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My Mosaic

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Aight. I confess, I did not do this whole thing in one day. I actually started it when I moved in and didn't finish it until this morning. My mosaic is composed of several hundred old photographs, relics of trip past, cards, movie stubs, and everything that I think has a memory of an easier life attached to it. When visiting the mosiacs with Hanna on friday, I was struck again by how different my adult life is now compared to this time last year. It was both thrilling and saddening. When I got home, I added several photos and postcards of the trip to remind me of that feeling. I also added some unconventional things like feathers and business cards, just like Zagar used on bikes and dishes. 

I hope you like it. 


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Tessa’s mosaic has been a long-term project, not unlike Isaiah Zagar’s.  It covers a nook in her room, and is composed of over three hundred photos, postcards, and other miscellanea she has collected. It stretches across several walls and onto the ceiling, creating an immersive feel, though she has left room for more to come along the left wall. She breaks it up with a string of lights cutting across the inner part of the mosaic, playing with the light and depth of her space. It has a sense of playfulness about it that really invites the viewer in.