pressure of my toes. I imagine that by walking – just walking – I am tearing the away roots’ fragile hold on the saturated ground.


#3 –

disturbed at the power

of trees – gargantuan – so

different in the jumble


gargantuan trees –

their power is in place, a force

contained by mowed grass


#1 –

I re-discover;

My body’s sense of leaving

as leafing. Purpose.


through the middle of a song – no matter

the power, the thrill, the disturbance – we,

you and I and they, shred bark, the latter

doing the work all while you and I (we) 

standing idly by, are deaf to the hell-

chorus. I read once, of a song weaving

through eternity, piecing some spell

of being. All things, coming or leaving 

went through the song, all things felt

the feeling of each thing. Foregrounded, land

was just as feeling, a story dealt

in rocks and rambles. Then, flag in hand,

the hero (we) treads all through the dream, tears

roots from their place, writes red, opens the fear.

(explanation: I type up all my notes, then tried to piece them into haiku-snippets, like little codes, found that this didn't say nearly enough and left too much room for interpretation. I've worked out a sonnet from this mess, I think the form is interesting because of the intense restraint that it requires... I've been thinking about science fiction and LeGuin and Snyder, so this directed some of my processes)