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Soda: NOT for women?

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Apparently soda is gendered now. Or at least the marketing team for Dr. Pepper thinks so. "Dr. Pepper 10" is a new diet soda for men "with just 10 manly calories." It's "not for women." They should have stuck with their old slogan, because this does not make me want to be a pepper too. 


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Personally, I don't understand the point of advertising specifically towards one gender in soda consumption. Is that even good for business? Is a man going to want to drink "Dr. Pepper 10" thinking it will make them "manlier"? Everything aside, I feel like this is just a really good example of how the advertisement industry works in excluding one gender over another. Other commercials/products target a specific gender fairly frequently, such as hair products, and even toys. Toy advertisements target a specific gender at a young age. A commercial for toy trucks target young boys, while a commercial for a doll targets young girls, or rather they target those children who are supposed to be young boys and those who are supposed to be young girls.

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I wonder what is "manly" about 10 calories in a can of pop (sorry, soda folks... I grew up saying pop!). What was wrong with diet/zero calories? Or am I asking the wrong question? Is it taboo for men to drink diet/zero calorie pop? I've certainly never experienced pressure to drink pop rich in calories.