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Poem From our Outdoor Adventure

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So I'm finally posting the poem we wrote collectively as a summation of Monday's exporations at Ashbridge Park. I attempted to scan in the poetic product of Monday's wandering, but due to both my inability to work technology and the failure of Canaday's scanners, I was unable to. I thought it would have been really cool, though, if we had all been able to see eachother's handwriting and marks upon the paper. I might still scan it in later and attach it as a comment to this post, but we'll see. For now, here it is:

Stagnant water breeds oily residue

Slowly moving water

a plastic bottle, caught by a branch in the stream

Washed up against a bush with berries like polished red glass

What would it take for that sound to stop?

New experiences and knowledge

History, biology, and poetry swirling together to create this knowledge

A knowledge we have always had-just perhaps forgot.

What fuels the remembering? The air of the trees, the seeds, the mud?

All I remember now in detail is that there were minnows in the water so the rocks looked lovely.

Water trickled, running like thoughts.

Man cuts, stabs at the drumb. The water rolls and heals.

As the sunshine melts the frost on the grass, I breathe.



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the computer lab usually has an assistant who can help out with the scanners - 

or: check and make sure the scanner is connected (USB port is on the back of the mac monitors); then just push the 'on' button on the scanner - it will bring up a window, and you scan a preliminary view of the image - next, you select what part of the image you want scanned, make it a JPEG, and pick where it will be saved (I usually just put it on the desktop) - and then you have an image! yay!

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you could

also just take a picture of the page, and post that....