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The Arc

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Although cheesy, the saying “a picture is worth a thousand words” rings true. To express the concept of “right relationships”, I have “curated” an online exhibit of photographs. Although all of the photographs are real, because I have borrowed them from other websites, I have created my own titles for them. Additionally, for some of the photographs, the captions below the titles are not accurate for that specific photograph, but rather are based on the content of the photograph.

Because I am not computer-savvy enough to create a virtual gallery space, I will use my words to help you imagine the exhibition space in which this exhibit would be on display. Imagine a large, open room with light, sandy-colored wood floors and high white walls. There is also an expansive wall of windows allowing for natural sunlight to flood the gallery. The photographs would be 24” by 18” framed inside of a 2” white mat and a 1.5” solid black frame. The titles and captions would be printed on cards and mounted on the wall next to the bottom right-hand corner of the frame.

The Arc

Written on the wall, to be seen as the first thing when entering the exhibit:

“Right relationships are human relations in which each (or all) seek, without abandoning themselves, to be attentive and responsive to the needs and emotions of one another, quite apart from considerations of entitlement. There are also several important “negative” markers of right relationships, namely they must be free of systematic oppression, exploitation or manipulation. That is, a relationship is not “right” if participants seek to overbear in power (oppress), to overreach in resources (exploit), or to mislead for selfish advantage (manipulate).” – John A. Humbach1


The introduction to this exhibit, to also be printed on the wall:

This exhibit aims to illustrate, through photographs, the arc of the relationship between gay and straight individuals. This arc starts with anti-gay hate crimes and stretches to end in the progress that we are finally beginning to see. Through the lens of Humbach’s “right relationships”, I have endeavored to explore, through imagery, what so many of us are unable to express in words – that although we have come far in support of a better relationship between the gay and the straight community, we are still not perfect. Hate crimes continue to happen, intolerance can still be found, and yet, we continue to move forward, to continue to attempt to attain a more perfect, more equal world. With gay individuals now portrayed in the media in highly developed roles and laws being put into place to legalize gay marriage, this “right relationship” is becoming more committed, more recognized, better.


Gwen Amber Rose Araujo, (1985-2002)


Matthew Wayne Shepard, (1976-1998)



Family of Ashley Santiago upon learning of her murder


Into the Woods

Crime scene where lesbian lovers Lollie Winans and Julianne Williams were found, murdered; Appalachian Trail


fags deserve 2 DIE

McMinnville, Tennessee


All gays go To Hell

McMinnville, Tennessee




Evan Kittredge, pictured with his car, was beaten, tied up, and placed in the trunk of his car to die in 1999.  When his parents realized that he had not come home, they began to look for Evan’s car. Police found Evan and the car and miraculously he was still alive.


Dr. Sprinkle

Dr. Sprinkle hosted the Tarrant County Transgender Day of Remembrance. He continually supports the LGBTQ community by speaking on heir behalf, marching with and for them, and is working towards an equal society. He is an ally.


Walking Together

Gay-Straight Alliance, walking to show support.


Sea of People, Sea of Pride

Gay Pride Parade


Day of Silence

The Day of Silence was created in honor of Matthew Shepard, in which individuals elect to not speak for a day in support of gay individuals who are unable or afraid to speak out


Signs I


Signs II


Signs III


Untitled, Sandwich board



Community art project supporting peace, coexistence, and love.



Note: Stickers say, “I support marriage equality”



Ellen Degeneres and Portia De Rossi

Together 5 years, married August 2008


Legalize Gay

American Apparel clothing campaign 


We Are Family

Gay dads and their adoptive daughter


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(in order of the photographs)

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Dr. Sprinkle:


Gay Pride parade:

Day of Silence:

Various signs, group wearing "I support marriage equality" stickers:

Ellen Degeneres and Portia De Rossi:

Legalize Gay:

Gay fathers and child:


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