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Deep Play in Nightowl

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I often feel like I experience deep play while I'm writing (even while I'm writing analytical papers). Although I don't actually know if Nightowl felt deep play, I see it in her argument. Whenever I write, I am so absorbed yet malleable. Often, I end up convincing myself of my arguments after I wrote them down. Since Nightowl observes an opinion and then comes to agree with it, it seems as if the process of writing led nightowl into a state of deep play. But, I may just be projecting.


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hrmmm idk

I don't know, when I write a paper the majority of it feels like critical play because I'm trying to be all smart with the structure and ideas, but for the most part I agree. Every so often there is a second of deep play, like when I finally make decision on a conclusion or idea. Those times are deep play to me in the sense that they are this moment of clarity or confusion in all directions. Also, I convince myself of my arguments afterwords too.

I wonder if deep play is a kind of celebration of change. It is supposed to involve a risk, which by its nature leads to change. For example their could be deep play in changing your opinions, making art, or performing something that you didn't think you could do. But then I think article said that deep play is up to interpretation too. So I don't know.......