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"Uniting the Disabled Community as a Family"

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Hey guys, this is just a site I came across and I'm wondering what you guys think about it? At first I was struck by the image and then I started reading about the description of this program:

"The mission of the "In Your Footsteps" organization is to unite the disabled community as a family and to have those who aren't as comfortable with their disability more comfortable by providing them with a mentor they can relate to and educate them on disability culture and history." (

A world has been created in which people are uncomfortable being themselves. This is not only a thought I have on a person who is not "normal", because I do not believe that anyone is normal. Even those who seem normal, I think, are trying to fit a norm rather than being who they are and what they want to do and be etc. Often times I also feel like people don't even realize that they are trying to be's just..what? The normal thing to do? 

Is there really such a thing as "normal"? Even in a smaller group which is, for example, consisting of all females...maybe each person is female in their own way? Just some thoughts...


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Shifting Borders

This is really interesting! One theme it ties into that's been coming up a lot in class is identity politics-- the strengths and weaknesses of organizing based on particular categories (for example, female or LGBT or disabled). It's particularly unusual in that way because this program is part of APIDC- Asians and Pacific Islanders with Disabilities of California. In other words, it brings together a very specific intersection of ethnicity/ race, disability, and location. However, "In Your Footsteps" is reaching outside of this category, and is explicitly open to mentees of any ethnicity.
Both Wilchins and Clare express a wish for narrow interest groups to reach outside their own borders. In a way, "In Your Footsteps" is doing exactly that in order to build a broader community/ family. But it makes me wonder where and how non- API mentees will fit into the larger organization.