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I loved this class!

Sarah's picture

Hi everyone,

I just wanted to say one more time how amazing this class was.  Jomi and I were talking about how we hope Anne and Jody teach it again, but we aren't sure anything can measure up to this experience.  It's been wonderful to see us (e-sem students, Jomi & I, and also Jody & Anne) grow throughout this semester. I'm going abroad next semester and now I'm actually kind of sad (I know, I know, you can yell at me, I should only be excited) BUT when I come back I hope you all say "hi" to me still and whatever role you saw me as before (teacher, classmate, weird in between) I hope you will be open to the idea of being friends because you are all so incredibly intelligent and I would love to continue to have amazing conversations about class with you.  Thank you all for making this semester so great.