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Class Before Thanksgiving Break, Possible Field Trips and Semester Group Project?

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I'm opening a thread for these topics so please comment if you have something to add to this discussion.  I apologize if one does exist and I just didn't see it.

Thanksgiving Break

- I think we should meet in person, meaning that we either should find a time on Tuesday that most people can make or we should simply have class on Wednesday.  I think having class on Wednesday would be the easiest option, but if we want to consider moving the class to Tuesday we could start a Doodle.  I will not be in a place where I can access internet after I leave campus so the online options for me would be difficult.  I also think that discussions would be more productive in person than online.  Meeting in-person would allow us all to bounce from person to person more easily than trying to go back and forth in this format.  Finally, this class is all about thinking ecologically which means thinking about how we are connected to eachother and the "natural" world around us.  I do not think Serendip (or any online forum) promotes that.  Blogs simply feel like big walls to me.  Or to give you a picture, blogs make me feel the same way that I feel when I'm listening to someone talk, but the head of the person in front of me is completely obscuring my view and no matter how much I move, I still can see the speaker.  I know I don't talk a lot in class (I never have.  I tend to process more slowly) and the blog does allow me to participate more, but I still do not see it as something that is ecological.

...I know that last point was supposed to be the final point of the topic of Wednesday's class next week, but I remembered the third option which was to cut class short.  I think we should have a full 80 minute class (that includes BMC time).  If I had to come to an hour-long or 45-minute class when I could be on my way to my vacation location, I think I would feel more frustrated than if I had a full class to go to.


Field Trips

I'm not sure how much I have to add to this discussion.

I agree with froggies315 that I would rather "build a relationship" with the environment rather than listen to someone talk about it.  I think going to the nearby body of water that someone mentioned would be easiest not only because of distance, but in the event we needed to reschedule our planned trip, we wouldn't have to contact a company or something to find a new time.  If we went to Philadelphia Water Works, I would assume we would have to contact someone to let them know when we were coming and if they canceled or we canceled, we would have to finagle the rescheduling and that could be a hassle.  Based on the last few activities we've planned, the liklihood of having to reschedule seems fairly high.


End of Semester Project

It crossed my mind that there are five weeks of the semester left (not counting this one) and if we want to do an end of the year project, we should decide now.  It might have to be something that we present to the student body during the last week of classes as opposed to finals week...I really like the idea of collaborating on the idea as a group and sharing what we have learned with others.  Maybe we could incoroporate some of the things we did on Monday into it the blindfold exercise? 




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Sorry, I just found where

Sorry, I just found where everyone else was posting these responses.