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Overwhelmed By All of Our Options

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 Like TPB1988, I too think it is a smart idea to include a classic novel, a graphic novel, and a movie. I really believe that having these three distinct modes will allow us to compare and contrast what aspects actually categorize and distinguish differences between the types when dealing with the same theme or idea. Personally, I am interested in following the development of a mystery. I think the usage of Arthur Conan Doyle's Sherlock Holmes is a wonderful example for us to study because it allows us to trace the concept's evolution from classic novel to graphic novel to movie form. Since in our discussion of blogs we focused on what categorizes things, what differences shape distinctions between categories, it is an easy shift from first half to second half of the semester. I also believe that these are important concepts to pursue and I think that these questions would be sufficiently covered if we were to study Sherlock Holmes, or any evolving mystery for that matter. 

I also found the idea of studying parodies of literary kinds to be extremely thought provoking. I think this concept has the capability of producing very fruitful class discussions. Unfortunately I do not have much experience dealing with parody, but I think that this would be a great chance for me to read and study a variety of parody work and apply it to the categorical mode of study we've been discussing.

I am very open to exploring other ideas for topics and themes to follow because I thought that a lot of the ideas thrown out there in class today were interesting and completely do-able! My only preference is to definitely include a variety of modes not only to satisfy a majority but also to enhance our ability to more thoroughly answer categorical and genre questions that have thus far shaped the course. 


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options galore!

i think it was challenging for us to come up with an idea for the class that would not limit the number of genres, themes, or categories, but we also didn't want to be too broad, and include an assortment of different genres, themes, and categories.&#160; as mentioned above, our group agreed on following the theme of mystery.</p>
<p>however i am open to any other suggestions the class has for other themes and genres. in class we talked about parody, and one movie that comes to mind is pulp fiction. i think this idea of parody could work really with movies, because there seems to be alot of parodies of movies recently. also shows like snl, parodize celebrities, politicans, and others on a weekly basis. i think that if our class were interested we could look into the scripts of such shows and perhaps compare and contrast this "contemporary" genre to that of others

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