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Thoughts on "Between-"/"Within-" Gender Relationships

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It's funny because if you start using the phrases "between-gender" and "within-gender", then same-sex couplings seem to be the dafault. Between-gender could be just about any combination, unless you categorize trans*/genderqueer/intersex as a single category (alternative? non-binary?). But that's still an unclear definition.

If I say I'm in a between-gender relationship, the only thing you know (if you even know this) is that I am a woman who is NOT in a relationship with another woman. I could be in a rleationship with a man, with someone who identifies as trans*, intersex, genderqueer. I am also assuming that between-gender/within-gender means between-sex/within-sex which may be an unfair observation, especially since gender and sex are not the same thing.

In what other circumstances is the default changed from heterosexual to queer? I feel like that's a part of Bryn Mawr's atmosphere--queer seems like the default because the queer community is generally very outspoken and visible.