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Mosaic in the City – A Brief History

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The Structure

Pia's mosaic seems to be one cohesive picture. It is hard to tell where one picture ends and another starts. She overlapped pictures on top of pictures, and the closer you look the more you can pick out. The details of the pictures make them flow from one to the other, blurring the lines and leaving liminal space.

However, one picture stands out among the rest. "A Brief History of the Future" stands out and draws your eye. Pia said she moved that picture around a lot, but it always stuck out, no matter where she put it.

Pa also incorporated a lot of circles in the pictures she chose, which contrast with the rectangular lines of the pictures themselves. While all the pictures are all different dimensions, they are all the similar in shape, angle, and direction.

The overall mosaic is quite a lot like Zagar's mosaics. There are lots of individual detailed pieces, and they all fit together seamlessly. Zagar also likes to have focal points that draw your eye just like this mosaic does.

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Pia, This looks awesome. I look forward to seeing it up close and personal when we meet as a big group tomorrow.