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Conflict of silences. Flawed from the start, ESP is a decaying island that stands as a reminder of the suffering it caused. Gone are the tiny insanity-inspiring chambers, replaced by shared-chambers capable of providing a life to their inhabitants. It was not a luxury to live in it, to be confined to your thoughts. The communal spaces and open water could only do so much to cleanse the place of its past. Eastern State Penitentiary now looks the way it made the prisoners feel: empty, broken, and alone. The endless and repeating days are terrible. Conflict of silences.

Conflict of silences. It is ridiculous and useless. Why are these visitors visiting? For prisoners inside, it’s not much different: no freedom, isolated, frustrating, desperate and somehow made the lonely people more aggressive. How is it possible that people can really be penitent in this mentally torturing condition? It’s not going to make a difference for the guilty, in such a place of fear and loneliness, nothing could evoke their mortality when they’re in torture. With all the daily introspection on my crimes, I know I would have gone crazy within the first week. The isolation is the punishment actually in this place. I cannot imagine if I stay in such place day by day without talking. Conflict of silences.

Conflict of silences. It was corrupted over the years not by loose morals and flagging ideals but by the sheer pressure of numbers. Everyone has some good in them and given the opportunity to reflect on their wrong doings in the penitentiary they could rediscover the good. It might be easier or safer for some of them to stay in jail. A place of aesthetic beauty from outside. A place of silence and regret from inside. Today, it stands as a symbol of our dashed hopes. Is it practical? Conflict of silences

Conflict of silences. But I could feel the misery and insanity of these place and it was suffocating. Imagining myself staying there for years, I only saw a numb me, or the me who suicide. It seems prisoners became more like objects to be placed somewhere than people who needed reforming. Like all the others, it ended up a very expensive storage areas for criminals. I see the ultimate failure of what could have been and excellent way to reform prisoners. Communication can’t be stopped.


Conflict of silences.