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Video Mosaic- A Masterpiece of Chaos

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I decided to make my mosaic by taking video clips of the mosaics and compiling them together.

The video should be embedded in this post but if it doesn't work the link to view it is:

See video


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New Perspectives

This mosaic video is structured around the idea that everything looks different from up close than it does from far away. In the Magic Garden, when you look at the different parts of the mosaic you see the all the little pieces of mirrors, tiles, plates, and fragments of something that once was. However, when you zoom out an take a look at the mosaic as a whole (or at least a large portion of the mosaic) you see something completely different. You see what those little pieces have become rather than what they once were. This video illustrates that idea very well because throughout the video the mosiacs are seen from different distances and angles that shed light on various aspects of the mosaic that are not otherwise apparent. 

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Ooo what was the music you used? I love it

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Re: Music

The first song is "Home" and the second song is "Puzzle Piece". Both are by Gabrielle Aplin.