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My Ex-Gay Friend

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A friend of mine sent me the link to this article when I told him about this class. I think it is really interesting and dovetails nicely with the Living the Good Lie article that we read.


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Thank you for posting this article! It was really interesting and made me think of a few things from a different perspective. When we were reading about people who's sexuality and religious views clash I found myself thinking that it was just a really crappy situation. I am not a very religious person, but I understand having two things that are really important to you that just do not mix together. 

Regarding Michael...I don't feel like the author of the article is convinced that Michael is truly not gay, though Michael says that he is. I don't know if Michael is gay, or not, or just decided not to be, or had a calling from God or whatever. In any case, Michael's argument that he was kind of "sucked in to" believing he was gay made me much has gay become one of those groups that you belong in if you don't feel comfortable in the norm/straight group?